Microsoft Finally Kills Off Xbox One's Kinect

Kinect won't be sold in stores for much longer.

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Microsoft's Kinect sensor, which sold millions across its Xbox 360 and Xbox One iterations but was often criticized, is officially dead. Ahead of its next earnings report later this week, the company has revealed that it has put an end to manufacturing of the device, meaning those still sitting on store shelves will be the last ones available for purchase.

The news was shared by Kinect creator Alex Kipman and Xbox Devices Marketing GM Matthew Lapsen in an interview with Fast Company. Support for the device will continue, so there's no need--at least in the short term--to worry if you're someone who still enjoys playing the odd game that uses it or pausing Netflix with a voice command.

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This comes as little surprise. Originally launched partway through the Xbox 360's life cycle, Kinect sold millions and opened the platform to new types of games, like Dance Central. Microsoft then decided to make it a mandatory part of the Xbox One package, driving up the price of the system at launch to $500. It would later be made optional, allowing Microsoft to bring the price down and attempt to appeal to those with no interest in voice controls or motion sensors, though seemingly too late for the system to catch up to Sony's competing PS4 in terms of sales.

If it had not already been clear, the future of Kinect came into focus when Microsoft released the Xbox One S, the first new iteration of Xbox One. The system revision lacked the necessary port for Kinect, necessitating the use of an adapter for those who still had one laying around. Similarly, the upcoming Xbox One X lacks an integrated Kinect port.

Kinect's non-gaming applications have proven to arguably be more useful, even providing medical uses. And while the device itself may now effectively be dead, the technology behind it will live on, as aspects of it are used to power Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality device.

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What they need to do is get rid of the Kinect camera mess and just make something like the Invoke ( functional for all Xbox One models -- voice commands were the only usable part of Kintect.

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Xbox one x needs to have a Kinect port. Because without one feels like we are being ripped off.

A large company that releases Kinect support cannot say we are not going to support the Kinect anymore because it's in the current console lifecycle.

I guess it's better for the people that have Kinect because the value will go up in the next few years for people who have the original Xbox one with the Kinect camera if they decide to sell it :) As this become a rare item .

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I played Mass Effect 3 on the 360 with Kinect's voice commands and it was one of the best gaming experiences I've had since I began gaming in the early '80's. The game played completely different without having to bring up that wheel every 30 seconds, way faster gameplay and totally awesome. So I do see something in the voice controls... just a shame Microsoft tried to push it on everyone and shaft their loyal customers back in 2013... so I, like many millions of gamers switched to ps4, and all is well. Greed..... it got 'em in the end.

Avatar image for scatterbrain007

I knew this would happen. I didn't want it to, but I knew it would. It's the same problem with large companies. They will very rarely EVER take a risk on anything. Honestly, they waste more money developing the thing that they good and well know they'll never innovate with. Had they given half a damn about making that Steel Battallion game and made it work like it was supposed to with seamless control, it would have been a hit, a killer app. Nope, piss poor job, had crap controls, everyone steered clear. So sick of companies like this coming up with great ideas, and doing a quarter-ass job.

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I think I recall the buzz being when this thing was announced that it was an always on type of device and it could monitor conversations in its vicinity. So of course the rumors started swirling about how they'd let big brother listen in on your home, etc. Then Microsoft being Microsoft basically came in and said shut up we know what you want better than you do and thus the Kinect was assured to be dead before it ever started.

Avatar image for bat725

@yoda101280: Not just Kinect, but XB1 in general. It was never able to bounce back after that fiasco.

Avatar image for xk4l1br3

I work in manufacturing, we use Kinect cameras as a cheap vision system. The Kinect ensure that the correct amount of product is placed in the box.

It works as intended and in very poor lighting conditions. The Kinect is an incredibly powerful piece of kit, its use as an extension for gaming was misplaced.

Avatar image for CyrusDrake20

You know, the kinect itself and the technology behind it is really cool. But Microsoft doesn't know their target audience so they marketed the Kinect as something to watch TV easier on... And forced it on everyone. Terrible choices on their part, because I think the Kinect actually was an awesome invention for our industry. If it had done well it would have only gotten better, with better games. They just didn't know what to do with it... Now they have no choice but to kill it off. What a waste of potential...

