Microsoft lists 15 new Halo jobs

343 Industries looking for game engineer, multiplayer designer, effects artist, missions designer, more for "next big Halo project."


Now that Halo: Reach, Bungie's final Halo title, is out the door, 343 Industries has taken the reins of the Master Chief brand. What the team is working on remains a closely guarded secret, but what is known is that the studio is actively soliciting help to create it.

343 is staffing up for the next big Halo project.
343 is staffing up for the next big Halo project.

343 Industries yesterday listed 15 new openings at the Halo studio on its jobs portal page. According to the listings, the Washington state developer is looking for a number of new individuals to fill various positions, like multiplayer designer, effects artist, mission designer, staffing consultant, and others. All positions are listed for the studio's next big Halo project.

This isn't the first time 343 Industries has displayed its enthusiasm to find new developers for the studio's secret Halo project. In June, the developer listed 24 high-level development positions including lead environment artist, senior concept artist, senior producer, and two senior software development engineers, among other positions.

It's no secret that Microsoft remains committed to creating titles around the Halo name. Bungie alum and 343 Industries head Frank O'Connor said the sci-fi series will continue through 2015. Since 343 Industries was founded in 2009, it has been busy spinning the franchise into new novels, comic books, and anime.

For a more in-depth examination of 343 Industries' take on the Halo universe, check out GameSpot's coverage of the Halo panel from Comic-Con 2010.

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i cant wait when halo4 comes out

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Obviously Halo 4.

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Bungie is now partners with Activision... The best sci-fi shooter partnered with the best real-time shooter... I can only imagine what types of games these two companies are going to put out. COD: Future Fight! Oh dear lord this could be epic...

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wow, can't wait for the next installment of Halo ^_^ especially with MC in it, personally i preferred the games with him in it because it just seemed more.... epic. Don't see how they could add anything on after he finishes the fight and how he is in some random part of space, but it would be cool if you were able to be part of Blue Team with Linda, Kelly and Fred, before he goes on his mission with Cortanna to save humanity. The endless possibilities and the awesome background and story line, that's why you gotta love Halo :D

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ugh i swear it better just be a halo online game and thats it no more stories , the story of reach was ok but dry and could have been so much better , just make halo strictly online . i mean halo is a game that can be played for forever .for one it has a ton maps and weapons , an enormous fan base u could say halo is a fps mmo if they set the game up correctly

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they cant stop halo,thats like ending the world in2015,which is too soon

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@chilly-chill unfortunately, Microsoft, like most companies, doesn't seem to really care if they kill a great series, they just know it will sell and make them plenty of money.

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Halo whatever we want to call it, it will still sell a million copies

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Bungie left one final gold egg. Let's leave it on a good note and become more creative.

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If all you guys say Halo has been milked Cod had many games released and call of duty is a younger franchise than Halo!

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It sucks that Bungie stopped ruling from world Domination xD.But seriously you have to give 343 industries a chance when they release their new Halo game,then we can say if their good or bad.

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I doubt Halo will go like COD. I mean 343 is made of Halo veterans so I doubt they would want to ruin their own series. Besides every halo game (except ODST) has come out every 3 years. 2001-2004-2007-2010. So in 2013 I expect a new halo game.

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@lonewolf1044 it would be, I don't want it redone right now...maybe another 30 years when 3D are more like 4D or holograms, then it would be cool to have it remake. Reason why, to many FPS now and its getting somewhat boring.

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Didn't notice that but yes it would be nice to have Halo 1 redone.

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@lonewolf1044 That's where I have to side with x-2tha-z. If you pay attention to the ending cinematic (before the "survive" part where you're put back in the shoes of Noble 6 after everyone's dead or gone) you'll notice that Reach technically overlaps Halo CE/1 by a few seconds. The time frame you're referring to would have to take place at the same time as Reach. As for me, I'd REALLY like to see Halo CE/1 redone in HD before they make another spin off or show us what happens to Master Chief after he goes back to cryo-sleep at the end of Halo 3.

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@ pszone your An F%$#*** idiot, if there was to be lawsuit with there revenue shares mircosoft pulls in form sales they would still pull in a profit for the company, secondly the first nudist that orignally came out on 3do never saw the light of day outside of Japan mircosoft has no ground there so I would think they would squash such a tabbo game for an american country. But a NEW HALO GAME WOULD BE GREAT. P.S My kingdom hearts suck my wife plays that crap

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@Yzedgamer and x-2tha-z Maybe I should have written it a little clearer. I know all about Halo 1 and that where we met Master Chief. But what I meant is what did he he do in between leaving Reach and landing in Halo 1 and also give more detail on his parents because in later installments his parents was mentioned. Master Chief did have a beginning prior to leaving reach and in halo 1. However they cannot revisit the past too much because it would be like a grind.

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Bungie should of waited with there games, I feel like halo is gonna be used up to much come next gen whenever that will be, halo will begin to get stale if it isn't already.

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@killeroo Agreed. Companys are starting to do this whole quantity over quality thing and its kind of depressing.... Zelda's been around forever! and still comes out with amazing games only every 5-6 years or so. This new Halo, although made by a new company, should be something new and will sure take a while...I hope......

