Microsoft's Halo hiring spree continues

Latest volley of employee solicitations adds 12 new positions including multiplayer designer, environment artist, animator, and design director for "new high profile Halo experience."


In late December, 343 Industries--the team at Microsoft now responsible for the Halo brand--listed 15 new positions for its next big Halo project. Now, the internal developer is soliciting almost as many in its latest volley of job listings.

343 Industries is actively recruiting for its next project…whatever it may be.
343 Industries is actively recruiting for its next project…whatever it may be.

343 Industries recently listed 12 new openings at the Halo studio via its career portal page. According to the listings, the studio is looking for a number of new individuals to fill numerous positions, including technical artist, multiplayer designer, environment artist, animator, and a design director. All positions relate to the new "high profile Halo experience" the team in Bellevue, Washington, is crafting.

Would-be applicants' minds must be bastions of Halo knowledge, as Microsoft is actively soliciting "rabid" Halo fans, who will be asked to "demonstrate that you've played all of the games and thought a lot about the franchise."

It's no secret that Microsoft remains committed to creating titles around the Halo name. Bungie alum and 343 Industries head Frank O'Connor said the sci-fi series will continue through 2015. Since 343 Industries was founded in 2009, it has been busy spinning the franchise into new novels, comic books, and anime.

For a more in-depth examination of 343 Industries' take on the Halo universe, check out GameSpot's coverage of the Halo panel from Comic-Con 2010.

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Avatar image for CoryHM

I have to say, Halo: Reach is probably the best game known to mankind. Well everybody has their opinions, but that's mine.

Avatar image for swamptick

I love how all the PS3 trolls are here obsessing over Halo. Pure, unbridled envy is an ugly thing.

Avatar image for hardcoreLazors

This new Halo game better have awesome campaign and storytelling! And multiplayer too

Avatar image for BasicLogic

I'm beginning to feel like Halo will be the next COD franchise, with yearly, unchanged sequels that absorb money even when they aren't worth buying. Hopefully Microsoft hires good developers and won't extend Halo too far. Making another bestselling Halo game would really divide Reach players and players of the new game. I want Reach to last.

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And "they" say there are no jobs...

Avatar image for Pete5506

Bungie is done with Halo, why can't Microsoft be?

Avatar image for DanteDelacoix

Why doesn't Microsoft make a brand new exclusive IP instead of flogging the Halo franchise......cause thats what its gonna need. And yes I know the obvious reason, instant money because its Halo

Avatar image for steelmouth

i have been doing a bit of online reading and apparently Halo:CE HD Remake may be on the works which will be great news for us who only started playing Halo from Halo 3,so Halo CE HD Remake on the usuall september realeas day would be awsome and next year a new Master Chief lead Halo threology 2012, 2014,2016 (the last two on xbox 3)

Avatar image for drangel_jam

Hiring nothing but fans can hurt you a bit, it's good to have a few talented people who also offer a critical eye from a less sided point of view which enrich the objectiveness and subjectiveness of brain storming and auto-critic.

Avatar image for xchiefmegadethx

Halo 1 remake please:) I dont care if it's not made by bungie,might be a better game cause of it,and darker gory story Im a Halo fanboy YAY!

Avatar image for deactivated-5c76e2abb1e5a

If it's not made by Bungie, I'm not buying.

Avatar image for steelmouth

this could be a great oppotunity for a slightly different darker and better Halo, what if that planet Master Chief is drifting to wards has one hell of an infestation and Master Chief is all alone in and hursh hostile world with limited weapons and armo but the enermy are bigger badder more agresive more hostile and just plain mean, basically take an average big boss fight and make it feel like its the smallest easiest fight in the next halo, make MC cry for help that will never come

Avatar image for steelmouth

Dear MS i would like to apply for a job as a game tester/a gini pig for you to test all your new products on

Avatar image for ilovemyelbows00

I'm not crazy about non-Bungie Halo games

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

@KaBo0m [quote="You"]No one cares, gamespot. Halo died after Halo 2[/quote]

I would not know how exactly the games after Halo 2 could "die" - they were made, published and earned big bucks for Microsoft anyway, and it would appear that there are players, both returning and new, who are enamored by the games after the second one.

Moreover, they are still solid enough to be considered competently designed entertainment products, e.g. they are hardly technically broken games.

The way I see it, it's a matter of preference from individual to individual.

That said, I would say that you have yet to learn the hard way that others' opinions do not necessarily match your own.

Avatar image for BAD-C0MPANY

God, I really hope it's Halo 4. I really want to know what happened to the Chief. Sadly, it's probably not going to be Halo 4.

Avatar image for shani_boy101

I knew they wouldn't let the series die. I'm not expecting much from this.

Avatar image for SociopathicBox

@gashoe13 Yes I suppose that is deviating too far from the norm in Halo games, but it defintely could be an interesting depature from what Halo players are used to.

Avatar image for gashoe13

@SociopathicBox That's an interesting idea, but ultimately I think that'd be waaaaay too different from the original Halo's, which were pretty much all about epic battles against covenant. Sure there were some levels against Flood, but frankly, they kinda sucked... It COULD be a good idea, but I don't know... seems too strange. That could be some multiplayer mode or something where 4 guys team up against tons of Flood.

