Microsoft launches Xbox Enforcement United program

New player-run program will crowdsource community opinion to determine if certain content violates Xbox Live Code of Conduct.


Microsoft today launched a service called Xbox Enforcement United, a program that allows users to help determine if other players are violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

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A beta version of the program is live now and is open only to Xbox Live Ambassadors who meet age, Gamerscore, and Xbox Live tenure requirements. Microsoft intends to open the program up to a broader community when the beta comes to a close. Gamers interested in taking part in the beta can head to the program's new website.

The Xbox Enforcement United program will crowdsource community opinion about content found on Xbox Live, beginning with Gamertags, that may be in violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

Those in the program will be asked to identify questionable content as it relates to profane words/phrases, topics or content of a sexual nature, hate speech, sensitive historic/current events, as well as various "sound alike" or "look alike" words or phrases, potentially masked by l33t speek, phonetic tricks, or multiple languages.

These opinions are then fed into an algorithm developed by Microsoft's enforcement team to determine if "enforcement action" is needed, like mandating a user change their Gamertag to something more appropriate.

More information about the Xbox Enforcement United program is available in a blog post from Xbox Live policy and enforcement team member Glenn Kaleta.

Microsoft also today gave new details on the Xbox One's reputation system that promises "no more cheats or jerks."

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Sounds like this could be a horrible mess of a system. It means that the court of public opinion chooses things such as hate-speech. So for example, if a gamertag has a name which is racist or homophobic, and other hateful people cause it to be deemed "Acceptable" then the term could remain in place for the gamertag despite it being hurtful to the segment of society affected.

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@Lostat If a person is really secure with themselves I would think that they could overcome these words. For example, I'm Black and the N word doesn't necessarily bother me online. I don't pretend like im friends with or worry about socializing with the people who say it in a racist way, but that word isnt hurting me. It just reveals how wack the person who says it is. Im not saying that services shouldnt set up some rules, but overcoming these words and insults seems like more of a solution than mere censorship.

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they don`t call XB1 spybot for nothing..........

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Sounds like MS is opening a horrible can of worms. There is nothing like having gamers spy on each other and becoming global rats. The way I see it if you're not on my friends list on Live I don't care what you do. lol I added you because I wanted you there and enjoyed having you as a friend. I'm not there to judge you by my standards. If you offend me, "BLOCK" is there for a reason.

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If you sprinkle bear, when you tinkle bear, be a sweetie bear and wipe the seatie bear.

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Poor Johny if he has to read through all these comments..

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"Sprinkle Bear". The only good thing to come out of X1.

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Ok don't go overboard and "politically correct" the realm of gamers some people in this world still know that "stick and stones can break there bones but words cant hurt them" also some people don't think that expressing a somehow "unpopular" view is hate speech.

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@StevenDaReal18 Don't be naive that words can't hurt them. There are a lot of suicides every year because of verbal bullying & hate. This is not "political correctness" as you choose to call it, but is simply about having a basic level of respect for your fellow human beings. Also, "unpopular" and "hate speech" are certainly not one & the same. It is entirely reasonable to express an unpopular opinion to others without resorting to hate speech. Usually it is only people calling hate-speech such as racism, sexism & homophobia "unpopular" because they are in denial that hate is exactly what that is.

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@Lostat I put the sticks & stones cliche in quotes because I didn't really mean it on that simplified level. What I mean is that people should try to not let other people's words bring them down. Whether a person has done wrong or right they shouldnt let hateful words make them feel like nothing. Worrying about what people think can be dangerous. Now my problem with modern "political correctness" is that people are falsely labeling people sexist or homophobic. For example, people who have tried tell people why they honestly believe homosexuality is wrong have been labeled homophobics or bigots. They were given these labels because people wanted to avoid the argument or shut out what they did not want to hear. People are using "political correctness" to dumb down opposition and promote their beliefs in a misleading way.

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this is really bad!!! buthurt call of duty player will abuse this like crazy so even good players gonna get reported as bad players

Avatar image for valknight

@milomell they are saying that all reports go to a team that evaluates them. If they are correct then it doesnt matter how good or bad you did in call of duty.

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@valknight @milomell that team will be evaluation a lot of stuff, I lol'd at this

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XBOX ONE Violates the Code of Conduct. PERIOD

Avatar image for Monsterkillah

This is a good program

Can't see why people complaining about

Avatar image for Darkefka

@Monsterkillah Because that's actually how Riot games handles LoL code of conduct via reports and people voting if they should be banned are not depending on why they were reported, and it does nothing, 95% of people you report (when it was clear they violated the TOU) did not get banned and got nothing at all...

people are in fact being worse because they know that nobody actually goes to vote on the site so very few action is taken making the system useless, a good idea but useless

Avatar image for Slagar

@Monsterkillah I agree with your sentiments :) but I'm not sure. In the real world, this sort of idea seems perfectly sensible. With games and the internet though, there is an anonymity factor, so people generally have freedom to troll and be stupid. But yeah, I like the idea and think that it'll be interesting to see what happens at least.

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anyone there?

Avatar image for GSyynoandnoyyGS

Sprinkle Bear: OFFENSIVE

Avatar image for jsmoke03

i guess this is a good thing. i figured since they are going to be watching player activity through the kinect, they would handout bans through that device

Avatar image for CynicalCaviar

Microsofts version of the Stasi...... JK.

