Microsoft's new two-step verification will work with Xbox 360

Xbox 360 won't be able to directly use Microsoft's new two-step verification, but the publisher will provide a workaround.


Microsoft is enhancing security across its services, including Xbox Live, by enabling optional two-step authentication for Microsoft accounts.

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Two-step verification uses a mobile phone number or alternate e-mail to supply an additional code when logging into an account.

While the Xbox 360 will not directly support two-step verification, Microsoft will allow users to generate a unique password to access their Microsoft accounts from the console.

Microsoft says its overall objective is to unify many devices together underneath one user account.

The option for two-step verification should go live on users' accounts in the next few days, says Microsoft.

"Two-step verification is a great tool to help protect your account, but it does require you to be careful to keep your account up to date. If your security information changes (phone or alternative email), it’s important to update your Microsoft account before you get rid of the old info," wrote Microsoft's Eric Doerr in a statement.

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