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Microsoft, Sony to honor Blockbuster UK Xbox One, PS4 preorders

Beleaguered retailer says Microsoft and Sony have set aside consoles for those with valid preorders.

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Those who placed an order for an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 through Blockbuster UK will receive a console after all. The beleaguered retailer announced today that Microsoft and Sony have set aside Xbox One and PS4 launch-day consoles for those with valid preorders.

Customers must complete this form by midnight on Thursday, November 7, to receive their console. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

After submitting the form, Blockbuster will verify preorder details and then pass this information on to Microsoft or Sony, who will then contact customers directly to arrange payment and delivery.

"We continue to issue refunds of console deposits for those people who have contacted Blockbuster; but regardless of whether you have received your refund yet, please fill in this form so you don't lose out on your Xbox One and PlayStation 4 day 1 editions," Blockbuster said.

"Please note, you will be buying your console from Microsoft directly or Sony's fulfillment partner--you will not be buying from Blockbuster," the statement continues. "Our involvement is to ensure that everyone who preordered in advance with Blockbuster has the opportunity to get their console of choice on day of release."

When Blockbuster UK entered administration last month, the company said it would not honor preorders for the next-generation systems. One Blockbuster UK establishment recently refunded a customer's PlayStation 4 preorder after he protested outside the store with a microphone.

All remaining Blockbuster stores in the United States will close by January 2014, parent company Dish Network announced today.

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