Avatar image for Yamakoichi

Well at least this should create some interesting raids

Avatar image for HuskerMetal

Sounds like a great idea a bunch of whiners telling me what content I can and cant have on a service I pay for. Thanks M$, getting real tired of your shit.

Avatar image for kiramasaki

The worst idea I have ever heard. Let the prisoners run the prison. This will not end well. On one side you will have offensive content to the extreme and on the other you will have over restricting. You honestly cannot let people judge such a criteria.

Avatar image for arkhamcity54

Xbone sucks

Avatar image for ceromaster

If only Gamespot and other sites like this had some kind of police policy I feel there wouldn't be an overabundance of trolls and jerkwads.

Avatar image for Darkefka

@ceromaster LoL has it and it has the worst community ever...

Avatar image for FULGOREY2K

its skynet i tell you

Avatar image for helldragonzer

this could be a good idea, except for the part that it's player-run.

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This article was a place of a great war.

Avatar image for bankai_456

@midnightworld 2000 comments. :(

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Time to finally put the children in check lol

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This definitely won't be abused at all.

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You know folks I played a console MMORPG called EQOA everquest online adventures for the ps2 a long time back. This is when I learned that gaming communities self policing themselves will simply never work in theory or implementation. It may save publishers/developers money - but it never works.

As a fan of D&D, though never getting to play it as much as I wanted to back in the 80's - I quickly learned the need and importance of the gamemaster or GMs. Making you own rules in sand box style games is a blast until you add a community. Because whenever there is a winner that means the other half is losing. So that mmorpg I mentioned above lost vital developer support and the staff was reduced to one part time GM and a weekend janitor to manage the game. SOE decided to allow the gamers themselves to police the game - if they saw abuses in the game they could report the abuse to gms and if they saw enough of the same kind action would be taken. As you can imagine - abuse, and glitches abound with no one around to control the game- people left by the droves.

Point is - if you are going to make a community game - then there needs to be clearly set rules and gms and devs willing and able to manage the game to those rules. Balancing and changes of course as needed. That is why the above will simply not work, and using and algorithm to adjust priority is laughable. I may save them a few bucks but will lose players by the 1000's.

Avatar image for Razorbladez

Mentioning EQOA definitely brings back memories of their hilariously bad chat filter that would edit ou words like spoon or cockroach, and the reporting system that got names like kindbud changes because someone though it waz a drug reference. Letting the inmates run the asylum rarely turns out well when offensiveness is such a subjective idea.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

@Razorbladez Subjectivity, is its own indeed. Like people would report others for making level 1 toons or level 20mage for CoH just to camp a dragon or rare spawn which is perfectly legit. But ignore afk petting, or stone glitching mobs that broke the game. Of course kiting a wisp into darva manor and taking the coach while it nuked the low level travelers is just hilarious.

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@jenovaschilld Awesome post.

Avatar image for tionmedon

spybot at it`s finest..

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Xbox One only does one thing. Suck.

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Wow there use to be like 50 comments a minute on this article now it seems pretty dead.

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xbox live is full of 12 yr old racists. plug in the headphones but don't wear them. they get to yell and curse and scream at... no one, lol. seriously, parents really need to go back to the old ways of discipline. too scared johnny will get mad at them and not be their friend anymore.... pathetic!!

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Avatar image for COPMAN221ISBACK

I guess this explain why the eye of sauron is mandatory on the xbone.. You are all f**ked!!! ENJOY

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From someone who has actually done this ... you're expected to review the Xbox Code of Conduct to make an honest interpretation if the gamertag presented does meet the CoC or doesn't. Some were obviously clean, some were obviously not, and some were right on the border. Since just about everyone will get the same batch, and most likely (considering the requirements to enter the beta) everyone will think the same thing, I seriously doubt there will be many (if any) 50/50 splits. And again, Microsoft has final say, just as they already do.

One thing that was missing from the report. If you're not sure, you can skip the decision and move on to another.

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If you see any suspicious activity from one of your fellow citizens, please report them to your nearest XEU representative. We are watching you, because we care. Microsoft is your friend.

--- end of message ---

Avatar image for codeman101360

I'm sure this won't be abused at all...

Avatar image for dmastor

Love love love it, and the requirements are a plus! This is next gen can wait too many cheaters and jerks on line messing up gaming for people this is great all the jerks will be on PS4 Yes sony fan you are jerk the fact this trend has 2000 comments mostly haters and sony breaking news only has 200 mean yall really don't care about fact just bashing xbox. While xbox guy could care less to bash

Avatar image for COPMAN221ISBACK

@dmastor you think this will scare away all the 12 year olds that will be running rampant on the xbone? Pffft I guess that explains why you're buying an xbone.

Avatar image for xXxIRyanxXx

@COPMAN221ISBACK @dmastor Have you tried playing COD 4 because you cant, because every match is full of hackers that made themselves invincible, and this feature will get them banned if they try to do something similar on X1.

Avatar image for AlmostHaslem

@dmastor Agreed I hate how i join a COD4 match and everything is so messed up now! i swear i cant even play a game good.