Microsoft Is Hyped About Solitaire Coming To Game Pass

The most played video game in history deserves a suitably epic announcement.


Solitaire is coming to Xbox Game Pass--more specifically, subscribers will be able to get their hands on the premium, ad-free edition of the Microsoft Solitaire Collection for free. The announcement on Twitter was accompanied by an impressively epic gif, complete with explosions, hype, and strobing rainbow text in the world's favorite font, Comic Sans.

The only thing the gif is really missing is the iconic card-bouncing winning celebration, though perhaps Microsoft wants you to earn that visual yourself.

The gif advertises the Solitaire Collection as the "most played video game in history," though that achievement is helped quite a bit by the game being packaged by default on all Windows-running machines. In fact, not everyone is stoked about the Game Pass announcement, considering many solitaire players both hardcore and casual remember a day when the game was free (and ad-free) on all Windows PCs.

The premium version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection caused some controversy when it was introduced with Windows 10 in 2015, due to the addition of intrusive, full-window ads to the free version of the game. Now, Game Pass subscribers can bypass the ads and unlock the extra premium features as part of their existing subscriptions, but many players still clearly believe that Solitaire should have stayed free and ad-free for all users.

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