Microsoft Wants PS4 and Xbox One to Connect Online

Rocket League announced as first game to support Xbox Live's new Cross-Platform functionality with PC; Microsoft extends invite to "other platforms"

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Microsoft has announced it will natively support cross-platform play between Xbox One, Windows 10, and other "online multiplayer networks." The move effectively opens the Xbox Live platform so that it can accommodate players on Sony's PlayStation Network, among others.

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The announcement was made on by Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox, who said "it's up to game developers to support this feature" and noted that players will "always have the option of choosing to play only with other Xbox Live players."

"In addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live, we're enabling developers to support cross-network play as well," Charla explained.

"This means players on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live will be able to play with players on different online multiplayer networks--including other consoles and PC networks."

The first game to support the functionality is Psyonix's Rocket League, which will allow Xbox One and PC players to matchmake against each other. Microsoft also extended "an open invitation for other networks to participate as well."

GameSpot has contacted Sony for a comment.

Rocket League supports cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. When the game launched on Xbox One, it did not contain any cross-platform functionality.

"The Xbox platform doesn't allow for cross-play matchmaking between other systems as a general practice across all titles," developer Psyonix said at the time.

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I think this is amazing! It's about time. I want the Nintendo NX to also join this fray. If Nintendo doesn't...(this coming from a core Nintendo fan that only ever owns Nintendo platforms and PC) It would make them giant a**holes not to join this. It would be a huge mistake! But I think they will and they better for MULTI-PLATFORM games sake. Seriously this is what we have been needing for TWO generations now. IMHO.

Sometimes timing is the thing. It woulda coulda shoulda been done but here we are today its finally going to be done. So yeah... great. Awesome move Sony and Microsoft and all. Good on ya. Nintendo NX MUST DO THIS TOO. K Nintendo? Thank you.

I envision a really simple menu in game that says Choose Networks:(for what gamers you want to play against):(Native Platform name here), ALL, PC, Xbox,Playstation)

This would mean more players online at all times for you to test your skill against. So if you platform network is say "dry" no will always have players to play. Games would have to be properly balanced though...pretty much spot on across PC,Xbox,Plasytation,NX. Wouldn't want any unfair advantage/ unbalanced kind of gameplay. Just saying. heh.

Good day all. Peace.

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This is AMAZING!

-I really hope this takes off.

Cause it's soooo annoying that a small handful of my friends only have one console..

--BUT it's a fact that my friends that are make-believe spokespersons for a specific console seems to forget that they loved they're PS2 or PS3 and/ vice versa and they loved they're 360....

---I favor the xboxOne because of its relationship with's great if the lines disappeared.....

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This is good news. This will stop me crom pestering my friends who got/want to get an XboxOne to get a PS4 instead.

Hope Sony says yes.

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This is good news. This will stop me crom pestering my friends who got/want to get an XboxOne to get a PS4 instead.

Hope Sony says yes.

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hey Microsoft develop Gears Of War to work cross play then we will see how serious you are about it...

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I'm happy about this, buuut, when Sony was the underdog, MS would never let this happen...

Avatar image for lobobizarro

@everson_rm: When has Sony ever been the underdog? But, to the point, MS has always been very stubborn about Xplatform. Hence no FFXIV for Xbox. But console standing has little to nothing to do with it, its pure stubbornness on MS part. They just finally realized how stupid it was on their part.

Avatar image for everson_rm

@lobobizarro: Mmmmm, during the entire ps3/360 era?

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This would only be cool if every battle was PS vs XB, imagine the trash talk, it would be EPIC!

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I've wanted this for sometime so I'm happy.

The way this has been reported across the Internet doesn't do much to improve my self imposed stereotypes of all journalists, however. :)

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@lrdfancypants: because this isn't really a positive thing, not the way that msft is intending it.

Avatar image for garthoknarfle

@lrdfancypants: My thoughts exactly!

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Holy Shit! 1573 Upvotes. I guess I wouldn't expect anything less considering the title of the article.

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This is a surprising development from MS. Whether Sony will reciprocate is another matter because they have nothing to gain from introducing such a feature, whereas MS have everything to gain. Initially the MS offer seems generous because it puts gamers first, but the cynic in me looks at the reality.

Xbox gamers have friends who have jumped ship to PS4 and PC, so in order to play with them, you either have to jump ship with them or have a system where you can play with them across platforms. MS are loosing gamers hand over fist so this is a measure to try and reduce those jumping ship.

Also, games with multiplayer rely on there being someone on the match making server to play with. If one platform has a small user base it's harder to find someone to play with. The larger user base will be full of people to play with and it looks like MS want to tap into that so more gamers don't desert them.

