Microsoft Flight Simulator Touches Down on Xbox Series X|S July 27 2021, Top Gun Tie-In Announced

The game is coming to Xbox Series X|S after previously only being on PC.


Microsoft gave us a look at the acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator running on Xbox Series X during its E3 2021 showcase. Previously unavailable outside of PC, the Xbox Series X version was captured at 4K resolution and looks to be just as stunning.

Alongside commercial planes, smaller propeller planes and bi-planes were shown during the teaser, as well as multiple gorgeous natural landmarks, like snow-covered mountains and bright islands. The level of detail seen in the PC version is extremely impressive, with many bespoke areas alongside zones created via map data.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will release for Xbox Series X|S on July 27, and it will be included the same day on Xbox Game Pass. A platform not mentioned was Xbox One, but we now know the reason for this. Rather than skip it entirely, it will be playable on the older system via streaming. It's a compromise that will ensure people can keep playing new Xbox games if supply constraints continue.

The game's high fidelity and system requirements on PC would seemingly make it difficult to run on the older platform without major concessions. There are over 2 million cities and 37,000 airports in the game, along with a staggering 1.5 billion buildings.

Alongside the console version, a free Top Gun: Maverick tie-in expansion will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator in Fall 2021. It's not clear yet if you'll be able to take part in a volleyball match yet, but we're hoping. You can preorder and pre-install the game now so you're ready to go for launch, both figuratively and literally.

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