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Microsoft Premieres Dark Souls 3 on E3 2015 Stage

[Update] Third title from Bandai Namco coming in early 2016.


Update: Bandai Namco has confirmed Dark Souls III is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC--hence the reason Microsoft didn't tout it as an exclusive during its briefing. A European press release also suggests this will be the final game in the Dark Souls series. When contacted for comment, the company told GameSpot, "Dark Souls III brings certain story elements to a conclusion. With that said, we'll reveal more news about the future of the franchise in the coming months."

Original Story: Microsoft premiered Dark Souls III on its E3 2015 press conference stage by showing a short teaser of the game, which will arrive in early 2016.

The trailer showed an expectedly dark, gothic world; a crown; and a terrifyingly large enemy towering above everything else.

It feels like a similar setup for Souls fan: a new kingdom that has crumbled, a mysterious monarch, and lots of monsters.

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Rumours of a Dark Souls 3 E3 reveal surfaced in early June, with reports that Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki was heading up the project.

Miyazaki served in a supervisory capacity on Dark Souls 2, with Yui Tanimura and Tomohiro Shibuya co-directing the game.

At the time, reports of Miyazaki's involvement seemed to clash with Sony Worldwide Studios' Shuhei Yoshida confirmation that a Bloodborne DLC expansion pack is in development.

Prior to the official announcement of a new Dark Souls, it was unclear whether Miyazaki would be involved with the Bloodborne expansion. Or if, as the rumour suggested, he had moved on to a new project.

As of yet, Miyazaki's involvement has not yet been clarified. The Dark Souls 3 trailer shown at Microsoft's E3 press conference did not mention Miyazaki, or say anything to the effect of "from the creator of the original Dark Souls."

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