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Who's Excited! :)

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@COLDFIRE25 I do agree with you far too many COD's, I personally think the halo series is a higher quality franchise than COD (they spent longer making them). I just dont want the industry to be quantity over quality. I would much prefer a Halo or COD ever 4/5 years and it being superb rather than good.

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@killeroo They only did 5 games, another company did Halo Wars. Even still 5 games isnt much compaired to CoD. Sure another company helped them too, but they had agame every year!! Thats a little much, Hlao atleast takes their time.

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Bungie cord snapped.

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Like one user said before my post here, better 15 new jobs than nothing. That said, taking on new employees and retaining them are still two different things though. Big corporations like Microsoft have a habit of frequent down-sizing. Still, this is Halo, one of Microsoft Games' best money-making franchise. If 343 Industries can get good ones, these new employees are most likely to be retained as long as Halo games continue to sell. That said, I wouldn't know how much work that these 15 would be subjected to. They could have their behinds worked off for all I know, or they will have so little to do considering that every Halo game after the first is really an updated iteration.

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I feel uneasy about Halo after Bungie left. To me it seems that theres only two directions Halo could go now. It will either be great or it will fail tremendously. I'm not about to give up on Halo just yet. I mean it could be worse, they could end up in the hands of the milkers known as Activision.

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@pszone: one is going to think you were right all along. i think you better check into it again because microsoft completely owns the rights to the halo franchise. if bungie were going to sue them, don't you think they would have done so with the release of halo legends or with the release of every other book, comic, action figure, or board game with the halo name on it? you sir, have no clue.

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Who didn't see this one coming?

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I'm still not sold on a Halo FPS sans Bungie. I would like for the new Halo game to be a space-based flight combat game from some of the old Crimson Skies/MechAssault folks.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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17-million jobless, 15 new openings at MS. I wonder how many resumes they will get.

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ColonelX24 Kingdom Hearts 3 should be in the works i like series and it will be better Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 should be remasted in HD collection as well will be nice

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GuitarAmp58 they will get done and xbox360 still havvent got rights to do next halo game they need get rights from bugie if not bugie will see and sue putting micriosoft in the court chair next year im right about this and if it come up in 211 you will think i was right al long

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Nothing to do but sit back and see what they cook up. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Meanwhile, still waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, 2 was 5 years ago. *sigh*

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"New jobs?" This has to be a first in the U.S.

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@pszone Microsoft is not getting sued over the sex game, there is a company supposedly developing one for Kinect that will probably never see a release. And Bungie can't and won't sue over Halo. They signed a 10 year contract with Activision and are currently working on a new game to be released on Xbox, PC, and PS3.

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bugie made games in past and still theres i smell bugie ganna sue and i hope they do because they not makeing new game and not getting money it be year xbox360 getting sued over this and sex game so xbox360 ganna lose lot money next year.

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Yea halo needs to stop, i'm not a fan of halo reach mainly because of the silly gadgets they now have, such as the jetpacks and super speed. Halo 2 for me was the best halo game, there was so much more going on there, it was more competitive and it was easyier on making new friends and forming clans and the custom games were just as much fun as matching but not any more, i know when making the next gen there has to be changes but i think bungie made the wrong changes, halo 3 was good but i still wanted to go back to 2.

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once series is done, please finish it once and forever. stretching a series (not only videogames, but mivies, TV shows, anime, books, ect) is like cooking instant noodle on your microwave for 1 hour long. it wouldn't tastes good, far from good. now they'll continue till 2012? my expectation is halo will be finished in 2012 -13, with 2 games more (one is halo 4, and another one is another one like reach ), then close the book forever, and let it just live on in our memories

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I'm always happy to see more Halo I just hope that it never goes the way of yearly releases like CoD that would just kill the quality of the title. Hell if there's anything that makes me mad here it's the fact that I won't be getting one of those jobs... :(

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Interesting to see what they eventually pull out the bag : )

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All I know is that it is good to see that some people are getting jobs in the industry.

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Well Bugie can't sue since MS owns the rights to it. Bungie is a work horse and nothing more.

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smell bugie could sue next year over this

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And I thought Halo was done !!!

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ive heard that 343 are beginning to develop a new and alot better halo 1 remake with better graphics and physics. Same game. Same story. New graphics....................................... but i dont know 4 sure...

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Well, if its not a new Halo Wars, you can drop all your arguments about halo getting saturated if this comes for the pc, which is very likely in the case of a fps (at least i hope it will be so, its been a long time since Halo 2, also i have nothing against consoles, i just hate f***** analog sticks, they kill almost any game for me)

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@Slagar Even if people see games as "just another game in the series," that in no way means the series is being milked. It doesn't matter how much everyone knows about a game, just the fact that if it was the same basic game over and over again, then it is indeed being milked. But in reference to your other post, I agree that there should be another Halo Wars, I really liked that game.

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nobody makes Halo games like Bungie can :( , though make use of Reaches success for the next 3 years at least, maybe another Halo Wars game perhaps, don't try to fill Bungie's shoes just yet

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@GuitarAmp58 It's about oversaturation of a market. With the exception of diehard fans, people get tired of seeing the same thing, doing the same thing, over and over again. As for 'major changes' to a game between releases? Maybe people that visit Gamespot everyday will see that a sequel has changed a lot from a previous game, but normal people don't see that. They just see 'another advertisement for another Halo game'. Normal people get bored and look for other ways to spend their money and leisure time.