Microsoft: Xbox One install times need to improve

Xbox executive Phil Spencer feels your pain and wants to do something about it.


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Since launch, many Xbox One owners have spoken out to say software installation (required for all games) is just too long. Microsoft feels your pain and wants to do something about it, Xbox executive Phil Spencer said today.

"I agree. We need to get better at chunking our games so the partial install allows game to start sooner," Spencer said on Twitter. His response went to a fan who said he might buy more games if installs didn't take 30 minutes.

Presumably, the "we" Spencer is referring to is Microsoft Game Studios, which publishes titles like Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3, among others.

Though all Xbox One games must be installed, you can start playing before the installation is complete. Sony offers a similar feature on the PlayStation 4.

Long installation times don't appear to be materially holding back Xbox One game sales, however. Microsoft announced yesterday, citing NPD data, that it has sold 4.8 million retail Xbox One games in the United States so far, compared to 4.2 million for the PS4.

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Microsoft should have let manual install be a option.. I'd rather my system play games right off the disc drive.

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30 minutes? ha I wish. My copy of BF4 took like 2.5 hours to install. Ryse was pretty quick. After 2 minutes, it said it was ready and I was able to play while it continued to install.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Wake up! this is issue is happening only with BF4 to some users because the origin of the download always has issues. Stop trying to degrade the PS4.

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This thread is almost a year old. Why comment on it?

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Maybe, you could play it off the actual disk? They may as well switch to a special hard drive attachment to plop down on top of now current gen's systems to play games that supposedly can't be played off a disc anymore.

I guess the days of plug and play are gone.

Just stick with ps3 and 360 and tell them to keep their trashy drm filled systems till they remove all the stuff that prevents you from playing the game properly.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> you know, I'm starting to think all you "PC Master Race" people do nothing more than troll these articles and actually don't play any games with the high end graphics you guys brag about so much. Also, you do know that term was used as a derogitory term by Yahtzee, right? As in, he used that term to show how stupid you guys look when you say it?

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@Fryboy101 just the pretentious one still running the ol 486 is the ones flooding this site talking big to be accepted by the gaming community, i think the true master race is hidden somewhere and blending in to secretly upgrade their pc to take over the world lol

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fix the damn price.. why not just expand ur users base to 80 million right away by launching these systems at 299 -199. is that extra 200 buck from about 8 million people really worth the wait. when u can have a ton more people buying it plus the 2-5 games they buy in a year from the very start.

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This would be nice, but it costs Microsoft $471 just to make a single Xbox One. Selling 80 Million Units at launch for $199.99 would mean they would start off with a profit LOSS of AT LEAST $21,680,000,000, and probably much more than that.

Starting a new console generation with a $21 Billion Dollar loss is quite ridiculous. They'd probably need to sell over half a billion games and accessories at retail price, just to make up that loss. And that's not including the cost of said games and accessories, which would mean they'd need to sell even more.

So yeah, that's ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, selling at a bit of a loss can be very beneficial, if you plan to make up for it in software and accessory sales, but not at that large of a loss. I think for the prices that the consoles cost to make, they are at pretty much the only starting points they can be at, if Microsoft and Sony intend to make any money.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Exactly, even though hardware costs almost equal sale price- advertising, R&D, and devkits and toolsets make the loss on each console sold very large and hard to tell. But hey video game consoles are a razor and blade business. You take a loss on the razor know you will make it back on the blades. (games)

Still though OP 199 299 - while it would be nice - that price point is a childish wish not practical in a real world business. Maybe if it was sold at 199 with a 2 year contract.

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When you wait for install order pizza.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> But what if you don't have the pizza app installed?!

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Does the Xbox not allow partial installs? PS4 takes less then a minute and you are ready to play.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Some games can be played at 50% of installation.

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

Do you mean takes less THAN a minute?

Avatar image for thebigo3d

It does but I think that the launch titles were too far into development before the policy was announced

Avatar image for mr_enlightened

Games on ps4 barely reach 1gb

Avatar image for BadMrSnake

Hey, atleast we don't have to deal with Ps4 loading screens time!

Avatar image for don_banana

<< LINK REMOVED >> have you played Ryse? it has immense loading screen times.

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

The fault isn't with Microsoft, it's with you people. So much impatience.. Whenever I install a game, I know it's going to take a while so I just walk away and do something else. It's sad some of you have to sit there, waiting for a bar to move.

Avatar image for DWalker131

<< LINK REMOVED >> yeah you lazy A$$es, i'd spend that install time to do my monthly exercise lol

Avatar image for Fryboy101

<< LINK REMOVED >> We've reached the impatient generation, where they want everything as soon as possible and will complain if it's not done immediately or perfectly

Avatar image for uchihasilver

<< LINK REMOVED >> agreed i have the same attitude with ps3 updates people complain but seriously have you not got anything better to do in that time O.o

Avatar image for deactivated-5b69bebd1b0b6

$100 more gets you dem slower install speeds. Seems legit.

Avatar image for stuff238

I was going to try out my friends new xbone. So we put in the game and it started installing. I was bored to tears after 20 minutes and it was barely halfway done installing. I said "screw this" and went home. Not worth it. Microsoft needs to get on this garbage.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> really? Only 20 minutes? You got nothing to do while waiting? Like watch something on Netflix or Hulu while it's installing? Is your time really that precious?

