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Microsoft misses 360 target by 400K

Software colossus admits its annual goal of shipping 12 million consoles was a little too optimistic.


Earlier today, Microsoft announced it would suffer a $1.05 billion blow to its second quarter by extending Xbox 360 warranties to three years. Just hours later, the software giant conceded that it had also fallen short of its annual sales target for the console.

In a conference call covered by GameSpot sibling site, Microsoft chief financial officer Chris Liddell told reporters that the company had fallen "slightly shy" of its oft-stated goal of shipping 12 million 360s during its 2007 fiscal year, which ended on June 30.

Luckily for the Redmond-based firm, it only barely missed its goal. According to Liddell, over 11.6 million 360s were shipped worldwide during the 12-month period, which includes the four and a half months when the 360 was the sole next-generation console on the US market. The PlayStation 3 went on sale in North America on November 17, with the Wii following suit two days later.

The relatively small size of the shortfall left Liddell unfazed. "We're happy with that number," he told listeners during the call.

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