Microsoft: PS4 and Xbox One selling well is "great news" for the industry

Xbox chief of staff says sales performance for new consoles is a positive overall for the business.


Strong early sales for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is "great news" for the gaming industry overall, according to Aaron Greenberg, the chief of staff for Microsoft's Xbox division.

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"I believe we both sold everything we made. Great news for the industry," Greenberg said on Twitter last night after November NPD Group data was released. "Awesome to see consumers supporting big time. Took five months for 360 and PS3 to both sell 2 million," he added.

Data from the NPD Group released yesterday showed that the Xbox One sold 909,132 units in the United States during its first nine days of availability.

Overall, the PlayStation 4 outsold the the Xbox One in November (it was released a week earlier), but the Xbox One was the fastest-selling console during the month.

Greenberg is not the only industry executive to say that strong early Xbox One and PS4 sales sets the table for success down the road. His comments follow a similarly rosy assessment from Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two Interactive president Karl Slatoff.

"There are a lot of doubters about whether or not the console market in general is dead," Slatoff said this week during a BMO Capital Markets conference. "And I think the successful launches for the PS4 and the Xbox One have proven that obviously console gaming is alive and well."

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