Microsoft on Xbox One vertical orientation: "Do it at your own risk"

Microsoft told GameSpot today that the Xbox One won't support vertical orientation due to the inclusion of a slot loading drive.


The Xbox One won't support vertical orientation, and could damage the console, according to Albert Panello, senior director of product management and planning at Xbox.

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Panello revealed to GameSpot at the Tokyo Game Show, "We don't support vertical orientation; do it at your own risk." He clarified that "it wouldn't be a cooling problem, we just didn't design the drive for vertical. Because it's a slot loading drive, we just didn't design it for both".

The Xbox One isn't the only system to feature a slot loading drive; both the PlayStation 3--original and slim models--and PlayStation 4 have a similar design, and users are free to orient those consoles horizontally or vertically without risking damage to the console.

Panello stated that Microsoft discovered that "we found, interestingly enough, that 80 percent of people, believe it or not, have their Xbox [360] horizontally".

The Xbox One is scheduled for launch in North America, most European markets, Australia, and New Zealand on November 22 this year, with follow-up releases in Japan and the remaining European markets in 2014.

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Avatar image for midway_nights

so after 78 million xbox360's sold they didnt bother to care about those 20% who placed their consoles vertically.

Avatar image for mideonnviscera

@midway_nights Well if how their console sits is a make or break thing for them, well, sometimes you just gotta ignore crazy people.

Avatar image for moesuir

But will it come with a free taco like the PS4?

I preordered two PS4's. Two free tacos for me!!

Avatar image for Sp0ilzbury

But will it Blend?

Avatar image for remiks00

@Sp0ilzbury lmao, this made my night

Avatar image for hordaak

lol. man, sony trolls turn anything into a negative? "what you were cured of cancer?? will come back.."

"you won the lottery? oh...they'll tax half of it...its not worth it.." "i'm going to heaven? naw...i'm cool with hell.."

man, get over it!!! and get a life!!!!

Avatar image for RobDev

doesn't the Wii and the ps3 have slot loading drives? do their engineers not have the ability to design a device to do what other devices have been doing for years? actually the in box stand means the wii U was SUPPOSED to be used on it's side.

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

Microsoft went cheap (again). Sony has had vertical orientation since the PS2 launched 13 years ago. I like the feature. Also, Ive knocked over both the PS2 and pS3 with discs running, and absolutely nothing happened damage-wise to the system or discs. The 360, however, used a cheap ass disc drive with nothing to protect the discs from damage if such an accident occurred. They didnt even fix it n the refreshed Xbox s. That's shit engineering. Laziness.

Avatar image for liamb2013

@ChiefFreeman oh they went cheap did they ? the build quality of the xb360 and controller was a lot better than the tacky ps3 and reports are saying the XB1 controller and console feel more solid again this time roud. Not to mention the fact for only $100 more you are gettting Kinect 2.0 which is supposed to be worth the price of the console again

Avatar image for johnritter4141

always wondered why people vertically orientate consoles...its just so much easier to tip over and crash to the floor....unless its a space issue

Avatar image for blaze_boy30

So keep it horizontal. Got it.

Avatar image for HipHopBeats

Will it fit in my toilet?

Avatar image for XNEXUS666X

Next they'll be telling us we can't suspend it from the ceiling with string... I really love balancing my expensive hardware on precarious angles....

Avatar image for HYRULEHISTORIA


Avatar image for Ayebang

I hear a lot said it is dump to complain how the complicate electronic machine stands.

Avatar image for CincoToes

@Ayebang You should've just wrote that in your own language. We'd use google translate if we wanted to know what you said, and when it came out screwy, we would've blamed their incompetence.

Avatar image for bakagami

@CincoToes @Ayebang I understand what he is saying, what's your problem?

Avatar image for BieberBeliever

So if someone was stubborn enough to stand it vertical after hearing this, and the Xbone internals were damaged from overheating, how would MS prove that it was the customers fault? Pretty lame oversight MS.

Avatar image for kennythomas26

This does not effect me one bit.

Avatar image for bakagami

@kennythomas26 other than the fact that they are lying to you, right?

Avatar image for kennythomas26

@bakagami @kennythomas26 Standing the XBOX ONE vertically does not appeal to me what so ever it is not a selling point.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@bakagami How about proving that it's a lie then? :)

Avatar image for bakagami

@kennythomas26 @bakagami So you are okay with being lied to about it. Gotcha. I don't care about the orientation either but I don't like the way they try to insult my intelligence by saying that it is a problem with slot loading drives.

Avatar image for MrAVKV

The stupidity people in this day and age continues to amuse me. How the hell can the position of a console be a deal breaker. Ask yourself if what you are saying is sane. Next thing we know, peoples gonna go and say things like "Oh no the cables aren't blue so it's a bad console". Seriously, grow up kids.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@MrAVKV You might be surprised, but some people actually don't have the space. Big shock!

