Microsoft Hides Secret Audio In Halo Infinite Blog Post, Listen To The Master Chief/Halsey Recording Here

Just what is Microsoft teasing with this secret audio? Listen to it here.


Microsoft's new Halo Infinite blog post contained a lot of details on the game's setting, Zeta Halo, while it also featured a number of gorgeous screenshots. As it turns out, the blog post was hiding a secret audio message, too.

It has been discovered that the blog post features a conversation with Master Chief and Halsey. According to Eurogamer, this conversation contains references to Master Chief's last chat with Cortana from the final stages of Halo 5's campaign.

You can see a transcript of the secret audio below, from Eurogamer, while you can listen to it for yourself through the embed further down the page:

  • Halsey: "How many now?"
  • Man: "16 systems shut down so far, seemingly random locations. I'm attempting to lock her and the others out of the main-"
  • Halsey: "You will not be able to stop her. She knows more about how this all works than... well, anyone."
  • Master Chief: "Dr. Halsey."
  • Halsey: "John."
  • Master Chief: "What's the plan?"
  • Halsey: "The plan? Right now, we are in survival mode, again. Cortana's message has spread across the galaxy, most sentient AI are siding with her."
  • Master Chief: "Against us?"
  • Halsey: "Yes... But maybe not you. Tell me John, what was the last thing she said to you?"
  • Master Chief: "She said... goodbye."

This all seems to be teasing something about Halo Infinite's story and how Chief, Halsey, and Cortana might be involved in some high drama. The game is set on Zeta Halo and the Banished will be the main antagonists, apparently.

In the blog post, campaign art lead Justin Dinges said Halo Infinite's story will pick up with Chief's "reawakening" as he takes on the Banished and Cortana.

"Players will not only experience the immediate story of Chief's reawakening to confront the Banished and Cortana but if they look around, they may find glimpses of the future as well," Dinges said.

Regarding the design of Zeta Halo, Dinges said the idea was for it contain references to its "mysterious past" and what the implications might be for the future.

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