Microsoft renews Killer Instinct trademark

Redmond software giant files trademark application with United States Patent & Trademark Office for "online video games."


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Microsoft has renewed its trademark for Killer Instinct. The Microsoft-run PlayXBLA news portal revealed the information, which is backed up by the official September 12 listing with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

Is an HD rerelease in the works?
Is an HD rerelease in the works?

The trademark was filed under the goods and services description of video game software, with a specificity of "online video games."

It is not clear what this action means for the future of the Killer Instinct fighting game franchise. A Microsoft spokesperson told GameSpot, "Microsoft often acquires various trademarks as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment.”

The 1994 original Killer Instinct was developed by Rare and published by Midway for arcades. It was later released for the Super Nintendo and Game Boy, published by Nintendo. A sequel titled Killer Instinct 2 launched in 1996 and arrived on the Nintendo 64 as Killer Instinct Gold.

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Avatar image for alterzero

Getting ready to kick some major ass with Jago, don't disappoint me Rare or I won't get the XBOX One, I've seen a picture with Banjo also and if they screw Banjo-Kazooie again I'll get even further away!... -_-

Avatar image for UbdU

I would consider an Xbox1 for this.

Avatar image for LeoKRock

couldn´t care less about an HD remake, but an all new Killer Instinct for the Xbox One that would be exciting news!

Avatar image for drgribb

I was hoping some magic would happen and we'd be able to get a KI3 for wiiU, but this is still great news- I'll take anything I can get. I want more KI soooo badly... greatest fighting series ever.

Avatar image for Shytink8965

Finally.. It took long enough

Avatar image for itchyflop

@danusty @davsonamission yeah you've never played the arcade version?? the sprites were a lot bigger, huge. I had the mega-drive/genesis version along with an Amiga version which was slightly bigger and better. It was a fantastic game and really addictive, some funny crowd comments too!! good memories, after burner 1 and 2 were some of my fav's back then too.

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Avatar image for blackace

It's about time Microsoft. Hurry up and get KI3 done. I'm sure there is a Perfect Dark Zero sequel on the way as well. I wonder if this will make the XBox 360 or the XBox 720. Hhhmm..

Avatar image for FET4LJUICE

Dude, when I first saw this, I literally got up from my chair and started doing Sabrewulf's humilation dance! I'd be happy if they were to re-release KI 1 or 2 in HD, but would be even better if KI 3 was finally announced!!

Avatar image for Mizarzeug

Dammit god fkn dammit I thought for having been so long that mecosoft wouldnt dare anymore let their unworthy hands make use of the greatest fighting game franchise back in the years of th3 Nintendo Reign. being honest ido t feel optimistic of this franchise will reposition thinking many gamers of that era no longer. exist and many other do not devolve in the box although ir os of the very very frw if not the only respectful move that microsh have done to try bring gamers outside of their claws dont. care anymore of the future of the franchise good old memories left i wont be able to play it well of cpurse thwres always the emulators almost in a thought could be played in the pc

Avatar image for 330566

HD remake please. I still have my CD soundtrack from when I bought this on Snes.. Ahh the memories.

Avatar image for rarson

Killer Instinct was an awesome game, even on SNES. KI2 and KI Gold weren't as good, but they weren't bad either. The arcade versions were pretty notable by their zooming, scrolling backgrounds which kind of emulated 3D, pretty clever stuff (you can run these via MAME, by the way).

I think a new KI would be awesome, and I thought I read something about Rare wanting to do an online version, but I doubt this is, right now, anything other than Microsoft protecting its IP for a possible, but not very probable game in the future.

Avatar image for MooncalfReviews

Microsoft needs a new original IP, and by original I mean not a beat-em-up.

Avatar image for X-Solid

The news reporter is it Male or Female? Im confused?!

Avatar image for blackace


Uuumm.. his name is Eddie. Did you miss that little bit of information. Yes, I believe you are confused.

Avatar image for timmccrthy

@X-Solid So is he.

Avatar image for GH05T-666

YES! I love this game!! I played it in the local arcade and then i got in on Nintendo SNES and then got it on Nintendo 64. i think it was called Killer Instinct Gold.

