Microsoft: Xbox One indie policy will benefit kids and students

Executive Phil Spencer says positive outcome of the new policy is children and students will have opportunity to learn to build games.



The Xbox One's new policy for independent creators will benefit children and students, according to Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer.

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"Opportunities for more kids/students to learn to program and build games is a great outcome of this policy," Spencer said on Twitter last night.

Microsoft's new policy for independent developers allows every person to be a creator and every Xbox One to be used for development.

The stance is a reversal of policy, as it was announced in May that independent creators could not self-publish on the next-generation platform.

Though every Xbox One system can be used as a development kit, this functionality will not be available when the console launches in November.

A number of questions regarding the policy remain, including details around revenue sharing, game promotion, how certification will work, and if creators will need to pay a fee or subscription to build games for the Xbox One.

Microsoft will share more details on the new program and its timeline at Gamescom in August.

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