Midgard site launches

Funcom, the company that created The Longest Journey and Anarchy Online, opens the official Web site for its next online role-playing game.



Funcom, the developer of the award-winning adventure game The Longest Journey and the recently launched online role-playing game Anarchy Online, has launched the official Web site for Midgard, its next online role-playing game. The new site contains detailed information about the game, and it includes sections devoted to the gameworld, village life, the characters and creatures players will encounter, and more. In addition, the site features a gallery of concept art and some downloadable music files from the game.

Midgard was first revealed at E3 2001 last May. The game is set in an ancient Nordic world of Vikings and mountains. It is designed to incorporate elements of single-player games in addition to traditional massively multiplayer game elements. Players can take part in a variety of activities, including city-building, resource management, role-playing, exploration, diplomacy, and combat.

The game is in development at Funcom's Norwegian studio. No official release date has been announced. For more information, visit the new official Midgard Web site.

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