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Microsoft: We Need to Do More for PC Gaming

"Part of my Xbox role is to bring back our Windows gaming focus," Xbox boss Phil Spencer says.

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Microsoft's recent acquisition of the PC-centric Rise of Nations franchise is just the first step in Microsoft's efforts to do more in the PC gaming space, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. A fan asked Spencer on Twitter why Microsoft acquired Rise of Nations and announced a re-release for Steam, to which the veteran Xbox boss said, "Steam is a great place to sell Win32 games. We acquired the IP for future work; I'm a big fan of the franchise."

This fan responded by saying they aren't interested in installing Steam, but would rather enjoy a Games for Windows Live replacement. Spencer replied: "I agree that Microsoft needs to up our gaming presence on Windows. Part of my Xbox role is to bring back our Windows gaming focus." The Games for Windows Live service is believed to close on July 1, 2014.

Spencer didn't offer anything in the way of specifics regarding how Microsoft plans to re-focus on Windows gaming, but it's not the first time he's pledged to double-down on PC gaming. During a presentation at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March, Spencer sung the praises of Valve, and said gamers can expect "more focus" from Microsoft in the PC gaming space in the time ahead.

Don't expect Microsoft to release a Steam competitor anytime soon, however. During his talk at GDC, Spencer stressed that Microsoft doesn't plan to compete directly with Steam, but said, "it's important to invest in [PC gaming] in a real way." Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Direct X12, the latest version of the graphics API that promises major improvements for Xbox One and PC developers.

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