Microsoft outlines Xbox game download issues

Report on official Microsoft Web site lists the mostly minor problems that the titles may have when downloaded on the 360.


Yesterday, Microsoft announced that a selection box of original Xbox games would be available to download through Xbox Live as part of a birthday celebration for the service. Nobody likes a party pooper, but today, a note on the official Xbox Web site lists some "known issues" with the titles currently scheduled for launch.

Firstly, the publisher logos that show up at the start of all games may appear "choppy" on first playing, and any additional content within games, including trailers or demos, will not be supported.

Specific issues have also been found in the following titles: In Fable, there are "random bursts of audio static and some minor texture issues." In Halo, there are some "very mild" frame rate drops, and HDMI 720p is not supported for PAL users of Psychonauts. Fusion Frenzy also has some minor frame rate issues, whereas Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge "very rarely" has minor flickering at the top of the screen, and the "press A to continue" message is missing when a host player leaves a multiplayer game.

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