Microsoft trademarks Forzavista ahead of next-gen Xbox reveal

Microsoft files trademark for "a feature of interactive video game software" days ahead of next Xbox unveiling.


Microsoft has submitted a filing to trademark Forzavista, ahead of its next-gen Xbox unveiling on May 21.

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Siliconera spotted the trademark, which Microsoft submitted on May 15, 2013, noting specific text that said the Forzavista filing would be for "a feature of interactive video game software which allows players to obtain statistical information of internal and external features of a vehicle and to virtually navigate and operate those vehicles."

Forza Motorsport 4 featured a mode called Autovista, which allowed the player to explore high-detail models of 25-odd cars, and featured narration by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

Sources in April said Microsoft was gearing up to release a next-gen Forza with "super life-like" graphics later in 2013.

Microsoft has released a Turn 10-developed Forza Motorsport every other year since the series started in 2005. Last year's spin-off Forza Horizon was developed by UK-based Playground Games.

GameSpot will be covering Microsoft's next-gen Xbox unveiling live from the company's Redmond campus.

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Chick I use to visit back in college. Her dad drove a DB9. Cocky geezer.

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God the way people will defend platforms to the hilt. Jesus. Scroll down and all I see is "xbox drivers better than PS drivers...forza better that GT" Christ. You people.

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It sounds to me like some push for Kinect, what with the emphasis they placed on it in Forza 4.

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@TacticaI Really? It sounds more like a push for Smartglass....

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@zulwalks @TacticaI Yeah, I seem to recall more than one demonstration of Autovista using the Kinect, so when they just throw vista at the end of Forza that is the first thing that came to mind.

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What's with Microsoft and the word vista? just let it go, ya lousy bums!

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xbox 360 had more good racers then ps3

pgr3 pgr4 race pro
forza 2 3 4 and horizon which is why im gonna wait and see what xbox offers before jumpin to ps4

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I'd prefer Forza over Gran Turismo; any day of the week.

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GT1 awesome Forza 1 good

GT2 Best of the series Forza 2 good

GT3 good Forza 3 Awesome

GT4 Car collector Forza 4, the king is there.

GT5 disapointement Forza Horizon, Let down.

GT6 return to the future Forza 6, still ahead.

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@fredyellowone Forza 5, not 6. Forza Horizon was a spin-off of the main series.

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@fredyellowone Forza 3 is excellent and strictly racing, Forza 4 is great too in its own way.

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Forza 1 = Great

Forza 2 = Better

Forza 3 = Mmmmm

Forza 4 = Brilliant

Forza Horizon = Let Down

Forza Vista = lets wait and see

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@thenephariouson And let's not forget Forza Horizon wasn't made by Turn 10.

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@thenephariouson I think that Forza 2 wasn't much of a leap from the first one, except for hi-res graphics(that weren't nearly what Xbox 360 could do later). And Forza 3 was maybe the most critically praised. I personally prefer Forza 4, but it had that feeling of "We've seen this before".

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@0m39AX @thenephariouson Forza 2 had more cars, better physics, better graphics, more tracks. I mean, isn't that the theme? Forza 2 to Forza 3. Graphics, Physics, Cars, Tracks. Forza 3 behind the "Bling" was worse than Forza 2 in terms of gameplay. The PI system was severely skewed to favor AWD cars. If you could do an AWD swap on a Viper, it would make your Viper much faster in it's given class. Honestly, what Viper fan would want to do an AWD swap to that magnificent car? It was pointless to race RWD cars in that game because it was A: Harder to drive them, and B: They were much slower.

Forza 4 is much better than part 3 from my personal perspective. The PI system isn't perfect, nor will it ever be, but it's the backbone of the game if you enjoy racing your cars competitively. Are RWD cars favored? Yes they are. But the differences between the DT's (Drive-Terrains) aren't as great as in Forza 3. I can stomp people with AWD cars on some tracks, like Sedona Club in S class for example. Can I run faster in a RWD car? Yeah, much. Can I race competitively in a AWD car? I can do better than that, I can win in an AWD car.

Where Forza really needs to improve is the PI rating system. I'd prefer one for Drag, and a separate system for Racing. I'd like to see them add in Weather, and of course Night racing. I'd like to see them add a penalty system for Corner Cutters (You know who you are), and of course find a way to revamp the Vote system in Public Lobbies, or do away with them all together.

I am extremely excited to see what Turn 10 has planned for Forza Motorsport (not Horizon) next. I anticipate the greatest game in the series and I'll expect nothing less from them. While other franchises have failed, they've continued to succeed moving forward with there games, delivering the same experience only better. Which is the way it should be in Sports/Sims.

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'Vista', ah well, at least they've ditched the standardised increased Numeric naming convention : )

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That sounds hella Italian when turned into one word.

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I'm guessing it's a Kinect gimmick.

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@MonoSilver Let's dearly hope not.

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Sees the word "Vista" - thinks of Windows Vista.

Anyone here like Windows Vista? *hears crickets*

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Ahh Windows Vista, what a croc of Sh!t

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First thing I though when I saw the headline. "Vista". Really. Seems to be a theme on this message board. I would think MS would want to get away from the name. It could be worse though. ForzaMillenium

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What the next Forza needs: "POWERRRRRRRRRRR"

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@daabulls23 Clarkson, is that you?

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Really Microsoft, again with vista?

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could have picked something besides "vista".... brings back terrible memories.
"would you like to race this car?"
"are you sure you would like to race this car?"
"would you like to race this car on this track?"
*take out disc, play COD/BF*

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@Dagus0323 hahahaha so funny you mor0n

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New Forza is always something good... Next-gen Forza is something interesting as well

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Ah. Microsoft and Vista. Never a good mix. Still I'm excited to see what Forza looks like. Super realistic has been dropped a few times in the rumor mill.

Of course I'd expect that from car game coming next gen.

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It'll be interesting to see if it's anywhere near Project CARS graphically, which will likely be following it a few months later. Might be quite embarrassing for their flagship racer to be dethroned that soon.

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Maybe the console will be called Xbox Vista haha..

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@TheAgingGamer that would be the worst decision EVER !

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@diabolik_023 @TheAgingGamer Xbox 98 or Xbox 3.1 lol