Microsoft pulls plug on 1 vs. 100

Third season of trivia game show nixed; beta season attracted over 114,000 players, developers working on new projects to be unveiled in the future.


1 vs. 100 (2009)

Those looking to win prizes on Xbox Live will have to venture elsewhere, as Microsoft today announced that a third season of the Avatar-based interactive game show, 1 vs. 100, is not going to happen. Despite the company touting the experience as a "groundbreaking pilot," the game's developers have moved on to "new projects" that will be unveiled in the future.

Someone should break the news to this guy.
Someone should break the news to this guy.

In the first season, the lead contestant for the live shows ("the One") could win up to 10,000 Microsoft points ($125) by outlasting all 100 opponents ("the Mob") after a series of trivia questions. Members of the Mob were able to win Xbox Live Arcade games of Microsoft's choosing, as well as up to 800 Microsoft points ($10). Those watching the show unfold and playing along as part of "The Crowd" were also eligible to earn a free Live Arcade game if they finished in the top three scores. All participants were entered into a sweepstakes drawing for a Zune or an HDTV home theater system.

The virtual show was announced at E3 2008, and according to Microsoft's numbers, the event's beta season grabbed over 114,000 players. The second season featured tweaks to the Extended Play mode--half-hour sessions with no host and no high stakes to play for. Microsoft also added new themed questions for Extended Play every weeknight, including 1980's trivia, a finish-the-song-lyric challenge, and more.

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