Microsoft rolls out XBLA DRM fix

Xbox 360 owners granted ability to transfer Live Arcade game licenses from old system to new.


One of the major complaints leveled at Microsoft over its Xbox Live online platform is the strict digital rights management attached to Live Arcade games. Thanks to the DRM, purchases are tied to a specific console, as opposed to a user's Xbox Live account, which meant that if a person for whatever reason acquires a new system, they would only be able to play their previously downloaded games if they logged into Xbox Live with the gamertag that originally purchased them.

Today, Microsoft has released a workaround that lets Xbox 360 owners transfer licenses from one console to another. As detailed in a helpful video demonstration by Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, afflicted console owners must log into on their computer and then sign in to Xbox Live with their Xbox 360. After confirming the transfer on Microsoft's Web site, the licenses for each game must then be downloaded through Xbox Live.

As noted in the video walk-through and license-transfer FAQ, movie rental licenses can not be transferred, and the process can only be performed once every 12 months. Microsoft also reiterated that this process is only necessary for those who purchase a new console, and is not necessary for repaired or refurbished systems.

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