Microsoft's HoloLens Reaches Deal With One of the Biggest Game Engines

Microsoft reveals partnership with HearthStone game engine Unity for a free HoloLens toolset.


During Microsoft's Build conference today in San Francisco, the company officially announced a partnership with Unity Technologies--maker of the Unity game engine--related to the exciting-looking HoloLens technology. The Unity game engine is one of the biggest in the business, powering popular games like HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft and Cities: Skylines, among many others.

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As part of the deal, which Unity called an expansion of the two companies' "strategic collaboration," Microsoft and Unity are working together to offer an "optimal authoring solution" for HoloLens. This includes customized tools (anchoring holographic objects to specific places in the real world was one example) and other optimizations that Unity developers can use to create all manner of games and apps.

These new Unity tools for HoloLens will be available as part of the Unity Pro and Unity Personal packages for free, the company said.

"Expanding our relationship with Unity Technologies was a natural next step in bringing content to Microsoft HoloLens," Microsoft Xbox boss Yusuf Mehdi said in a statement. “We are very excited to unveil this partnership and look forward to the possibilities it will open for developers creating experiences for Microsoft HoloLens."

HoloLens was announced in January during a marquee Microsoft event. Outside of a Minecraft tech demo, though, Microsoft hasn't announced any games for HoloLens. However, this is an area the company is definitely looking at. No third-party games for HoloLens have been announced yet either.

For a closer look at HoloLens, check out GameSpot's image gallery.

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Meh, gimmicks.

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@davem1992: GS would be a much better place if the word "gimmick" was blocked/filtered

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@Spartan_418@davem1992: Why not block all the words? I hate typing anyway......

Swears or something is one thing but if it can be used in normal conversation stop blocking words, "Yeah GameStop had this cool marketing gimmick the other day where they had Christmas lights in the shape of Mario for the holidays" *Sorry your rude and obtrusive use of "gimmick" has caused your comment to be blocked*

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@Spartan_418@davem1992: slap "generic" in there as well.

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There's definitely hotter flash words than those

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You do realize many things once considered gimmicks end up becoming standard equipment, like the computer mouse and touch screens to name a few.

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@dlCHIEF58@davem1992: I don't remember either of those being considered gimmicks.

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Probably because you aren't old enough to remember when they were introduced. I am.

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@dlCHIEF58@davem1992: Now you're just grasping.

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Nope, I just remember when these came out while you were just a gleam in your daddy's eye.

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@davem1992: don't you want to play some à la magic card game(heart stone) in virtual reality?

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Nothing can beat the Virtual Boy

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ehhhh i think all these VR AR holograms things are going to be a fail

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Wow you don't think much then do u?

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@gregglle: not too much lol but whats wrong with giving my opinion on this?

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I don't care just find a way to bring an Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Zelda and stuff to VR already...

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@ChunkyDrawers: that would be awesome but it will most likely be games like Wii sports llol

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hololens? more like Microsoft's hoplocaust

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@lukeskyrunner: grow up

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@lukeskyrunner: Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

You don't own an XB1 or even like anything Microsoft does, but yet you're always here stinking up the place, when will people like you learn to love what you have and not hate what you don't.

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@lukeskyrunner: that made zero sense....

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@iammcgruber@lukeskyrunner: lol and 3 other brainiacs liked it... LOL

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I know the hearthstone name drop was not of any consequence but HoloLens games like that could actually be really cool.

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Hololens itself is a great idea. I like it much better than VR. Hopefully MS turns this into the next big thing for PC gaming because it has potential.

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@bunchanumbers: VR might be cool, but I get motion sick easily.

AR games will probably be a different beast entirely, but I'm interested to see what they do. I would like to try catching virtual Pokemon in the real world, or having a shootout against virtual targets all over the house.

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Do you get motion sick looking around in real life? Welcome to vr

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@gregglle: I know it's different for most other people, but when my eyes tell me I'm moving, but my body says that's not, the conflict makes me nauseous if I ignore it for too long. I also have the opposite problem, if I'm in a moving vehicle and don't look out the window or close my eyes to take a nap.

My body is just really sensitive to it. It's really annoying, but not a whole lot I can do about it unless I want to take drugs for motion sickness.

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@bunchanumbers: thank you for the avatar change

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@bunchanumbers: I'm loving HoloLens purely for the ability to slap an any sized TV on any wall you want, fighting for control of the TV will be a non issue

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@pspearman@bunchanumbers: fighintg for control of TV? What does that even mean?

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@lukeskyrunner@pspearman@bunchanumbers: He probably means when you want to play games, but your significant other wants to watch stupid reality shows instead.

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He probably wouldn't know anything about a significant other either...

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@lukeskyrunner@pspearman@bunchanumbers: Put glasses on. See what you want in your reality... ie a TV on the wall of any size.

Or 5 of them.

Anyone who denounces this tech is a COMPLETE moron.

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@lukeskyrunner@pspearman@bunchanumbers: You know... those transformer TVs that go berserk from time to time. You have to learn to tame them, that's what he means... I think...

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@fiol77: You still haven't found that playstation article huh? Don't worry lil fella, you'll find your home eventually!

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My god Eddie. "Hearthstone game engine Unity"? Is that some kind of joke?

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@Thanatos2k: Don't matter. Click-bait success. Click-bait4life.

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@Thanatos2k: Yea I don't know why he used Hearthstone couldn't he just say Unity engine.