Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 Adds Austria, Germany, and Switzerland This Week

The world just got a whole lot bigger in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Microsoft Flight Simulator has regularly grown its world since it was released last year, and the latest update for the game is adding some European flavor. Austria, Germany, and Switzerland will be enhanced with new aerial imagery and high-resolution elevation maps in World Update 6, as well as new 3D cities such as Basel in Switzerland, and Vienna in Austria.

Over 100 well-known locations and several airports including Lubeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt, and St. Gallen will be added this week, as well as new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips. Like previous world updates, this latest content drop will be free to download. Previous updates added an impressive level of detail to other parts of the globe, such as Japan and even more European monuments.

The game also landed on Xbox Series X|S in July, bringing with it gorgeous visuals and a clunky user interface.

"Controlling flight on a controller is, thankfully, a lot better, with a decent balance of options mapped as default to give you a great sense of control in the air while not stripping away the enthusiast fundamentals of the series," critic Alessandro Barbosa wrote in our updated Microsoft Flight Simulator review." Of course, all of this can be customized, letting you tune your experience however you see fit. More dedicated players will likely want to invest in a full HOTAS setup for the most authentic experience, but many are sadly still incompatible with the Xbox Series X."

Top Gun DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator won't be arriving this year though, as much like the film itself, that content is flying right into the delayed zone.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also available on Xbox Game Pass. For more great games to play on Xbox, check out our guides to the best Xbox One games of all time, the best Xbox Series X games available so far, and the best games available with Xbox Game Pass right now.

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