Avatar image for TaylorAP13

<< LINK REMOVED >>It's sad that all you can do with your friend is play video games, go outside. Not to mention 20 minutes isn't that long if you... You know... Don't stare at the screen. Go do something else while you wait... Jeez.

Avatar image for Tao_and_Zen

Methinks they should have addressed the issue prior to launch.

Avatar image for natalieyan

you can make silly face to Kinect while waiting

Avatar image for DWalker131

<< LINK REMOVED >> have a quick shag in front of the kinect while it installing lol

Avatar image for crushbrain

They can improve them immediately by doing away with forced installs.

Avatar image for vicsrealms

Too bad you can't just go and install a nice Samsung Evo or Crucial M500...wait those SSD's are about the same price or cheaper then the system itself. Probably wouldn't be worth it.

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Funny how fanboysm works.

That worth for both fanboys (but i really believe sony have lot more fanboys than MS, at least in GS)

Some "good" article about ps4: "Best console ever...blablabla...blablabla"

Killzone review : " thats bull shit..gamespot is $%¨&*"

Conclusion, teenagers cant handle a different point of view. If you are not with are a xbot..stupid..fanboy

"Only a sith deals in absolutes"

Avatar image for repetitious

<< LINK REMOVED >> speaking of killzone,

have you noticed how they bash titanfall for being a "generic shooter", but they praised killzone.

Avatar image for JaCkk210

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> No..i have no insterest on titanfall

Avatar image for JaCkk210

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I really think that, somehow, i must ask apologize to you.

Words are human's creation, and, as so, they are imperfect and sometimes not well used.

When i used the teenager term i used with the "immaturity" idea.

That is no proof that all teenagers are immature without any exception.

But for your post i really think you know that =).

Avatar image for JaCkk210


First. I said, worth for both fanboys, just picked sony cause i guess their fanboy base is bigger. Thats clear.

Second, irrelevant or not is about whos reading, only the reader can tell if that words are or are not useless.

Third,IMO the post is clear and try to explain how fanboysm can make irrational distortion.

(good news = praise // bad news = "that editor is a xbot", or "thats bullshit")

Forth. If they xbone and ps4 fanboys are different, even because if they werent, we wouldnt see them fighting.

PS: Sorry for any grammar/language issue. I learn english by myself =)

Avatar image for TaylorAP13

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I think it's funny how you all refer to "teenagers" and "10 year olds" when you have no idea how old these people are. I'd bet there are more 20+ people then there are 19- people on these forums. Personally I think there are more "fanboys" for Sony... or Sony fanboys, but those are apparently the same (btw they are not, Sony and Xbox are different consoles therefore they have their own set of fanboys, hence Microsoft fanboys and Sony fanboys). Also, people like you who own both consoles are probably not fanboys, so it is in fact not referring to you. << LINK REMOVED >>makes a point. Anytime I see a Sony article there is a lot of praising then when you see an Xbox article there is a lot of bashing. That would entail that there are less Microsoft fanboys than there are Son fanboys or at least that one group is more "mature" then the other (notice the quotations). His comment was relevant, he's point out how a game that is pretty much like any other 1st person shooter gets praised because it's Playstation then another 1st person shooter (which has some fairly different mechanics in 1st person shooters) gets a lot of negativity which really doesn't make sense. Fact is this; It's fine to have your own opinion, everyone has an opinion, but there is a HUGE difference between an opinion and a fanboy opinion. It's a fallacy known as an 'ad Hominem.' It's where you make a statement or base an opinion off of a person or object rather than off of facts. For instance I hate Larry for finding the cure for cancer. I don't hate the cure for cancer I hate Larry. In the end I am an Xbox/Microsoft supporter, I don't hate Sony, however I can't say I like them either... Oh and I'm 17, but I'm just a teenager so what do I know...

Avatar image for uchihasilver


1) i dont remember any titanfall bashing =/ but even still not interested ever since EA mentioned they partnered with MS as far as im concerned no big publisher should go exclusive so my XOne and PC will be titanfall free

2)your comment basically has no relevance

3)you just randomly bashed so called sony fanboys when the very same immature outvoiced attention seeking idiots reside with XOne as well and some of them who claim XOne is perfect are probably on this comments section now complaining about install speeds both sides are contradictive and both sides are immature

4) regarding above can people stop saying Sony fanboys or XOne fanboys and lets just call them fanboys after all there are those like me who own both consoles and dont bash either because we dont have the maturity of a 10 year old, dont brand them with a company name it makes the companies sound bad and makes it sound as if they reflect all of us

thank you

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

Quantum Break seems to be the only good thing about the Xbox One, so far.

Avatar image for northArrow

<< LINK REMOVED >>Yup, of all the exclusives coming out for the Xbox, QB is the only one that has me even remotely interested. I can't justify buying a console for one game, so I hope it's eventually ported to PC

Avatar image for Gamerhomer


I agree actually. It's the only one that's peaked my attention.

Avatar image for blackace

<< LINK REMOVED >>Not for me and millions of others who bought the system. Forza 5, DR3, Powerstar Golf, Ryse & Killer Instinct were all fun for me. Titanfall, Halo 5, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Below & Project Spark are all on the way.

Avatar image for Gamerhomer


Crackdown 3? when's that releasing then?

Avatar image for sladakrobot

No release date yet but this MS dude(is it Phil?) speaks only about how it would be cool to have another Crackdown game for the X1.

Avatar image for tzolynski


Titafall looks pretty good if you ask me but time will tell.