Microsoft: We understand the importance of used games

Publisher says supporting secondhand titles on Xbox One was a fundamental design criteria.


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Speaking with GameSpot at the Xbox One reveal event, executive Phil Spencer said Microsoft understands the importance of the secondhand market in the overall console ecosystem.

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He declined to go into specifics regarding how used games will be supported on the Xbox One, but did make clear that the secondhand market "is a design criteria" for the next-gen Xbox.

"So we'll talk about some of the 'how' at a later date, but I will say that we understand the importance of the secondary market," Spencer said. "The secondary market was important in the current generation. We designed Xbox One understanding secondary market would be important in the new generation as well. We'll share more details, but people should know that it is a design criteria for us on the new box."

Microsoft told Wired yesterday that the Xbox One will require secondhand users pay a fee to play used games. This fee has not been specified and Microsoft's official stance is that the platform has been designed "to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail."

More from GameSpot's conversation with Spencer will be published later today. This interview was conducted by GameSpot executive editor Justin Calvert during the Xbox One announcement event in Redmond, Washington yesterday.

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