Microsoft on Xbox One: 1080p Isn't Some "Mythical, Perfect Resolution"

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says frame rate is "significantly more important" to gameplay than resolution.

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Getting Xbox One games to run at the same resolution as PlayStation 4 games is important to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, but it's not the only thing that matters. Speaking with CVG, Spencer said frame rate can often be more important to gameplay. He also mentioned that Microsoft works closely with development partners and is always looking to evolve development tools for better results. In fact, Spencer confirmed that Bungie's ambitious upcoming shooter Destiny will run in 1080p on Xbox One, just like the PS4 version.

"Reaching parity with our partners has been important," Spencer said. "But in the end I don't want it to be about a number, because 1080p isn't some mythical, perfect resolution. Frame rate to me is significantly more important to gameplay than resolution and the mix of those two which brings the right art style and freedom, whether it's on PlayStation or our platform."

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Spencer went on to say that every game is different, and ideal resolution will vary by title. He praised the "filmic" look of Sony's PS4 game The Order: 1886, and said he wants to give developers the best tools to make games. But he doesn't want to dictate resolution or frame rate.

"Clearly some genres like with racing sims like Forza, hitting 1080p/60fps is important," he added. "So there are certain genres where there's an expectation, but there are also other genres where I'd rather use the cycles to put more effects on screen or better lighting. I've got to put the tools in the hands of developers."

Finally, Spencer said he thinks the entire debate around 1080p and Xbox One is dying down of late. The question CVG asked him about resolution was the first he had received on the subject in "months," he said. "I always take how many times I get asked something as to how interesting it is to your readers," he said.

In June, Microsoft released a new Xbox One SDK that boosts console GPU power, and since then, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will run in 1080p (after a day-one patch). Last month, a Microsoft marketing executive acknowledged that the widely held belief that the PS4 is a more powerful console than the Xbox One is a challenge that Microsoft needs to overcome.

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