But unfortunately Sony have zero incentive to be charitable towards MS, especially after the Tomb Raider scam.

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@justerthought: its not what you think it is... read carefully. Sony has already been open, this isn't msft saying its open, its msft saying come to our network, for a fee...

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I have been hoping for this for a long time now

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Please think this through, folks. And look to history.

It's not a magical ON switch that suddenly permits cross-network play for all games. It's up to the developer, obviously, and a number of other factors - I.e., are the games using the same version/maps/mods etc. such that they can be multiplayer-compatible across servers, are the clients compatible (like, does a Windows 10 version require Xbox Live to cross-play versus, say, the 'normal' PC version of the game in cross-play, as we currently see in several PC-PS4 titles).

Reminds me of people freaking out over Xbox One backwards compatibility, once again with this mindset that it was a magical ON switch that would suddenly allow all previous gen games to run on Xbone.

Again, that was a per-developer and per-game scenario, just like it is here.

If there's one thing Sony has to 'accept' in terms of an invitation, it's letting dedicated (server) PSN games cross-play with dedicated (server) Xbox Live games.

Third-parties, such as those who currently allow PC-to-PS4 cross-play with Warframe, SFV, War Thunder, Rocket League, DC Universe, FFXIV, etc., they get to make up their own minds to a certain extent because those are their own server shards. Sony just says it's okay.

They've been allowing that since, what, 2004? When FFXI was cross-play between PS2 and PC.

Microsoft made a brief, abortive attempt at cross-play in 2006-2007 with a couple of first-party titles that worked between Windows Vista and X360. They were talking up Windows Vista and Games for Windows Live like the next coming of geezus, suggesting dozens of cross-play games would appear on Vista and 360, and that Vista would one day be able to play 360 games natively from the game DVD.

Hasn't anyone been paying attention to Microsoft's 'PC gaming' narrative over the last decade? Whenever they decide they want a piece of the pie, the bullshit and misdirection starts to flow. This latest announcement is yet more subterfuge, or "We're the good guys, really!" in the wake of the repugnant Windows 10 'Universal Windows Platform' (UWP) nonsense.

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Wait, what? Wasn't it them who wanted to get rid of cross platform multiplayer in the first place? No. They don't get to deal, they had the choice but their greed got the best of them.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@NoelXYeul: MS does whatever is convenient for them at the time, like all their 180s, and throwing away their console to make a closed PC

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Yes but that was before MS started loosing xbox gamers as they jump ship to PS4 and PC. They are now fighting for survival so all the previous rules are out of the window. Cross platform multiplayer will stop some gamers jumping ship to play with their friends and give them more people to play with on the larger PS4 user base.

Avatar image for garthoknarfle

@justerthought: "Yes but that was before MS started loosing Xbox gamers as they jump ship to PS4 and PC. They are now fighting for survival". You are delusional! Yes some gamers have jumped ship but you're delusional when it comes to thinking Xbox is "fighting for survival".

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@justerthought: this isn't open cross platform like has been happening ps to pc, this is on xbl only....

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Why instead of being foolish, won't you guys understand that by paying this "TAX" for multi-players, you guys are basically bending over to a market which will push this Business system up your asses and keep axing feature for more and more profit. BOYCOTT the Multiplayer bullshit, and also DON'T buy the VR headsets yet !!!!

Think smart and make these corporates understand you are not fools. "cough cough " "wink wink"

Avatar image for DEATHDC

@DEATHDC: It really shouldn't though, the problem is that some of you are trying to find a moral reason in a well-thought business system which changed dramatically towards the years and now lurks on your very moves. I say don't get multiplayer for neither console, because why the hell do you need to pay to play with other people? what justification does anyone have? If instead of arguing, you people would realize that you do have the voice and the chance to change things for the better, in your favor and for less waste of money, then i wouldn't have to try and open your minds and explain how models are being exploited. Its just a reality, if nobody buys the donuts for 2$ the price will drop, but no, you always have to bite the bait don't you kids? :)

Avatar image for justerthought


What? "Boycott the multiplayer" and "Don't buy VR". That just sounds like paraonoid anti Sony xbot sabotage. Gamers play for fun. If the product or game is fun, they buy it and enjoy themselves. They don't listen to the bitter hate you're spouting, then deny themselves from having fun. What are you going to do, sit on your aarse playing nothing and feeling bitter.

Lighten up and start enjoying life.

Avatar image for aiat_gamer

@DEATHDC: What tax?! also, you could not help but to throw in VR in there for fun?

