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Microsoft prices Kinect at $150

Software giant confirms retailers' price point as it starts taking preorders through its own online storefront.


Kinect is being offered at $149.99 by Microsoft, which has started taking direct preorders for the Xbox 360's new motion-sensing accessory. This confirms listings noticed last week at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart that Microsoft had previously suggested were speculative.

Speaking to the Xbox will soon no longer be limited to expletives at RRODs.
Speaking to the Xbox will soon no longer be limited to expletives at RRODs.

As recently as yesterday, Microsoft representatives were insisting that all prices on retailer Web sites were "placeholders". Microsoft's retail listing for Kinect does note that preorders are covered by the site's "Pre-Order Price Guarantee" so if the price is changed before launch, those preordering would pay the lowest price at which it was available during the preorder period.

Kinect--pronounced "connect"-- allows gamers to interact with the Xbox without using a controller. Instead, the stereo cameras and microphones allow the use of voice- and gesture-based commands. This works both in-game and for the Xbox menu system, as well as for music and video playback, Microsoft claims.

The motion-sensing peripheral, formally named and dated at E3 last week was first shown off at E3 2009 under the codename Natal. So far, 15 titles have been confirmed for launch, among them first-party minigame collections, third-party fitness titles, and a new Sonic The Hedgehog game. Further support after launch is promised by Lucasarts, Q? Entertainment, THQ, and more.

Contacted by GameSpot UK, Microsoft did not comment on EU pricing, simply saying that "Kinect will launch in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in November 2010."

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