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Microsoft Flight Simulator Comes On 10 Discs If You Buy A Physical Copy

It's meant to help those with slower internet speeds enjoy the game.


The PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is releasing on August 18, and European players will have the option of picking up a physical copy of the ambitious flight sim. Published by Aerosoft, the physical version will come on 10 discs. This is due to the game's massive size, which Microsoft has recommended players clear 150 GB of space for.

On Aerosoft's official forums, community manager Mathijs Kok explained what will come on the 10 discs. He explains that there are four main parts to Microsoft Flight Simulator: the simulation itself, the world and aircraft that Microsoft has created, online content that is streamed, and third-party files. While the third-party and streamed content is optional, the world and aircraft must be downloaded and will take up around 90 GB of space.

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"The boxed version makes it possible for people on a slower internet connection to get the sim installed without downloading the [world and aircraft]," Kok explained. "The simulator is in every way, 100 percent the same. The boxed retail version just gets you a nice box, printed manual, and about 90 GB you do not have to download."

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available to pre-order now and comes in three versions. The standard release, priced at $60, will come with 20 planes and 30 airports to land at. Meanwhile, the $90 deluxe edition comes with five additional planes and airports, while the $120 Premium Deluxe features 30 planes and 40 airports in total.

Although it won't be coming out in August, the Xbox One version of Flight Simulator is also in development.

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