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Microsoft trademarks a new game called "Snap Attack"

Xbox maker files trademark application for a new "online computer game."

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[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, a Microsoft spokesperson provided GameSpot the following statement:

"Microsoft often acquires various trademarks as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment."

Microsoft has filed a trademark application for a new game called "Snap Attack." It is described, very briefly, only as a "online computer game."

Microsoft filed the trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Organization (USPTO) on April 3. It follows Microsoft's trademarking of a new game called "Secrets and Treasure" back in March.

Both "Snap Attack" and "Secrets and Treasure" are officially unannounced. We have reached out to Microsoft for comment, but have not heard back at press time.

The Xbox One features a "Snap" multitasking functionality that allows you to do two things at once. It is possible that "Snap Attack" is some game-ified version of that functionality, but that remains to be seen.

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