Avatar image for RobDev

@MrAVKV not really. People place it o their desk in limited space. It's not like it;s something new and innovative. Other consoles have been doing it for years!

Avatar image for wolf503

That's a bit of a deal breaker, I like to sit my consoles on the desks when I move them into my room once in a while and I don't have the space to sit it horizontal. Hopefully they address this at somepoint as I can imagine other people would have space issues as well and probably worse than my case.

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

That's disappointing. Microsoft must have used cheap parts (again). Playstations been able to do it since the PS2. The Xbox One is a gigantic console, and having it stand upright would save a good bit of space.

Avatar image for MiltoxBeyond

I don't use my systems horizontally after my cousin bumped slightly my PS3 while playing a game, and the game crashed and when I took it out was scarred. It was all scratched up and wouldn't load anymore. Learned my lesson that day. Yeah I don't recommend people do it unless they're absolutely certain that kids won't be nearby and/or that no earthquakes/tremors/fat people will happen in your vicinity.

Avatar image for EddieDominguez

WTF do they mean that you can't stand it up vertically. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Definitely a deal breaker for me, canceling all XB1 related pre-orders immediately -__-. Great info as always Gamespot. Can always count on you to deliver what matters!

Avatar image for streetz_86

I really hope you're being sarcastic.

Avatar image for galiver666

this is xbox one or tank too much huge.ThePlayStation 3 fat is larger.oO

Avatar image for PsychoChick966

I can't imagine why I'd want to put my Xbox in a vertical position in the first place.

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

@PsychoChick966 I Can't Imagine Why Anyone Would Buy An XBox One In The First Place In order for it to happen. :)

Avatar image for SwungCookie

Lol why are ppl bashing on Microsoft? All they're saying is don't put it vertical. That's it. They are trying to help you out.

Avatar image for Glasscut32

@SwungCookie Lmao really.. And this is a reliable product... BullShit Dude.. This is the exact same reason.. I stopped using anything microsoft.. Horrible R&D and product design bottomline.. The Xbox One is not even out yet and its already a POS..

Avatar image for rgish

Not surprised, VCRs always have problems with vertical orientation.

Avatar image for engenderreality

@MrMojoRisin70 You're still making your mom jokes? ( I've seen you make many on other articles). It's okay man, one day you'll grow up.

Avatar image for MrMojoRisin70

@engenderreality @MrMojoRisin70

Who said I was joking? This bitch is wild, dude!

Avatar image for doubleBU

"we found, interestingly enough, that 80 percent of people, believe it or not, have their Xbox [360] horizontally".

how do they know? ah, right, kinect...

on a side note: nowadays poor microsoft can comment on whatever they want and get bashed as soon as they open their mouths. lol

M$: "dear loyal customers, all our products are now free of any charge!"

we: "oh, so now you look down on our hard earned money and don't want it anymore, eh? you basterds!"

Avatar image for bakagami

@doubleBU Yeah, and I'm sure that if Sony has screwed up so completely introducing the PS4 that you and everybody else would have forgiven them already.....uh-huh

This is normal, people are going to criticize it till release and it proves itself (one way or the other)

Avatar image for blackace

@MrMojoRisin70 You're one of the very few among millions who aren't using a Mac. lol!!

Avatar image for delete-easycomeeasygo

I have never used a console upright, and to this day that positioning still looks 'wrong' to me.

If they knew some of the consumers will want to place it on the side, why didn't they design it so it can be used both ways?

Lazy bastards

Avatar image for bakagami

@EasyComeEasyGo I don't like vertical orientation either, but why is it a risk? Because of the slot loader? PS3 has always had a slot loading drive and it was never a problem.

I'm not being critical here, I'm just wondering what the difference is

Avatar image for RobDev

@bakagami @EasyComeEasyGo so did the Wii, that was DESIGNED to be put on it's side.

Avatar image for bakagami

@RobDev @bakagami @EasyComeEasyGo yeah, sorry. I never owned a Wii

Avatar image for CincoToes

@EasyComeEasyGo "If they knew [20%] of the consumers will want to place it on the side, why didn't they design it so it can be used both ways?"

Because **** 'em, that's why.

Avatar image for KumaTenshi29

How in the **** do you find out that 80 percent of Xbox owners have their system horizontally? What, they go out to every single persons house and take a look at it or something? Christ, MS people just love to pull ridiculous crap from their asses.

Avatar image for Uesugi-dono

@KumaTenshi29 Kinect.

Avatar image for KumaTenshi29

@Uesugi-dono @KumaTenshi29 Every single person would have to own Kinect, and that certainly didn't happen. Not even close.