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Microsoft's Holiday Ad For 2020 Is All About The Games (And Puppies)

Looks like Microsoft is pretty proud of its gaming division in 2020.


We've reached the time of the year when all the big companies start dropping their feel-good holiday ads, and Microsoft's is all about gaming. While the tech giant does plenty outside the world of games, it seems like it's particularly proud of the gaming segment of the company this year.

The ad shows a family dog trotting around the house to find their family members playing Halo (on a shiny new Xbox Series S), Minecraft, and Microsoft Flight Simulator--as well as one non-gaming product, Microsoft Teams. The puppy then enters those worlds in a dream, joined by a number of their puppy friends. Check it out for yourself:

While the ad does feature an Xbox Series S, the console is mostly in the background, and the Xbox Series X doesn't seem to have made an appearance at all. It's a reminder that Microsoft's focus in the gaming world extends beyond the "console wars" and further into the realm of software--an ambition only furthered this year by a number of high-profile studio acquisitions.

As some of the comments have pointed out, however, Microsoft's ad can come across as somewhat sad for the puppy, as their human family doesn't want to stop gaming to give them attention. If you're lucky enough to enjoy a brand new Xbox this holidays, or playing lots of Minecraft, just remember to set some time aside for your furry family members too.

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