Microsoft's RTS Strategy

GameSpot editor Tahsin Shamma got a look at Digital Anvil's upcoming RTS game, Conquest.


On a recent trip to Seattle, I had the opportunity to spend some time playing the most recent build of Digital Anvil's upcoming real-time strategy game, Conquest.

The game design takes much of its influence from Starcraft while at the same time providing the interesting 3D perspective that is available in Sierra's upcoming Homeworld. Players will select one of four races, the Terran, the insectoid Mantis, the energy-efficient Solarians, or the reptilian Vyrium, to do battle across nebulae while building space platforms around planets to build space fleets. The game also features different space sectors, which enlarges the playing field considerably and adds a new element of strategy to the game.

While it's a little early to check in with a definitive thumbs up or down, Conquest seemed a little short on elements that might take it beyond the familiar.

Conquest is due out in late summer 1999.

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