Microsoft on playing Xbox One early -- "No Taco Bell required"

Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg takes pop at Sony's PlayStation 4 promotion with fast food restaurant.


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Microsoft's worldwide Xbox One tour is underway, and as Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg pointed out on Twitter today, gamers don't need to visit Taco Bell to try the console early.

"Nice to see fans playing #XboxOne before it launches, no Taco Bell required ;-)," he said. Greenberg is Chief of Staff for the Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft.

Greenberg's tweet was in reference to Sony's recently announced partnership with fast food restaurant Taco Bell for its "Play The Future First" promotion.

Fans can buy a specially marked Taco Bell product for a chance to win a PS4 that will be shipped on November 12, three days ahead of its launch.

As part of the Xbox One tour, the Xbox team will visit over 75 cities around the world to demo the Xbox One and let fans go hands-on ahead of launch on November 22.

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