Microsoft Media Center Extender for Xbox Hands-On

Conveniently connect a Media Center PC to your TV with the Microsoft's Media Center Extender for the Xbox.


LAS VEGAS--At CES 2005, Microsoft has played up the convergence of various devices that exemplify digital life. In the hopes of creating a seamless experience, Microsoft wants to make sure Media Center PCs communicate with cameras, TVs, PVR recorders, or any other imaginable consumer electronic device. It only makes sense that the Xbox now plays its part.

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The Media Center Extender for the Xbox allows content from a Media Center PC to be viewed on a TV via the Xbox. This is useful if you want to extend the functionality of an existing Media Center throughout your entire house without buying a separate Media Center PC for each room. For example, should you have a Media Center PC located in the living room, and an Xbox in a bedroom, all the content of the Media Center PC will be made available to the Xbox. If you already have a Media Center PC, the Extender is an inexpensive way to double your mileage.

As the Extender portion of the name suggests, buying the unit will not complete the technological circle of integration; you must also own a Media Center PC and a router. And just in case the naming wasn't clear, the Media Center Extender will not turn your Xbox into a Media Center PC.

The retail package of the Media Center Extender for Xbox comes with a remote control, an infrared receiver for the remote, a setup guide, a setup CD, a Media Center Extender for the Xbox DVD, two AA batteries, and a networking poster. Setup for the Extender requires a one-time install of the setup CD and then regular use of the Media Center Extender for the Xbox DVD. In fact, the DVD must be inside the Xbox for it to function as a Media Center Extender.

The Media Center Extender for the Xbox is already available for shipping at a suggested retail price of $79.

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