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Microsoft Says Xbox One Cloud Tech Available to Any Game, Including PS4 Exclusives

Will Titanfall 2 use Azure?


Microsoft will not keep outside developers from using its Azure cloud-based technology, not even developers of exclusive games for other platforms, Xbox gaming boss Phil Spencer says.

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Writing on Twitter (via DualShockers), a fan asked Spencer about Titanfall 2 and how they would "hate to see the franchise lose out on Azure Cloud computing and servers."

Spencer replied: "Azure services are available to any game, even other platform's exclusives. We wouldn't keep someone from using."

But Spencer didn't divulge any further details about what arrangement might be in place for Titanfall 2 as it relates to its use of Azure. "I know people want me to comment on specific 3rd party games, I just can't. Sorry," he explained.

The original Titanfall's use of cloud servers was a highly touted feature when the game launched on Xbox systems and PC in 2014. Microsoft and developer Respawn said using the technology unlocked a number of benefits for the in-game AI, which in turned freed up processing power for "more detailed graphics."

Whether or not the sequel, which is all but confirmed to be a multiplatform game, also uses the cloud tech--and what advancements might be in place as a result--remains to be seen.

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