Microsoft reveals new MechAssault downloadable content

New mechs, new maps, and a new mode will be included in the latest free add-ons for Xbox Live players.


Microsoft has given us a glimpse of what will be included in the next batch of downloadable add-ons for its popular online shooter MechAssault. The new loadout includes some new maps, some new mechs, and, most importantly, a new team-based mode, capture the flag.

MechAssault's CTF mode will function similarly to the CTF modes seen in other games. Both teams will have a base with a flag in it, and their goal will be to get into the enemy base, extract the flag, and carry it back to their own base to score. Your own flag need not be present to capture the enemy's flag. Mechs such as the small, fast Raven, with its ability to turn invisible for short periods of time, will likely be invaluable members of a CTF offensive force, though this is balanced by the fact that players will be able to see the flag moving away from the base, regardless of a mech's stealth capabilities. The downloadable content will include two maps designed specifically for use in CTF mode.

The next downloadable add-on for MechAssault is currently expected to be available during the first week of May. We'll have more details as they become available.

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