Microsoft grabs Xbox FL domains

Redmond, Washington-based Xbox maker picks up Web address related to Xbox FL; domains redirect to Microsoft's search engine Bing.


Rumors from mystery sources about the next Xbox have been swirling as of late, but now Microsoft itself has added to the rumor mill. As spotted by Fusible, Microsoft has acquired the domain names and

What might an Xbox FL be?
What might an Xbox FL be?

Both domain names redirect users to a Web search for "Xbox FL" through Microsoft's Bing search engine. As of press time, Microsoft had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

Earlier this week, blogger MS Nerd suggested Microsoft was preparing a stripped-down Xbox, which would run Arcade games and Kinect apps and retail for around $100.

For more on speculation concerning the next-generation Xbox, check out GameSpot's rumor roundup feature.

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Well, we know it's not "Fully Loaded".....

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shen me?

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I guess we gotta wait and see what this FL means.

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@istuffedsunny Looking back, I can see how you thought that comment was relevant. I'm sure now you can understand why it will be downvoted to oblivion. On topic: Are they suggesting the next Xbox will be called the FL? ಠ_ಠ

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@Quandry sunabouzu is awesome

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xbox Fix Lover

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@User_pt Love Desert Punk!!!!!

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why is xbox making florida look bad

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Thought it meant Florida, and I'm not even in NA...

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so does this mean that x-box will be no more....... nooooooooooooooo.

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Fun Labs.

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Its maybe a KINECT game! << LINK REMOVED >>

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XboxFML Yeah, F your L if you're a casual gamer in the market for an Xbox. You're in the wrong market!

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XBox FL = XBox Fun or Lame (Fun for little kids and Lame for gamers)

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The first thing I think of when i hear FL is Fruity Loops, but Microsoft isn't cool enough to put a music production software on their system. Would be awesome though.

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Since it's a stripped down version should be called FTL (For the Loss).

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Anyway, even "FL" doesn't actually means anything, it is a strange choice. E.g., "XBOX Lite" would suite it much better. I can't come with anything else but "F**king Life" with "FL".

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Xbox for life?

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I seriously think this editors troll. talks nothing about things that are least important.

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Tommorow is Aprill fool !!! or what ever :D

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:lol: "Fully Loaded"? I'd love to be in the board meeting where the genius who suggests that name gets sent home for the rest of the day.

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xbox fail legacy :D

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The names everyone here is coming up with makes me think the "FL" should stand for nothing. Seriously... please stop.

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Saw Kinect camera used @ 1/2 price yesterday... I was tempted - well for about 2 nano seconds - my Move controllers are thick of dust so no thanx MS/Sony/Nintendo I'll stick to control pads/sticks :P.

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Motion Gaming sucks. 'Nuff said.

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As long as it does not support Kinect I may buy one. I HATE MOTION GAMING!!!! I either want a mouse and keyboard or a controller I am used too that is it, now make some bad ass games for me to immerse myself in and I will be plenty happy.

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Xbox Florida?

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XBox FL = XBox Fully Loaded (of cr*p)

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Maybe it stands for "Fully Loaded".

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@liquidgold great, you are a GAMER and you are proud of it. good for you! now, I did agree with some things you said, and I reminded you that some flaws you pointed at the ps3 are also present in the xbox (I won't say it again, they are in my first comment). the only thing I completely agreed with you was that psn doesn't have a chat service. but since psn is free, I guess that's somewhat fair. you say you wanted to remind ps3 fans here that it isn't that good. you talked some trash about the ps3. I reminded you that what you said isn't, as well, entirely true either (again, my other comment clearly states why), and that some things you said about the ps3 can also be applied to the xbox. I'm not trying to starting an arguement over which console is the best, its pointless and here at gamespot I think everyone is tired of those, but you can't deny that your first comment wasn't fair at all. and thank you for your concern, my day has been fairly good, I trust you are having a good day as well?

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cant be more stripped then the ps2 look at how long the ps2 lived even after 360 and ps3 this might be something good. less dev costs. cheaper games more fun.

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it stands for Xbox FLop, cuz its gonna flop in sales cuz who wants a stripped down xbox that can only play kinect and arcade?

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xbox FL... xbox final legacy

Avatar image for boricuasnake04

Xbox FL ...?? OH I know Xbox For Losers thats fits it just fine

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MC now run by monkeys:(

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Let's hope its an actual promoted hardcore video game console and not a Kinect-Arcade-Social Media player. Regardless it will get sales and the news sites will love Microsoft and gaming will hit new lows. Where is Pachter analyzing the estimated gaming crash when you need him?

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just when I was getting used to the 720..FL huh, heh not bad

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Xbox For Life

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If I ever start wondering if mankind will "make it", all I have to do is read some stupid fanboy comments (both ways) on Gamespot. Yeah, then I see hope. #sarcasm

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XBox FL = XBox For "Winners"

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Man...the comments here really bring out the dregs of society.

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The first thing I think of is Xbox Football League, which sounds more likely than anything else being tossed around. Sorry for the pun.

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MarcJL31 yes the advertisements on the dashboard are very dumb

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all i know as im happy my 360 is still going to be around till at least the end of 2013 im happy that Microsoft is holding back on a new game console saves me cash

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@ruser_pt Really kid im a fanboy. I own a amstard 486, amstard gx4000, nes, snes , mega drive, dreamcast, n64, ps2, ps3,xbox ,xbox360, and a PC. Soon I will get the wiiU when it comes out. you what that makes me a GAMER. As for your other comments, you basically agreed on over half what I said lol. So no my comments wasn't a fail. Accounts hacked vs achievements lost, no comparison. An all those people got their gamer score back any way. The game-pad comment, you get hand cramp with the ps3 pads its a fact.. An as for why I wrote those comments. I read the article scrolled down read the comments an was mostly ps3 fanboys talking trash. So I thought i would remind them a little about their console they love so much. Enjoy your day.

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Xbox Fully Loaded? Either way, I know MS wants to keep adding all these "features" and stuff but I wish my Gold subscription would go to things I actually cared about. I don't need all the ESPN and tv exclusives. I bought a 360 for the games. MS has only a few good 360 exclusives. Take the money and build up on that. Early DLC content and such really does not mean as much as they think. And yes it is only minor but if we pay for gold, we could do without the advertisement on the dashboard (which in itself looks great but functionality works worse than before). I am currently happy with this gen in terms of games and such but hope next gen we see more in terms of quality of games. And hopefully not the inevitable price increase to $70 a game for less content.

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I just really hope they pop out the new generation of consoles soons so ports to PC get slightly less shotty.

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