Cant wait for this to come out!! Hope Microsoft dont stuff it up!

Avatar image for OHGFawx

CPU Glacius will resume ice lancing us all like hemorrhoids.

Avatar image for DudleyDawson101

Saaaaaaaaaaweeeeeet! =D

Avatar image for Blue-Sky

Too bad Rare is dead.

Avatar image for Aktiv16

@Blue-Sky Because M$ killed them! Imo Rare was awesome back in the day with Goldeneye, perfect dark, KI, etc. But ever since M$ acquired them they went under. KI suppose to came out a while ago but guess who killed it-yeah thats right M$.

Avatar image for sonicare

@Aktiv16 @Blue-Sky

I think rare was dead far before MS bought them. They made those great games, but they hadnt done anything like that for quite some time.

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

So, basically, I was ruffling through the news, saw this, and went like this --


Avatar image for arsefacey

"C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!" haha I'm excited for this! hope it comes out well

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

If they ever make this game..I really hope it sticks to its awesome ingenious fluid combat with awesome combos and serie of characters..I have a emu with both the old MKs and KI (also played this 15 years ago) and all I can say is damn this game always was superior to MK in every ways. I hope the new KI will be much more awesome than the new MK games cause those are short-living repetitive games with bad exploits that makes fights monotonous and boring (and no combos at all) so long live KI and I hope they do it right once again.

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

also most epic SNES theme song ever created

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

snes game**

Avatar image for Smith7010

Im all over this.. Would be sweet to get a KI3 in the works.

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

@Smith7010 yessssssssssss

Avatar image for maniaxe613

If a Killer Instinct game is released for Playstation 3 or PC, I will be sure to purchase it! I will be hearing "C-C-C-Combo breaker!" all over again!

Avatar image for super_voltron


if only tekken tag 2 had air combo breakers...damn unkown bitch

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Avatar image for RitsukoEX

@maniaxe613 Microsoft owns Rare!!

Avatar image for Bowser05

@danusty @Nickswan

I didn't realize Banjo-Kazooie was ruined...

Avatar image for Bowser05

@Nickswan @danusty

LOL I meant disagree with YOU.

Avatar image for Bowser05

@Nickswan @danusty

I respecfully disagree with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and it would seem a good number of critics did too. Giant Bomb gave it a 100, 1UP a 91, Gamespot an 85, Game Informer an 85, and IGN an 83. Last I checked, that definitely constitutes a good game. Therefore Nuts & Bolts was not destroyed at all. Maybe you were disappointed that it wasn't a traditional adventure/platform game like it's predecessors, but the game certainly was not terrible, nor was it destroyed.

Avatar image for Nickswan

@Bowser05 @danusty

Unfortunately they destroyed Nuts & Bolts. The first two games were incredible.

Avatar image for MUKUSS

How about the release of the arcade versions of KI 1&2 either on disc or xbla......I been yelling this for YEARS....

Avatar image for MUKUSS

After ALLLLLL these years microsoft ...MAKE...THIS...SO

Avatar image for janicekkuan

HD Killer Instinct !!! wow, hopefully this is gonna happen. Bring back those arcade quarters moments please!!!

Avatar image for Chaos_Dante_456

I imagine this mainly only means another arcade release for xbl....maybe a "HD" release

Avatar image for Xelm91

Now I have a reason to buy Xbox 360.

Avatar image for UsernameofDoom

@Xelm91 Then selling it as fast as possible after finishing this game !

Avatar image for hunter8man

I'm not ashamed to admit that I still own and listen to the original Killer Kuts CD that was packaged with the SNES game. Fighting game fans need another Killer Instinct. Long overdue.

Avatar image for ADO300

@hunter8man same here man just listend to it last week =)

Avatar image for Bowser05

@ADO300 @hunter8man

I thought I was the only one who owned that! XD

Avatar image for westsiderz28



great memories

Avatar image for drgribb

@westsiderz28 SUPREME VICTORY

Avatar image for TheArcade


Avatar image for xolivierx

@westsiderz28 you are stealing my lines