Microsoft on Xbox One messaging -- "Shame on us"

Chief product officer Marc Whitten admits company has not done enough to communicate benefits of Xbox One, says family sharing plan could return.


Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten has addressed messaging issues for the Xbox One, saying "shame on us" for coming up short in communicating to consumers the benefits of the next-generation console.

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"I think it's pretty simple. We've got to just talk more, get people understanding what our system is," Whitten told IGN in a new interview. "The thing that's really gratifying is that people are excited about the types of features that are possible, and it's sort of shame on us that we haven't done as good of a job as we can to make people feel like that's where we're headed."

Whitten also spoke about the petition calling Microsoft to reinstate its controversial Xbox One policies. He said Microsoft's decision to reverse its policies was done to give consumers more options and explained that the company still has work to do to get this point across to consumers.

"What it tells me is we need to do more work to talk about what we're doing because I think that we did something different than maybe how people are perceiving it," Whitten said. "When I read some of the things like that petition, from my perspective we took a lot of the feedback and, while Xbox One is built to be digital native, to have this amazing online experience, we realized people wanted some choice. They wanted what I like to call a bridge, sort of how they think about the world today using more digital stuff."

"Frankly, I think we need to just do more to let people see how the console works, what they're going to be able to do for it."

"What we did, we added to what the console can do by providing physical and offline modes in the console. It isn't about moving away from what that digital vision is for the platform," he added. "It's about adding that choice. Frankly, I think we need to just do more to let people see how the console works, what they're going to be able to do for it. I think a lot of the things they're wishing for are frankly there."

Also in the interview, Whitten specifically addressed the Xbox One's family sharing plan, which was killed off when Microsoft announced its change of policies. He explained that this feature--which would allow gamers to share their digital libraries with up to 10 others--could make a return if consumers make enough noise.

"If it's something that people are really excited about and want, we're going to make sure that we find the right way to bring it back," Whitten said. Check out the full IGN interview for more.

The Xbox One launches this November for $500 alongside competitor Sony's $400 PlayStation 4.

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I would like to see the family sharing make a comeback! Loved it at first sight :)

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@murderek Newsflash Before I could share ANY game with ANYONE. That Check in Bullshit was just so they could make sure you CAN'T do to your own property what you wish. THis user Aggreement and DCMA shit is all just that ... SHIT.

ANd I love how you didn't mention the KInect 2 that for reasons that were NEVER given needed to be ALWAYS on even if you weren't playing a kinect game or didn't even want the Kinect 2

The is absoultly no reason that Cloud Storage couldn't be a part of the New System Without all the other bullshit. I Should be able to save a game file onto the cloud while NOT using a kinect and not having Microsoft CHeck in to make sure I'm honoring their Bullshit user agreement or using third party software.

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Hah. It would be very difficult to put accross the benefits of having an X1 to the public, because the fucking shitbox has no benefits. Unless your a typical shitty xfag that thinks Halo is the only game in existence

Avatar image for thebeachguy90

@murderek Ha you blame the gamers? I say the blame should go to MS's piss poor PR. What kind of a company acts so arrogant and foolish towards their consumers instead of addressing things properly and in a professional manner? MS are the ones that screwed up. Stop being a silly apologist.

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@murderek why dont you start a petition... o wait

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How long is this stupid story going to be on top?

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Xbox One alright ....

Xbox: One big pain in the *** !

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It is 7/19/2013 and yes I still am doing everything I can to distance myself away from Microsoft.

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You are right! Shame on you Microsoft!

How can youguys commit to change the system to the good old optional offline (requiring to connect to internet only once in a lifetime just to update it and enable the offline mode), and announce that the Forza 5 disc will ship incomplete, rendering it useless without an internet connection???

This makes no sense at all!!!

It takes away the biggest advantage that disc games have over digital: ownership! Its not yours forever anymore since you'll need a server to download the rest of the game. And servers arent forever! (to anyone that thinks that ANY company in the world will keep servers running for long years after the end of its gen I've got shocking news: Santa doesn't exist!!)

Then people say: but its one time download only. But the fact is that if your hard drive or console fails after the servers shutdown then you loose your game! Just like digital copies!

