Microsoft seeking Second Life buyout?

Unconfirmed reports have software giant buying out the financially troubled maker of the virtual world, Linden Lab.

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What we heard: As pointed out by GameSpot sister site ZDNet, it has been a while since Microsoft has made a major acquisition. Over the weekend, one small tweet by a Second Life enthusiast has sparked mass speculation that the software giant has made a bid to buy the virtual world's maker, Linden Lab.

Is Microsoft planning to scoop up Second Life maker Linden Lab? Maybe this guy knows.
Is Microsoft planning to scoop up Second Life maker Linden Lab? Maybe this guy knows.

Thursday, a Hollywood-based Second Life user named Tizzers twittered, "A little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered to buy Linden Lab this week." This small post led to a full-blown article on tech blog, which cited "a very reputable individual still employed by Linden Lab, they have been entertaining offers and Microsoft has stepped up with a bid." The blog then followed up with even more reports from the Second Life community.

The reports were further confirmed by ZDNet editor Mary-Jo Foley, whose own sources also reported that Microsoft was in the running to buy Linden Lab, which reportedly closed down its UK office last week.

The official story: Microsoft had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus that there's a lot of chatter that Microsoft has made an offer to buy Linden Lab. That has spawned even more chatter that Microsoft might bring Second Life--or a Second Life-like virtual world--to Xbox Live, possibly even with Kinect support. That said, it's a little early to bet on anything just yet.

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I guess this is the new generation... living your life in a rather lame virtual program with absolutely no real benefits and only sucking away time from your REAL life. What a pathetic joke, not even I would play this. It Sounds so boring. And to think that universities create virtual campuses in the game... I just really can't believe it. And people make money from this? I just think of the many malnourished children and suffering people, and then this, a person making money by making virtually useless items that have no real value at all. How the heck will that benefit in a world where there are much more useful careers? It nearly makes me puke at how dumbed down so many people are these days...

Avatar image for LordRaymond

@blackace Actually during E3 2010 they said they recreated the Sony Booth on Playstation Home and it was a hit. Also Microsoft wants to appeal to the casual crowd which made the Wii as big as it was. Well I do agree that Microsoft needs to have more 1st party exclusive games for 2011.

Avatar image for Salali

i really don't get it. why does every one keep focusing on not focusing on making good quality videogames?? Consoles were made for games first then other stuff later on. couldn't Microsoft give this money to Rare or any others to expand the games library with good games !!?????

Avatar image for hotdiddykong

Go ahead, buy it, and then end up F*cking them up like what you did to Rare

Avatar image for lazycomplife

Please put second life on a console.

Avatar image for icepickiii

Well this would fit into their casual market nicely

Avatar image for Ravenlore_basic

I though Sony would buy this out OR bring out ther own second life to Home with PSN+ or something. I guess MS is going to have their own version of home now. Wonder if it will be included with Gold or a new Platinum level... say $70.00 dollars a month.

Avatar image for radical_saiyan

i used 2nd life for a while. kinda felt boring. Just roaming around pointlessly looking at some new stuff felt good. lol

Avatar image for tommah1

that would suck, microsoft would make it "pay to play"

Avatar image for EvilGamerD

Awesome if this is true but i wish sony brought it instead because HOME must be the worst game ever made, i loved second life and it would be pretty awsome to see it on console.

Avatar image for bowlingotter

I've tried a few times to find something worthwhile about Playstation Home. I'll log on every few months to try to figure out why so many people use it... Every time, it's just completely pointless. It's a glorified chat room. We don't need a repeat of that on Xbox Live.

Avatar image for blackace

@LordRaymond @brian376 Playstation Home wasn't shut down. ************************************************************** It should be though. It's horrible. It's basically a social gathering for tweens. I've been in it like 3 times for no more then 1 hour and was bored to death. You noticed that Sony hasn't said anymore about HOME in almost a year. When was the last time there was news about HOME? lol!! Anyways, Microsoft needs to forget about Second Life and concentrate more of making lots more exclusive games. If they want to buy something, buy Bioware, SquareEnix or Valve. Spend your money on something that will draw more gamers to you and provide your console with more exclusive content. Please have RARE make Killer Instinct 3 and Kameo 2. These games should have been out over a year ago.

