Microsoft quashes Gearbox-Halo rumors

343 Industries rep definitively says the Borderlands developer is not working on a new entry in the popular sci-fi shooter series.


Halo 3
Halo 3: ODST
Halo: Reach

For months, rumors have surrounded Gearbox Software and its involvement with the Halo franchise. They erupted last summer, when unconfirmed reports claimed that the suburban Dallas-based developer--currently polishing Borderlands--was developing Halo 4 for the Xbox 360's successor.


Gearbox is no stranger to the sci-fi series, having ported the original Halo: Combat Evolved to the PC in 2003. However, the studio's CEO and president Randy Pitchford has dodged questions about whether the "big" project he teased in February 2008 might be the studio's second Halo project. Just this week in an interview with Eurogamer, Pitchford refused to answer repeated yes-or-no questions about the Halo 4 rumor, appearing to even cut the interview short.

Typically, Microsoft would adopt similar evasive maneuvers. However, in a rare turn of events, the company has shot down the rumor outright. This afternoon, 343 Industries, the new internal Microsoft Halo label unveiled at Comic-Con last week, used its Halo Waypoint Twitter feed to declare, "For the record, Gearbox is NOT working on a Halo title for Microsoft."

When queried, Microsoft was all too happy to confirm the post. "Halo Waypoint is an official 343 Industries Twitter account," said a rep. "For the record, we can confirm that Gearbox is not working on a Halo project. We are focusing our efforts on Halo 3: ODST, Halo Legends, and Halo: Reach, as well as our new Xbox Live destination called Halo Waypoint."

For more about Gearbox's next 100-percent confirmed project, check out GameSpot's own interview with Randy Pitchford below:

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Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo Legends and Halo Waypoint ...what next i wonder?

Avatar image for taylormadederek

Good. They are not that great of a developer. Also if it wasn't being made by a Microsoft company it would make it much more difficult to keep things secret.

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Okay I'm all fine with Halo, I used to love the game. Still do, but not as much :). Gosh, even my Xbox's faceplace is the grunt one. But don't force Halo on to my dashboard......that's pushing it.

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@Gothic-360 I like the fact that they are making many Halo games. The Halo franchise has been really fleshed out and there are many stories to tell now. I love the idea as long as the games are good. That's the problem with Mario. The only thing good about Mario nowadays is the platformers. The rest is crap. But, if the Halo franchise stays good, I really wouldn't mind many games. I'd love it.

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waypoint is a sorta halo store or menu that there adding to the dashboard, dont worry.

Avatar image for Gothic-360

wtf is Halo waypoint?? Im getting worried about too many Halo games... Hope halo reach will be the last of them. I love Halo, but this is way too much. Halo will ever be halo, but I dont want it to seem like mario with thousands of game out there

  • 56 results
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