Microsoft sending XBL veterans custom console

Company sending specially designed Xbox 360 systems to those who have been Xbox Live subscribers the longest.


Longtime Xbox Live subscribers may want to be on the lookout for a delivery from Microsoft. The company has announced that it is sending custom Xbox 360 consoles (below right) to those who have "been with [Microsoft] the longest."

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It is not clear what exact qualifications a gamer must meet to be rewarded with a console. However, a document posted to All Games Beta suggests Microsoft is sending the 250GB systems--as well as a voucher for an additional year of Xbox Live--to those who have been Xbox Live subscribers since the service launched 10 years ago.

Xbox Live has grown significantly since its debut in 2002. The platform currently boasts 40 million members, with Xbox Live Gold users logging an average of 84 hours on the service per month. Additionally, games are only one part of the service.

Microsoft announced in March that gamers in the United States spend more time with Xbox Live entertainment applications like Netflix and ESPN than they do playing multiplayer games.

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