Avatar image for sanoja

I have not been to Second Life for almost four years (since I discovered World of Warcraft), but I must agree in that Second Life is for most, a place to go sexy up their toons, socialize, romance, turn up the drama and end up with the same mess they were escaping from in their real life. But in the years I did heavily participate, there was (and am sure there still is) quite a few amazingly talented people, who were not interested on the drama, or sleazyness, but on creating and developing a cool world. The artists, scripters, architects and business people that took the canvas Linden Labs put out there and made Second Life into what it is today. Heck, maybe it is time to bring in new minds, new blood behind the scenes. And the capital infusion Microsoft would bring, would not hurt. Second Life started out as an experiment on what people would do if they had the chance to start a new world. Well, look at the results; humankind will never change.

Avatar image for Pugberto3122

@Halonut_1: Yes it is but you need to buy the content and most likely subcribe to them. If it ever came to the Xbox, that future wouldn't be there.

Avatar image for HaloNut_1

Just a quick question. Isn't it possible to have sex on second life? Or is it just gestures making it seem like it? If so then they'll make changes to make the whole thing more family oriented like today's big fad along with 3D movies and motion gaming. Perhaps make it 3D and able to use with kinect :O

Avatar image for Dynamo11

I'd like a "PS Home" feel to Xbox Live but overall Second Life just sucks and is very silly.

Avatar image for The_Gaming_Baby

I wonder how many hot chicks use Second Life.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

I would rather wait for Microsoft's official announcement. Speculating is something for stock brokers to be greatly concerned with, but I am not a stock broker.

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

Good, coz most ppl don't have a life and if they can buy one online, why not.

Avatar image for Icehearted

I remember when Rumor Control first appeared on Gamespot, and for the most part it was often genuinely bogus or not bogus. Now it's a middle of the road kinda sorta maybe possibly unsure answer with tacked on speculative commentary. For example; Obviously, "Not bogus that there's a lot of chatter that Microsoft has made an offer to buy Linden Lab" is moot, or it wouldn't have even been an article, so is telling us that the existence of articles about this is "not bogus" really necessary? It's almost as invalidating as the ones that end with "bogus for now". I just miss the old days when these things actually went somewhere. Guys, you've got the chops, your kung fu is strong, these pieces (and by extension your readers) at least deserve something more than an ending that just evaporates into gossip laden literary shrugging, don't you think?

Avatar image for Kleeyook

I hope PlayStation Home will soon allow us to play card games from Eyes of Judgement for free in virtual world, like how we can play card game in Second Life. Then there'll be no further need for Sony to keep updating Home to keep up with Second Life, thus I doubt they would bother.

Avatar image for Big_Stingman

Holy crap this is still going? O.O

Avatar image for LordRaymond

@brian376 Playstation Home wasn't shut down.

Avatar image for brian376

this wont ever see xbox live do to the complex programing that is used cause there is no game your downloading basicaly your installing a a device that just connects to a server which then allows you to log in now once your in secondlife new items are created every second by an average number of 50000 people logged in at any given point of the day so for xbox being able to handle an open source like this seems very unlikely also secondlife is a user created thing its what you make of it basicaly your the game developer also on a note to users saying graphics suck that picture right there is about 5 years old to see decent graphics do a image search on yahoo or google graphics dont suck just the quality of some items suck self edited a spot due to a mistake in posting thought it was shut down

Avatar image for kintama88

so maybe they're gonna do a xbox version of playstation home?..... not sure why people would play it but apparently people do.

