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Microsoft Not Ready To Confirm If Halo Infinite Supports Xbox Play Anywhere

Will it or won't it?


It was recently discovered that Halo Infinite may not support Microsoft's nice Xbox Play Anywhere system whereby you can play its Xbox and PC versions with a single purchase. The game's page on didn't list Xbox Play Anywhere as a supported feature, leading some to believe the sci-fi shooter wouldn't be included in the program.

Microsoft has now issued a statement on the matter, though it doesn't clear anything up and may raise more questions.

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"Halo Infinite is in development for both the Xbox and Windows 10 PC. The studio is taking the time needed to make the best Halo game possible and are we will share more information about the game once we're ready," a Microsoft spokesperson told GameSpot.

What we saw of Halo Infinite at E3 was only a tech demo for the engine, Slipspace, that powers the game. It was meant to demonstrate what Halo Infinite could do, not what the game is currently. This is all to say that Halo Infinite is no doubt still a long time off, which is a bummer considering it's been nearly three years since Halo 5: Guardians was released in October 2015.

Given that Halo Infinite is likely still very far down the road, it's understandable that Microsoft may not have all the final distribution details nailed down, including support for Xbox Play Anywhere. What's curious in Microsoft's statement is that it doesn't mention "Xbox One" as a platform for the game, but instead only "Xbox." There are already rumours that Halo Infinite might not be released until Microsoft's next console comes out, and the wording in the statement would leave open the possibility for that. At the same time, the page for Halo Infinite specifically mentions Xbox One. We've followed up with Microsoft in an attempt to confirm what platform or platforms Halo Infinite will be released on.

Halo Infinite was announced at the top of Microsoft's E3 2018 briefing in June. However, it was later discovered that the trailer for was for Halo Infinite's new engine, Slipspace, and not the game itself. Developer 343 Industries has yet to show any footage of the game itself. We do know the game will support split-screen and LAN, and that it probably won't have a probably won't have a battle royale mode. When Halo Infinite does finally release, it will be free for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

In other Halo news, a TV show based on the franchise is coming to Showtime from producer Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television company and the director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

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