Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - PS4 Game of the Year

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See our Winner for PS4 Game of the Year
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Our favorite games for the PS4 meld cinematic, narrative-driven stories with challenging combat systems that inspire us to master them. Dragon Age: Inquisition combines BioWare’s strengths in creating memorable companions and meaningful stories with complex mechanics and an untold number of ways players can craft their own character. Far Cry 4 offers a world bigger and brighter than previous games in the franchise, with a charismatic villain, a protagonist bound by family ties to the game's exotic location, and the ability to set tigers on fire and send them against your enemies. Destiny monopolizes the lives of many of its players, calling them to adventures across a solar system and offering one of the most engaging first-person shooter experiences to date. And indie title Transistor offers a story uncovered through exploration and a robust, unique combat setup. These games are sprawling adventures that beckon you for 30, 40, 80 hours or more, but it’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that captivated us in ways we did not expect, earning it our award.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor isn’t just a Lord of the Rings game. Developer Monolith Productions has taken an IP that has seen some rough times and spun it into something completely fresh, boldly creating their own characters and story set within author J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe. But it’s not just Monolith’s story that’s being told, it’s players’ stories. Through the nemesis system, Monolith’s brilliantly-structured enemy hierarchy, players can bring about an Uruk’s demise or, in dying at their hand, bolster the enemy's prestige. Every action affects the Uruks you are fighting against, ensuring that every time you play the game your experience will be different. It’s a never-ending, ever-giving cycle of push and pull against your enemies that offers endless ways to complete challenges. Not to mention smartly scripted Uruk enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses make your encounters with them entertaining. For all of this and more, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is our pick for the best PS4 game of 2014.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

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Well worthed it!

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It should have been Dragon Age Hands Down.

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middle earth was a great game but the game play was really the only great thing. the campaign was down right horrible so to me this is not even close to game of the year. It probably only got game of year because of it being a game we have never seen before it had pretty cool ideas in a game. as of now farcry 4 has been my game of the year the campaign was not that good but I found it more fun. it was easiest the funnest game I played this year. but next year will be a huge year with alot of great games

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I just couldn't get into this game for some reason. I played around for a little bit but I just didn't really have any interest in the world or story.

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Shadow Of Mordor sales less then a million copes, and is not my pick for game of the year for the PS4. I bought Dragon Age Inquisition for my PS4 and PC. Dragon Age Inquisition is my pick game of the year.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> idk i think it sold more then a million in order for there to be a sequal the publisher has to make sure the original game has sold enough in order the brand to sell well like assassins creed the first 1 sold enough for them to make assassins creed 2

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Wow, PS4 and Xbox One had the same GOTY for each console, is this GameSpot's way of saying both consoles are the same thing with the same games? There isn't even an exclusive nominated in the PS4 category! XD

Well, I hope Bayonetta 2 wins the GOTY and GameSpot doesn't go for the popular titles just because they have a bigger audience. Bayo 2 has too much quality, it would be sad if it doesn't win GOTY.

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I like that Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor won game of the year. For me, it has rendered the Assassins Creed series completely irrelevant to me as I believe they do many of the same things, except Mordor does it much better. I wish there were more enemy types, that the combat was harder, and that stealth mechanics were further enhanced, but for me, it was the best 3rd person open world action game I've played in a long time.

That said, I'm starting Dragon Age now that I've completed most of Mordor.

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I'm with you. I played AC Unity after playing Shadow of Mordor and all I could think was why can't AC be more like SOM. The controls, movement, and combat just work so much better.

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This is a joke right? "spun it into something completely fresh, boldly creating their own characters" this made me laugh. I have never seen a fresh IP that looks and feels so much like another one which has been milking society lately... The game doesnt feel or play smoothly and lets not even start to talk about the absent storyline. This is a suprising outcome.

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Should be entitled "Kevin's Game of the Year" instead of PS4 GOTY.

Then again, just goes to show how bad the games on PS4 are so far.

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While Middle Earth is a great game, I ultimately Feel Dragon Age: Inquisition Should have won. Mainly as I have been playing it on the PS4, So far I am 107 hours into the game and still counting. I haven't felt like exploring a game like this since Skyrim, and I feel the the story and characters are much better than Skyrim. I still have a bit to go, but the amount of content, interesting characters, pretty decent plot and gorgeous visuals should spot DA:I as the Game of the Year. While again I like Shadows of Mordor, DA:I ups it in size, story and content. Gameplay is a wash since one is a Action Title and the other is a RPG, so I'm not going to comment since in that aspect they cannot be compared. But which one won my time, DA:I has made me push aside all other games which Shadows of Mordor did not as I was conflicted with playing other games along side it. With DA:I, I have not touched another game since it's release.

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At least The Last of Us Remastered didn't win it, not that I hate the game.

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SOM was ok, but kinda boring. FC4 is fun, but basically a slightly improved FC3. I haven't played DAI, I think I would like the RPG elements (Skyrim & Fallout games are my favs) but the combat just looks bad to me (I love Dark Souls combat).

My GOTY is The Evil Within. I was so pleasantly surprised and had an absolute blast the entire way through.

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Driveclub is the GOTY. It's clearly the prettiest racer ever. I am disgusted this isn't even mentioned.

Avatar image for Stogin

<< LINK REMOVED >> This guy is a known X1 fanboy, just ignore his comments on a thread about a system he doesn't own.

Avatar image for Pelican170

<< LINK REMOVED >> It got horrible reviews all around. Not sure how you can say that. Just because a game has good graphics? Theres a lot more that goes into a game to make it "good"...

