Microsoft HQ Will Become A COVID-19 Vaccine Site

Microsoft is opening some of its campus to act as a COVID-19 vaccination site.


Microsoft's sprawling North American headquarters in Redmond, Washington will become a COVID-19 vaccination site.

The announcement comes by way of Washington governor Jay Inslee's statement regarding its vaccine distribution system, which hopes to reach 45,000 residents every day.

Microsoft's role in all of this is to provide technology expertise and support to the local government, and for some of its buildings to act as vaccination sites.

"We applaud today's critical steps to accelerate vaccine distribution," Smith said. "Microsoft is one of many local companies lending a hand with the confidence that together, we can move faster to defeat this virus."

Separately, GeekWire reported that the vaccination site at Microsoft's HQ won't just be for employees. "This is not going to be a site for Microsoft employees; this is going to be a site for people in the community," he said.

What's more, GeekWire reported that Smith said Microsoft is trying to help keep costs low and is working to help people without insurance receive a vaccination.

The state of Washington is working with a number of private and public entities to as part of its Washington State Vaccine Command and Coordination Center (WSVCCC). Some of the other participants include the health care provider Kaiser, along with the coffee company Starbucks, the retail store Costco, and the National Guard. You can see the full rundown of the plan here.

Microsoft joins another technology and media giant, Disney, in offering up its physical space for vaccine distribution. Part of the reason why this is possible is because Microsoft's employees are working from home (something they can do permanently, too), while Disneyland in California remains closed to attendees.

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