Another really bad thing is that this policy (of shipping incomplete games on disc) would allow devs to rush even more games into the market. Suddently we're all beta testers!!!!

Come on Ms! Youguys must complete your work and demand that every game disc that has an offline mode can be playable right out of the box without internet.

I'm an old xbox supporter! Been with youguys since the original xbox! Never had a PS,and never wanted to, but if you fail to implement the offline strategy fully I'll buy a PS4.

Avatar image for rossagessausage

@danielbirchal Your post is a bunch of emotional nonsense. Forza's development has nothing to do with MS and everything to do with Take10 and is only being done so they can make launch. ITS ONE GAME.

Please stop trolling and be secure in your decision to choose PS4. I am choosing X1.

Avatar image for danielbirchal

@rossagessausage @danielbirchal You didn't presented a single argument and my post is the one emotional?
Anyway In case you don't know MS isn't only the Forza's publisher, but its also the platform holder, meaning that all the rules are set by them, so a decision like tha has all to do with MS.

By the way, sorry to ruin your xmas kiddo! Now go cry with your mother!

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Gamespot likes the number of views so they keep this trollicle at top spot.

Avatar image for dummpymonkey123

Why the hell is this still at the top of the news list

Avatar image for DeViLzzz

@dummpymonkey123 Maybe if MS would stop ending up in the news and shut their trap maybe we wouldn't be talking much about them but you know what MS is worried cuz they know they have messed up huge and are trying to do damage control but the more they talk and the more that comes out about what they have done in recent years makes the situation even worse. MS needs to ****off !

Avatar image for Commissariot

I do agree with one thing Xbox said, "we need to communicate more,"

As Sarge once said, "Could you put that in a memo and entitle it S*** I already know?!"

You cant make a system so full loaded with features and then...explain how none of them work. I don't know how the system will do because only Microsoft really knows how it works so far.

Avatar image for Ninja_Danny

@Commissariot It's almost like all those Hidden features of an iphone they dont tell you about. but say its awesome and just hand it to you T_T.... uh.. so.. whats it do? lol

Avatar image for Commissariot

@Ninja_Danny @Commissariot Pretty much.

I just love how microsoft comes out and says : "We need to communicate more..." when people complain their not communicating. Talk about patronizing.

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Anyone hear that Forza needs a 1 time internet connection to function. This system is going to fail. Not everyone has internet connection and can plug the system in for that 1 time internet scan. This will flop so hard that it might even go down faster than Dream cast did.

Avatar image for rossagessausage

@Incubus420 Umm no - Dreamcast was pirated to death. Forza being a 1 time internet connection is due to time constraints and the policy change. This can't be helped unfortunately, but it is only one game. I don't think Forza will make or break the console - stop the fanboy hate.

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It is confirmed that gamespot is getpaid by MS as 15th-july article is still on the top of news wall which shows GS is bribed.

Avatar image for e424pd5

@MatrixGamer78 I remember all the MS supporters saying the same thing about Sony around the time of e3 because of all the negative and trolling news. They make money off of hits to their posts, they will publish whatever gets them the most hits, not what is relevant. Move to another site if you're sick of crap like this or just don't click on it.

Avatar image for rossagessausage

@MatrixGamer78 Or - in the real world - it's one of GS's most commented-on article and they're doing it for the page views and web hits....

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@MatrixGamer78 lets just say its in their best interest to keep this up there to help the image of the parent companies partner.

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Let me know when I can unplug the telescreen.

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im pretty sure microsoft just makes this all up on the fly.... who's running this place.

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Avatar image for Mommas_b_o_y

@smashthejews me too. even when they apologize it's backhanded. m$-we're sorry we didn't explain it to you stupid customers well enough to see the benefits of our crap policies. nope, we understand them just fine and still hate it. now lose the attitude.

Avatar image for Ninja_Danny

@Mommas_b_o_y Just because of how M$ has taken things with the policies, greediness, and dishonesty makes me not respect them as a company. If that't is how they treat us now, what's gonna happen when we are their customers/gamers?