Avatar image for DEATHDC

@aiat_gamer: The fee that you must pay to play a game with other people, i call it the mafia tax ;)

Avatar image for soarlozer

@DEATHDC: This is the generation that buys season passes that don't even list what is included. Also have fallen for these nickle and dime microtransactions. Continue to buy unfinished games and wait until content is patched or a bug is fixed. The corporations only want money, the players are to blame for all the business trends.

Im used to flat out avoiding a publisher or game off getting burned one time or hearing terrible reviews.

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At the end of the day. Gamers get what they pay for because that is what they want. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Business capitalism is a democracy. If something really is a con, the people will wise up over time and vote with their wallet, causing the product to fail. Microtransactions will die a natural death because only those with an addictive personality will keep forking out the money.

Avatar image for DEATHDC

@justerthought: We will see how papa-kiddos will deal with the wave of ruthless ignorance they brought upon the gaming industry, i doubt it will go away easily, its too lucrative for the companies, make a new hat skin - 0.5$, a new in game item - 1$...its too easy to lose count and let these parasitic ways take a win. wake up guys, answer the call. the last of Us alone has like 70$ worth of extra downloadable in-game items, which really it's just 3-D models and textures, avoid this cancer guys, or the last thing left for games will be episodic "levels"

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Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@sentyaki: 515 now

Avatar image for soarlozer

@sentyaki: Owns a xbox one: Yay this is great just need Sony on board with it!

Owns a ps4: Yeah we have already been playing with PC players in certain games. Huehuehue we'd destroy xbox because ps4 is more powerful in a game that is fps locked on both consoles.

Owns a PC: Lol i have 200 fps in 4K scrubs.

Avatar image for sentyaki

@soarlozer: This War. This War Never Changes. XD

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For anyone getting hopeful about FFXIV on XBO in won't happen as long as this clause exists: "players will always have the option of choosing to play only with other Xbox Live players."

Square Enix has said that's exactly why they didn't put the game on XBOX to begin with. Microsoft wanted to segregate the community. They would have to make an exception to this and have the game ONLY playable on cross-platform.

Avatar image for deactivated-584608341d412

@Kougeru: Correction most MMO won't come to consoles. MMO' like FFXIV AND ESO are an exception. And this coming from an MMO player.

Avatar image for milk

@Kougeru: FFXIV's community is already segregated because there's different servers. I don't see a reason why they couldn't do an xbox-only server or two (one for Japanese, one for English, it's been a while, but I don't recall any other language-specific servers). The only thing that'd make sense to block to this (assuming porting to xbox could be done easily enough) is if they didn't think they could get enough xbox players to offset the cost of their dedicated server. I'm not too familiar with xbox games, but if there's no other mmorpgs, FFXIV might do really well.

Avatar image for soarlozer

@Kougeru: Id actually have no problem with that as long as the game used it as 2 seperate servers. So for like a mmo you have 1 character for each. Shooter with progression, same thing.

I also see why SE wouldn't want that at all.

Avatar image for babaya

I think it should be universal. I hate having to decide which game for which platform. Basically who do I want to play this game with. It should have been done yrs ago. Oh n plz don't reply it's my opinion n I'm happy with it thanks!

Avatar image for soarlozer

@babaya: Well most leading games sales is stuff like BF and COD. The people that would want to cross play with a PC player from console is very small. So a lot of work on a feature most wont use.

However for stuff where the advantage is less important, ie something like diablo or mmos, every game should have it.

But you also have to factor in that PC's freedom leads to a lot of hacking (The amount of console hackers I see is essentially 0. While not rampant on PC I have encountered at least 1 in every major release),and setting video options to give a advantage.

I would like it to be universal but I could easily see why it is not.

Avatar image for jedikv

@soarlozer: You need to play high level black ops 3 if you think there are no console hackers....

Avatar image for Kougeru

@soarlozer: Consoles have plenty of hackers. I do see hackers in PC games, but honestly not that much more than I see on consoles. Turbo controller stuff too. However, without aim-assist console players wouldnt stand a chance (This has been tested by devs). But with aim-assist, console players have a built-in cheat basically that sometimes is an advantage.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@babaya: I'm with you, under the right circumstances, a universal online network can benefit gamers everywhere.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@Jinzo_111887: i agree, but this isn't universal, its msft trying to use their xbl only..

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I replied anyway but it's because I totally agree with you buddy I feel the exact same way better late then never I guess lol

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.. I'm waiting for "The_Crap Gamer" to make another "On principle Phil" or "It's not right!" tweet lol :D

on a more serious note, this is excellent news, I'm talking MMOs (or just competitive multiplayers in general) PS vs XBOX camps (PS Guild vs Xbox Guild) an actual "console war" worth having fun and fighting over :D

Avatar image for Bpb4

@masato_indou thats not what it means.:

Avatar image for ignblows

This is the best and biggest news in gaming!