Microsoft: Get an Xbox One for $399 if you "ditch" your PS3

Microsoft giving $100 store credit if you trade in a PlayStation 3 at one of its retail stores.

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Microsoft will sell you an Xbox One for $399 if you "ditch" your old PlayStation 3 at one of its stores in the US, the company's latest trade-in promotion states.

An e-mail ad for the promotion, captured on NeoGAF, reads, "Ditch your PS3 and get $100 store credit towards Xbox One."

The offer runs from now until March 2, requires the consoles to be in good working order, and also applies to the Xbox 360 S and E models. Though, presumably, Microsoft sees a 360 trade-in as a graceful retirement rather than ditching.

$399 is, of course, the same price as a PlayStation 4.

Are you tempted by this latest trade-in offer? The small print is available on Microsoft's site if so.

Microsoft recently announced that it shipped 3.9 million Xbox One units worldwide before the end of 2013, but sold only 3 million to customers. Sony's PS4, on the other hand, is boasting 4.2 million sales.

Sony announced earlier today that the PlayStation 4 was outselling the Xbox One at a ratio of 1.5:1 in the UK.

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