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

If only they had supported this better on Windows it might have had a different outcome, indie devs take greater risks in innovating and there could have been someone somewhere to bring the light on this amazing technology, but well, this is Microsoft after all.

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Oh I remember the backlash that thing got. We complained about adding $100 to the price, and even it being mandatory, but it was just the minor salt compared to the Always Online requisite and draconious DRM on used games the Xbox One had. This along with no game actually improving with it or just being centric and bad like Fighter Within pushed this accesory to the abyss. I'm sure some people will miss this convenience, but I won't at all.

Avatar image for sealionact

@santinegrete: Xbox One never had an always on requirement, nor did it have Draconian DRM on used games.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@sealionact: right, but they tried it, made it public in the reveal and went 360 on those policies because, well unless you started gaming yesterday the fiasco is well known. Xbon brand is doing well right now, but the damage done still soar today.

Avatar image for sealionact

@santinegrete: Wrong. They never tried it, and they stated after E3 - way before launch - that "always on" and the DRM issue were not happening. It didn't launch with "an always on" prerequisite. The damage was done by launching at a more expensive price.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@sealionact: We're you around when the reveal of the Xbox One happened or are you just pretending?

Avatar image for sealionact

@santinegrete: Are you drunk, or did you just not read what I said? Maybe you're confusing the words "launch" and "reveal".

X1 was "revealed" in May. It was indeed a disastrous "reveal". In June, FIVE MONTHS before "launch", MS announced that the "always on" policy would not be happening.

At "launch", there was no "always online" policy.

You said "the Always Online requisite and draconious DRM on used games the Xbox One had."

It never had them.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@sealionact: look, if you want to deny they weren't going to instrument that always online that, of course you're right it never happened because the massive backlash gaming community rained on, you need this to deny it:

-an article that says it wasn't planned, never ever.

-a full video un-edited of the reveal that doesn't name this once

-a photo of don mattrick butt caressed with your lips.

I'm inclined to believe only the 3rd one exist. I'm going to leave this here

Stop taking the fact as a personal attack, game on. I own the one too, and I'm waiting on Gears 5 because who needs to play the only Halo game with a bad story?

Avatar image for sealionact

@santinegrete: Sigh.... You said that Xbox one HAD an always on policy.

If you had said PLANNED, you would have been right. You didn't, so you weren't.

You're more than welcome to picture me taking a post on an article "personal", or imagine me kissing someone's butt if it makes you happy. Whatever.

It probably has more to do with the fact that English isn't your native language, and you're still arguing that something that was planned, then cancelled is the same as something that actually happened.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@sealionact: I hand that to you, English isn't my first language and I had to choose my words better to begin with to clear any confusion.

Avatar image for nintendians

never had it, if i did have it, i probably not used it at all.

Avatar image for wretch1d

@7tizz: It doesnt you have to buy a $40US connector which is why mine is getting its donkey ass pawned

Avatar image for mike468

People just love to hate it. I get the support and games sucked on. But it still is useful for voice commands on the XBO. Even though MS has gone and added webcam support to the system, it's only with mixer and you still need a separate mix for voice commands to work.

Me personally, i'm upgrading to a One X in 2 weeks and am grabbing a Kinect adepter to use the one from my launch system, before the adapters become hard to find, like GC component cables or a Dreamcast broadband adapter.

Avatar image for TightNinja

To be honest, MS was ahead of its time on Kinect. People are just ow starting to realize how great VR is, and not just gamers. Non gamers at my job have been blown away by simple VR experience on cellphones.

The Kinect has by far the best body motion tracking. Even far better than the Vive which I own. MS should have had Kinect VR ready to go for X1X. That would have been killer. Maybe the X1X1X1 will have it.

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

@TightNinja: just to point out the kinect is just a more upgraded version of what Sony was doing with the eye toy way back in the PS2 era

Avatar image for craftbrood

If they had focused more on games for it, instead of the stupid voice commands and “tv,tv,tv” stuff, it might have been a success. The “Always online” stuff scared a lot of people away. Everyone thought the camera was going to be used to spy on them.

