Microsoft's Major Nelson doing something at E3 that's never been done before [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Major Nelson now says, "I was referring to something I will be doing...a little side project"

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[UPDATE] Major Nelson has clarified his comments in a post on Reddit.

"OK. Let's step back a bit. In the podcast, I said I was doing something never done before. When I said 'we' it was in the context of the podcast...not the overall Xbox business. Sure there are some announcements for E3 but I don't know everything that we (Xbox business) are announcing."

He also says on Twitter that, "I was referring to something I will be doing...a little side project."

We have updated the headline of this story to reflect Hryb's comments. The original story is below.

Microsoft will do something at E3 2014 that has never been done in the history of the show, according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, who is director of programming for Xbox.

"It's going to be the first time this has ever been done at E3. Ever," Hryb said during the latest episode of his weekly podcast.

Unfortunately, there's no other details to go on right now. It's unclear if whatever Hryb is referring to here will happen at Microsoft's press conference on June 9 or sometime later during the show, which runs through June 12. Hryb says details on this, as well as the previously announced Xbox E3 community events, will come in the days and weeks ahead.

Microsoft must be aiming high because some impressively wild things have happened at E3 before. In 2006, Activision installed a massive half-pipe on the show floor for Tony Hawk to do tricks on, and in 2010, the publisher threw a megaconcert at the Staples Center with acts like Deadmau5, Eminem, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction, and Usher.

What Microsoft has in store for E3 2014 remains a mystery, but our interest is certainly piqued.

What we do know about Microsoft's presence at E3 2014 next month is that, in Microsoft's words, it will be all about the games. That's why, according to Microsoft, they decided to announce the $399 Xbox One and various Xbox Live Gold benefits for Xbox One and Xbox 360 last week and not during their press conference.

For more about E3 2014, be sure to check out GameSpot's roundup of everything you need to know about this year's show.

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