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Is Gamespot sponsored by Sony or something. There is PS4 articles everywhere.. I see no Xbox game of the year or other things..

Avatar image for KamuiFei

<< LINK REMOVED >> The Xbox GotYs are coming up soon. Go to the GotY home page and you'll see how it works.

Avatar image for Dark_Rage

Very good, well deserved.

Avatar image for ginobili1

Truly an amazing game. I love what the devs did and the risks they took. Can't be more proud for the devs. Amazing game, all in all.

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not saying this out of spite or trying to start some crybaby fanboy crap, because i love da:inquisition, far cry 4, and destiny among others for my ps4 but middle earth: som was one of my least favorite games for my system of choice. cant quite put my finger on why but i just dont have fun with it no matter how much i try. i still have the game on my hard drive because i keep trying to give it a chance every now and then but im getting close to just giving up on the game. if youre curious i voted for inquisition.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Nothing wrong with not liking a game, I didn't find SoM all that interesting myself, though most I've spoken to love it.

DA:I actually won the vote but I'm guessing GS are giving console specific awards to the runner ups to try and distribute the load.

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Love LOTR movies, never liked the games. I personally like games that weren't even nominated. Wolfenstein TNO, Call Of Duty AW, Thief, TR (DE) for a reissue, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, and a few others. Also PT was NOT a full game, it was a demo of what might be "Silent HIlls", not sure why the extra S, but that's all the game was. Cool, but nothing GOTY worthy. I think Gamespot have been drinking Drano. Also Destiny? Really? Blahhh

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Great game, terrible ending. After such an enjoyable combat system throughout, it finishes with not so much a boss battle but a series of crappy quick time events and an anticlimactic story

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Shadow of Mordor is great but Dragon Age Inquisiton is the superior game in terms of depth, story, and value.

This pretty much guarantees that Inquisition will not take GOTY award. :(

On the other hand, this nomination should be platform exclusive. It's boring to see the same games on each award. I've been saying this each year but none of the game sites listen to their readers.

Avatar image for Kunakai

<< LINK REMOVED >> There're like two platform exclusives available each year excluding indie titles, wouldn't make for much variation me thinks.

Avatar image for Supabul


If it was platform exclusive then something awful would win, instead of a good game

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I think there are more than enough exclusives for each platform. Games like Infamous Second Son, Child of Light, Transistor, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Divinity, and Hearthstone could not be considered awful. And great multiplat games could also win GOTY or maybe evaluated under a different category (e.g. multiplat games).

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My cereal box has a deeper story than Inquisition, which is highly overrated. SOM doesn't have a deep story, but it isn't an RPG so it doesn't have to. The Nemesis system is the best gaming innovation in a long time.

Avatar image for Kunakai

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The Nemesis system is highly overrated in my opinion. DA:I is solid, with the exception of over simplified combat mechanics.

Avatar image for Nyukn

I am actually glad that Shadow of Mordor won. I feared that it would be Dragon Age and that is an overrated game.

Sure SoM was short, but I enjoyed every minute of it and Dragon Age is just.. meaningless.. the side quests are a joke, nothing that you do has any consequences (even the mainquests have no impact on the game), the base building is unnecessary, the companionquests are boring except for Cassandra. The only 2 things that are positive about the game are the dragon fights and a huge world - a huge world with nothing meaningful to do.

Avatar image for Kunakai

<< LINK REMOVED >> Our views are opposing, I felt SoM was overrated and repetitive in both gameplay and environment. I guess it all comes down to what you're looking for.

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So Dragon Age won't be their goty. That pleases me a little as large, jack of all trades, open world western rpg's aren't my favourite genre. That said I haven't played it yet so I can't comment to it's quality.

But out of the finalists I'm not sure which should win. It won't be my GOTY that's for sure.

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Everyone crying needs to stop. This isn't a reward for the best exclusive. Its for the best game period on the console. Nobody realizes that? As for Dragon Age: inquisition, its easy to give it to them because there is a huge established fan base for the series so of course with the peoples' choice it will win against Shadow of Mordor regardless if it is better or not. Its nice to at least know Gamestop isn't falling into that trap as most of you likely will.

Avatar image for rickphoenixxx

<< LINK REMOVED >> Anything that clearly states "PS4 Game of the Year" means that by it's very utterance, something you can only get on a PS4. This is not up for debate, GameSpot is wrong for choosing all Multi-platform games here, and you friend are wrong for defending this practice. Because you see, if what you say is true, then we should just have an overall GOTY and cut to the chase. If I can get the PS4 GOTY on my freaking X1....then what does that say about the PS4?

Avatar image for bubba_666

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Name a PS4 exclusive that would deserve GOTY, they all were mediocre at best. And there were hardly ANY!!

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Was just thinking the same thing, If xb1 and ps4 goty was limited to their own exclusives it would be a very short list of very average games. I also like how they are jumping the gun here and assuming that the overall goty will be a ps4 and/or xb1 game. Im going to have a good laugh if it mario kart or divinity comes out on top. to be honest in my opinion in this genre dark souls was a far better game than SOM and it wasn't even a next gen title

Avatar image for deathstream


No, it doesn't mean that. There is nothing in "PS4 Game of the Year" that implies exclusivity. Those words simply do no mean what you think they mean.

If you ONLY have a PS4 and no other gaming platform and you want to buy the best game released this year that is available for your console, Gamespot's editors recommend Shadow of Mordor. That is what "2014 PS4 Game of the Year" means. The fact that it was also the best game I played on Xbox One this year is entirely irrelevant.

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wow thats a surprise...