Avatar image for yummy_graphics

Sold my kinnect for $50 a year ago useless POS. I haven't turned my Xbox one on in over 8 months, really sad to be honest can't even sell the damn thing no one wants it lmao. The games with gold suck and there are no games to play, honestly just keeping it for crackdown 3. Let's hope there are more exclusives.

Avatar image for yummy_graphics

@7tizz: I have cup head on pc hate racing games the new halo didn't do it for me I have gears of war 4 as well and I didn't like it either call bull shit all you want I own every console cause I don't discriminate I'm not a fanboy to anyone system. XBOX has just been disappointing so far and that's truth.

Avatar image for Gladestone1

@7tizz: Why maybe he thought the new xbox would be amazing like xbox one..Ever think of that..So hes disappointing that it didnt

Avatar image for Gladestone1

@7tizz: Why does every one question some one else. When they really dont know them..I hate the net some times .Bro take a chill pill..Some people just like gaming some have all systems..He does get over yourself mate..He is not dissing xbox one..Just saying the games have been piss poor..Wow take a pill brother

Avatar image for cjr84

@7tizz: everyone makes mistakes.

Avatar image for laxbob410

@7tizz: "Not necessary. They tell that to children and employees on the lower pay grades to encourage learning and performance - but the average person doesn't make big ticket mistakes. Especially gamers who demographically, are more sophisticated shoppers."

What an interesting and unique opinion......

I've read that those who invest in technology mostly learn with the trial and error to develop theories and products; technologically advanced people take the fast track at making mistakes more often to learn faster. In fact, some of the first games challenged gamers to beat the games or play others. With winners and losers, the losers would have to make mistakes so there is a winner (Pong). Also, Super Mario Bros. capitalized on the idea that the gamer could input pressing buttons at incorrect times so that the digital "moving" image would "die" or "fall". Games encourage people to fail... to learn... to overcome... to succeed... and then be happy. Sometimes, these digital games when played for too long for months at a time, a person can develop unrealistic understanding of themselves and how the real world works. This can lead to untapped superego arrogance, depression, or anxiety among other dilemmas.

Also, In light of your rebuttal about mistakes, I would just like to be that grammar guy just once, and pinpoint about how you typed "necessary" instead of the proper use in the beginning of your response.

We all have something to learn from one another, and I also I will learn to just live and let live, but this also my chance to let you taste your own medicine in hopes you stop bothering others. Forum challenging on off topic items is not cool. End of that story.

You can't individually define what an average person is. That's bias. You are bottle necked by your own knowledge. If higher ranked employees can't admit or notice they make mistakes, then they are not fit to be leaders. That's a fact. You show me a socially elite, intellectual woman who has not made a mistake raising a child or show me a business leader who has always made a positive net income with stocks growing every single day.

This world is ran by mistakes. Without mistakes, we wouldn't have ever evolved because learning is understanding that the past was a mistake. Theory here is we would have never needed to stop crawling as children.

Understanding that people make mistakes is a common phrase for everyone to be instilled with care and a humble attitude.

Luckily, no one is perfect. That would just be predictable, and therefore boring.

I say all of this because you have been just being a thorn in others' sides with your comments. You can be better than that, and if you need help, then I suggest you seek specific guidance from a site that tailors to your needs.

Treat others like the way you want to be treated.

Also, just because they are discontinuing Kinects does not mean they are done with cameras for the Xbox, It may just be a different kind of web cam in the future if they choose that direction, otherwise Microsoft will just continue to profit from other sources making cameras for their services. ( Windows, Skype, Mixer) But HEY, I don't work there so I don't care.

Still...... I'm getting Just Dance 2018 just so I can try to stay in shape with something new cuz I'm just waiting for Tron-like E Sports to come out... high hopes for the future.

Now, back to Shadow of War.

Avatar image for laxbob410

@7tizz: I can't believe I had to write all of that on 5:30am.................

If you ever try brainstorming/ mind mapping on a big white board, you'll want mistakes to happen. they are they best kind of ideas.