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

If only I had experience in the gaming field. Then I would have had an awesome job with these guys xP.

Avatar image for SociopathicBox

I wouldnt mind seeing a Halo survival horror where MC has to escape the part of the ship he was in at the end of Halo 3 :D

Avatar image for Lone_Recon

Having a Halo game not made by Bungie is like making a Halo game without MC. Oh wait, Halo: Reach kicked ass anyways. Good luck 343, you have some really big shoes to fill. ;)

Avatar image for blasterchief

I won't lie; I really do want to see where MC's story finishes up.

Avatar image for bodamer

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I did not like Reach at all, especially the campaign. I'm willing to see what a non-Bungie developed Halo will be like

Avatar image for Bangerman15

idk why people complain about halo being milked and crap, go complain about COD being milked or something, seriously why would MS want halo to end with how many copies it sells and its a fun, good, original game. that would almost be as stupid as letting gears of war end.. sure the third one is supposed to be the end of the trilogy but really now it sells good and is one of the xbox's only other good exclusives im pretty sure that wont end either. just like how killzone and uncharted probably wont end either. anyways im hoping 343 uses a new engine and makes the new one freakn epic

Avatar image for Goyoshi12

Bungie may be gone but I hope that they get some people from Bungie to help make this game or something. I know I know...Bungie has stopped their Halo franchise but at least hire someone who has an idea of the old Halo games and can help you.

Avatar image for Cillerboy

ah no hako is finished, let its final game be reach, a great one

Avatar image for PixelAddict

@earlthecannibal I can't take anything you say seriously, man. You rated the FO3 expansion Brotherhood of Steel a 3.5 after all. That's just madness.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

This falls into the Wait & See folder. I've played every Halo game (except Halo Wars) to death, but Bungie has been synonymous with Halo since the beginning. I agree that it is a franchise that should maybe not end (just as Super Mario and Metal Gear should continue on once every 2-3 years). Cautiously optimistic is the right term, for sure.

Avatar image for youngsexynerd

wow, bungie left the halo franchise, why continue it with someone else?

Avatar image for earlthecannibal

Hey lets beat a crappy fps into the ground instead of making something new and entertaining... Halo sucked in 2002...guess what? it still sucks today.

Avatar image for Aravesque

HAHA, I knew M$ would bleed a Franchise to its death, let 2012 Halo 4 will be the decline of Halo games.

Avatar image for Gamelova08


Avatar image for Soviet-Ambition


Avatar image for doomsoth

@bloggers99 Sure, if Bungie learned nothing from the Wing Commander series, Descent, or X-Wing vs Tie Fighter.

Avatar image for bloggers99

@doomsoth Bungie talked about it in the legendary vid. It was too boring and ended up getting scrapped. Think about it, 90% of the game would be trying to get into position to fire.

Avatar image for doomsoth

They should do something with the space combat that was introduced in Reach; I don't know why multiplayer modes weren't created from this.

Avatar image for Jwdunbar

so far all the new Halo games that came out were set in the past. But i want to see what happenst after Halo 3 not before, even thou it helps with the background strory.

Avatar image for RawDeal_basic

MS needs a new (AAA) IP.

Avatar image for JiminycricketX

@bluefire1360 THANK YOU! There is nothing I love more than perfectly logical comments. Such a rare thing these days.

Avatar image for Adam_the_Nerd

I thought the franchise ended. What is this?

Avatar image for jmartinez1983

@Magicalclick: Pretty sure MC grew up in a Spartan training facility. What I want to know is why Master Chief is presumably enlisted, while all of the Spartans in Halo: Reach were officers.

Avatar image for F0URZ3R0TW0

They should bring Halo back to PC.

Avatar image for bloggers99

@claykenobi Yeah, because we all know Sony is going to up and abandon God of War sometime soon. Heaven forbid if a company has a successful franchise. I think 343 might breathe some life into the Halo brand.

Avatar image for bluefire1360

***Microsoft Conference Room*** Mike - "Hey Joe, lets scrap our best selling series and make less money!" Joe - "That's a terrible Idea" Now do you guys understand?

Avatar image for claykenobi

Can't Microsoft think of any other idea besides Halo?? or have they brainwashed xbox owners so much that they actually don't mind the lack of exclusives for more of the series? Personally, I've moved on..

Avatar image for Barighm

Halo is MS' flagship franchise. No way they're gonna give it up. Personally, I'd love to see a campaign centered around that mysterious planet seen at the end of H3. I also want multiplayer to backtrack to the way it played in H2, like everyone really wants. Don't mind keeping the tweeked mechanics, but I'm tired of equipment. We all know everyone prefers H2's style of maps. H2 maps almost always win the vote in Reach (Swordbase and Countdown being the Reach maps that tend to win).

Avatar image for -HCMF-

Not sure what to think. This could make Microsoft a hero or a zero in record time

Avatar image for s_h_a_d_o

Halo: Dairy 343 Milking the cash cow, buttering up the punters and churning out cheddar. :P