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Microsoft Goes Ambidextrous

Company brings all of its latest ball-less motion technology and style to a mouse built for either hand.


Left-handed mouse users have always had a tough time finding a mouse that just feels right, and with the launch of Microsoft's right-hand-only, sleek-looking IntelliMouse Explorer, left-handed gamers have only had the Microsoft Mouse with IntelliEye as an option. The IntelliEye technology puts a small digital camera in the place of the standard roller ball and rolling actuator scheme used in conventional mice. But the MS Mouse with IntelliEye lacks the sexy glowing red taillight of the IntelliMouse Explorer.

On Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft introduced its new IntelliMouse Optical, an ambidextrous mouse that combines the functionality of IntelliEye technology with USB connectivity and the little red taillight with silver details that could bring a touch of sexy style to your desktop.

"With the introduction of the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical, the more than 33 million lefties in this country no longer have to feel "left out" from having a cool, five-button optical mouse," said Tim O'Brien, product manager in the mouse division of the Hardware Group at Microsoft.

The five-button, ambidextrous IntelliMouse Optical is expected to launch in April for about US$54.95. It will be compatible with both PCs and Mac computers.

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