Microsoft to Launch Smartwatch Very Soon - Report

Xbox maker's latest wearable will reportedly track your heart rate and hold a charge for two days.


Microsoft will launch its own smartwatch in the next couple of weeks, according to a new report from Forbes, which cites unspecified sources who are reportedly "close to the project."

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The gadget will reportedly have health-monitoring capabilities such as a heart rate tracker. In addition, it is said to work across different mobile platforms, and you apparently won't have to charge it very often. Forbes reports that a single charge will last for more than two days of "regular use."

It remains unclear what Microsoft's rumored smartwatch will be called or what it will cost. In addition, there was no mention in Forbes' report today about Microsoft's smartwatch featuring any compatibility with Xbox 360 or Xbox One--or gaming at all, for that matter.

This is not the first time we've heard about a new smartwatch from Microsoft. Back in April 2013, The Verge reported that Microsoft's Xbox team was testing such a device, and had been for about a year at the time. The device is said to feature a 1.5" touch-enabled screen.

If Microsoft is in fact working on a smartwatch, it won't be the first time the company has done so. Microsoft launched a range of SPOT smartwatches in 2004 that used radio signals to pull in news, weather forecasts, and stock quotes. These devices were discontinued in 2008.

In September, iPhone and iPad company Apple announced the $350 Apple Watch, a sleek-looking device that won't be released until 2015. If Forbes' report is accurate, Microsoft's smartwatch will launch in the lead-up to the busy holiday shopping season.

Microsoft was not immediately available to comment when approached by GameSpot sister site CNET. For more on Microsoft's wearable endeavors, be sure to read CNET's full coverage.

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