Avatar image for brian376

to be honest i suggest people who are commenting on this have only joined the game and probably just been on the teen grid or on for 15 minutes of the regular one people are saying it sucks cause there isnt enough to do its user created people explore more and you will see there is plenty to do I myself manage 2 clubs and own a bussiness in secondlife which gives me plenty to do so my advice is dont knock something til you really try it

Avatar image for DennisWZH

wow.. this game is still alive?

Avatar image for daabulls23

I tried Second Life once to see what it was. I think my second life lasted 15 minutes. I wish I had those minutes back.

Avatar image for eriktkire

@Barighm your life involves constant casino scams and BDSM roleplayers on every corner? .... cause THAT is what Second Life is all about.

Avatar image for Tripwolf

Secondlife is a joke. The fact that it ever received as much publicity as it did is just hilarious.

Avatar image for peetowser

I think I threw up in my mouth a little...

Avatar image for Barighm

I spend a lot of time playing video games and pretending to be some great hero in a mystical land just to get away from the everyday grind, but I draw the line at playing games that basically mimic real life.

Avatar image for brian376

Secondlife is a virtual world made by the users for the users in other words your given the tools to make what ever you want from games to guns to even clothing and turn any sales in game in to real cash in fact some users make enough to support themself in real life so they dont even have to go to work

Avatar image for RickyRevolver

...whats second life?

Avatar image for mopeyking

I think Microsoft needs a second life.....zing

Avatar image for AnUndEadMonk3y

Gamespot never has the offical story at press time...has anyone else noticed this...? Haha

Avatar image for HaloNut_1

I can't wait to pay even more for xboxlive.

Avatar image for dancingsmurfs01

@djwood84 the red ring of death has been fixed for a while now (the problem was that a part in the xbox overheated causing the problem the part was repaced in newer 360's stoping the problem altogether) ...BTW u are obviously a ps3 fanboy STOP trolling

Avatar image for yankeefanboy13

what has second life or linden lab made again

Avatar image for djwood84

Go Microsoft, go! Continue to make horrible moves!! Kinect + Second Life is REALLY going to nail that target demographic you seem to be aiming at. PS, good move not fixing the red ring and just deciding to get rid of the red LEDs. Thats something a 5 year old child would do.

Avatar image for deth420

For the nay sayers, Second life is a great way to learn programming, streaming, networking, and all other sorts of good stuff. Yeah flying around, looking at weird stuff, seems to be all theres is, on the outside....but did you think about what went into making all that weird stuff? So I say let them (MS) Try and take it some where new.

Avatar image for green_dominator

....And this is a good thing how? I mean life is that great that you have to buy a game to interact with virtual people....Oh wait those are people playing too. Seriously you are playing a game about life on the web with other people am I getting this right?? LOL....And people tell me I have no life, they are right but that's beside the least I am willing to admit it. I HaVe NO Life! LMAO

Avatar image for Evenios

course only down side ..if Microsoft buys Second Life would they can all the "adult" content? lol thats the best part! I doubt it, theyd lose half of the people. theyd just make it better maybe? Well it needs a change Linden Labs only got it as popular as it is now by sheer luck.. that and theres nothing else out there like it. The problem is it still has a lot of major issues and linden labs rather sit on their butts then do anything to make it like it could be....if microsoft bought it out maybe theyd actually bring some real improvements! i almost would welcome that even if the "adult" stuff was long as there were REAL improvements!

Avatar image for Evenios

please please please buy them out Linden labs are one of the worst companys around please please buy them out and fire all the idiots on the staff.

Avatar image for darkchrisify

A lot of people are going to like this, bad thing is they're mostly weirdos.

Avatar image for I_am_theOpus

"I used to play Second Life. Back then my life was so good I literally wanted a second one. My virtual world was exactly the same as the real one. Except I can fly."

Avatar image for S2333

I never saw the point in this apart from some weird form of virtual fetish.

Avatar image for Gamingclone

I think it would be better working with Linden Labs, not buying them, that is a big gamble. I guess we will need to wait for more news on this before we can come to conclusons

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