Just from all this I am no longer a Xbox Fan, and I have switched over to Sony (who I used to dislike)

Besides it don't REQUIRE a camera to enjoy games and media on a PS4, and it even runs better than the Xbox with the APU/GPU specs from what I read and hear.

Avatar image for lilflex1

the hundred dollar price difference is whats making most people lean towards the ps4 aside from the one with the better exclusives

Avatar image for DeViLzzz

@lilflex1 You are small minded if you think it's just about $100. It wasn't for me.

Avatar image for Mommas_b_o_y

@lilflex1 x1 doesn't have better exclusives. more but not better.

Avatar image for bndori

@lilflex1 better exclusives ?

we know for sure which company is better for exclusives, people don't look at day one games because in the future Sony will have a lot more better exclusives games.

If PS4 is the same price as X1 people will also prefer PS4

Avatar image for lilflex1

@bndori @lilflex1

I started off with playstation and like how there not money hungry like Microsoft and now there trying to give away "free" games that need a gold membership to get but that's how its starting to get companies are trying add useless small stuff to advertise and charge more

Avatar image for rossagessausage

@lilflex1 @bndori Sony not money hungy? Surrrrre.

Avatar image for Ninja_Danny

@Simulator_Shock I agree with you. They haven't had any new or Original stuff lately, and I doubt gaming companies wanna buy in on them when they are making BIG marketing and sales mistakes like they are now. Game companies want to be successful in sales too so they most likely will offer their games to Sony over Microsoft.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

Playstation in general always ends up with the best exclusives every generation. In the last few years Xbox has done nothing but pump out more sequels to the same 4 franchises they have left: Halo, Gears of War, Fable, and Forza.

Avatar image for VarietyMage

Marc Whitten: "I think it's pretty simple. We've got to just talk more..."

Yeah, tell people a bunch of BS enough times, and they'll believe it. Not me. The PS3 used to have certain features, and they were removed via mandatory updates later on. Don't believe MS. Skip the XB1 and send them your own message.

Avatar image for ydnarrewop

They've kind of forgotten about their original premise that they are/were a gaming machine 1st...

Avatar image for Al_Capwn

I think this guy needs to stop writing X1/PS4 articles.

Avatar image for TrickySky

how bout they make the nurd happy and stop going for THIS SYSTEM IS FOR THE WORLD WE WANT ALL MONEYSSSS..

ps.. I play on pc so just sell everything to us. k thanks..

Avatar image for mr_squibble

Keep talking, M$. I'll still enjoy the 360 I already have but I'm done with Xbox. No Xbox One for me.

Avatar image for Redarsin

Not an apology, but a surrender, by Microsoft.

Avatar image for Mikeol1987

Xbox One is a terrible name, and I think the marketing campaign was doomed to fail even from the very uttering of the name.
Plus, all these features coming and going, not deciding what you want microsoft? its an absolute joke. I can happily say I'm rejecting Xbox and Microsoft for gaming consoles from now til the future, and going back to PS3/4.
(my last console was a 360 til I sold it)
its going to sink faster than the titanic

Avatar image for Mikeol1987

Xbox One = The New Sega Dreamcast

Avatar image for COPMAN221ISBACK

crazy talk I tell you. CRAZY TALK!!!!

Avatar image for Stephan267

No not crazy men. Companies like ms and ea are gonna kill the pure gaming industry over profit.

Avatar image for Stephan267

So much MS drama.. Things should be simple! Microsoft should stand straight up and release a Xbox one big brother edition which it should come along with NSA stickers on it. Then all the sheeps should be happy and they would look good too, knowing that they be watched.

P.S. I was ready to preorder X1 before e3 and prism shit.

Avatar image for SpicaAntares

Shame on us customers for not communicating exactly what we thought of Microsoft`s shenanigans on DRM issues and the joke that was their 'family sharing plan', their "let's share time-limited demos with families and friends" with direct links to their stores.

One word: crap! So MS, forget about Big-Brother 2.0 and, next time, put a powerful game platform on the market and not some crappy box to switch channels and look at football games on pay-tv.

As for your DRM shenanigans: stick them up yours!

Going PS4 all the way.