Avatar image for yummy_graphics

@7tizz: Are you serious mate? I like to play the console exclusives, there not always good but I try them all. Im not attacking xbox one which you feel you need to defend I am just stating my opinion

Avatar image for khanwashere

@yummy_graphics: Crackdown 3 is the only game they have left to cancel in 2018.

Avatar image for yummy_graphics

@khanwashere: I hope not but probably another delay

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

Thanks MS. Loved wasting the extra 100 quid on it with the Xbox One and being left with a weak gpu for nothing once you dumped it, so you could chase Sony. Did you catch them? How's that working out?

Well, at least all MSs games are fully exclusive, you can't get them else where, so it wasn't like I was left with a Netflix player...

Avatar image for laxbob410

@HalcyonScarlet: To me, it seems with play anywhere and owning Windows, Microsoft will have a larger share now considering some people who call themselves the "master race" pc players and look down on xbox players....despite them both being team microsoft.

Nintendo has the ability to focus on gaming. They dominate the handhelds and children games.

However, Sony is a conglomerate from consumer eletronics and they have a Video Media Studio business. They have a very large stake in the entertainment business, but it seems they are stuck on the console side of things which makes them living room and for casual gamers.

It's really late for me and this probably wasn't very clear, but it is just so neat to see how they are so different, and sometimes they do go the same route, but inevitably they will go separate ways. Even IBM, Apple, and Microsoft found their own niches...with Microsoft giving up on being something that people hold in their hand to their ear,

its really exciting to see where its all going to go.

Espcially this post.... cuz this was offtopic to what you said, but Xbox was never worried about catching up.

I'm curious if Sony is going to team up with Steam or someone so they have an ability to play on Windows... or maybe they team up with Google or Apple, and play on their consoles..... the point is.... Microsoft has software and computers... Sony just makes hardware. Microsoft has code to allow Sony Pc's to have purpose.

I am so sorry... I hate console wars. It's been like 15 years of this crap that I've seen... Everytime i check this forum.... someone talks about the consoles, or Halo vs Call of Duty.

Wellll..... atleast its not a bunch of people talking about the kardashians or Jersey shore.....

..... hmmm... self loathing....

I'm gonna go lay some hay in my bed, and then itch to death. night.

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

@laxbob410: "Xbox was never worried about catching up". Well that's not true is it. Listen, this isn't about fanboy wars or console wars, it actally leads to my problem. Do what you will if you must as a console manufacturer, but DON'T drastically change direction after release, after people have shelled out shit loads of money, it's disrespectful.

So I chose the 'Day One Edition Xbox One', because neither the PS4 or Xbox One impressed me in terms of hardware, so at least the Xbox One had a new high tech Kinect 2.0 that could do so many things the original couldn't, like your heart rate and read facial expressions, or so MS said, for example. It could be used to to augment games.

Yet because PS4 was drastically out selling them, they completely dumped the original direction to lower cost and appeal more to the exact same crowd.

Okay fine so now money is wasted where Kinect now stands, fine. Realise some of us have a PC, all I needed to do was add a GTX 750Ti and I had a great gaming PC.

Now games are also going to the PC. I don't need a £429 box to play the same games on another screen where Valves Steamlink will do. As a consumer, didn't I have the right to know this before I spent money on the console?

Also, there is no 'team MS', Play Anywhere essentially eliminated the PC/Xbox owner, there's no need, it's a lot of money just to be able to carry your games over. Also it doesn't make sense to me, the business model is different. Console business is straight up milkage now. PC gamers aren't used to £40 games plus being milked with DLC, season passes and all that rubbish. So I think MS will stand in the way of their own ecosystem there.

As for console wars, no actually it's worse now, but was really exciting. EVERY console used to be different right up to the 7th gen, now it's all the same. I don't understand what is so wrong with differentiating themselves.

Why would Sony need to team up with anyone, their games and software sell very well. Don't fool yourself that 'Play Anywhere' was always the plan, it wasn't and if it was, it was a seriously low move to introduce it mid-gen after people have spent their hard earned money. Don't make excuses MSs behavior. You don't make drastic changes post launch, it's disrespectful to people who are affected by them. What MS should have done was deal with the hand they were dealt and introduced these changes now with the launch of the Xbox One X, that would have been fair.