Microsoft extending 360 warranty to three years

[UPDATE 2] An apologetic software giant to replace any console suffering "red ring of death" for free worldwide; extension applies to every console sold since launch; company will take $1.05 billion charge.


Today, Microsoft announced that it is once again revamping its warranty scheme for the Xbox 360. After mounting anecdotal evidence of the system's failure rate due to the dreaded "red ring of death" (three flashing red lights on the console's front panel), the publisher is changing its warranty to cover systems affected by the red ring for three years from the date of purchase. Any console that suffers the aforementioned failure in any territory the 360 is sold can be returned to Microsoft for repair for free, because the warranty also includes shipping charges.

"As a result of what Microsoft views as an unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles, the company conducted extensive investigations into potential sources of general hardware failures," the company said in a statement. The three-year extension is for all 360s, and will be retroactively applied to every console bought since the 360 launched. That means anyone who bought a console in November 2005 will be covered until November 2008.

[UPDATE] Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of the Entertainment and Devices Division of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business, said he is personally sorry about anyone who's suffered a 360 failure. "We haven't done right by our customers, and for that I apologize," he told GameSpot. "We listened, and we're going to make it right." In an in-depth interview with GameSpot, Moore outlined the new warranty, and emphasized it would be "global" in nature.

Moore also shot down point-blank unconfirmed reports that Forza Motorsport 2 was "bricking" consoles. "It's not a software issue, guys," he assured GameSpot. "It's a variety of hardware issues which we're taking steps to rectify." Though he declined to name any issue specifically, Moore said that Microsoft has improved the 360 hardware to help ensure that future batches of 360 hardware will not suffer similar issues.

Customers who have already paid for repairs that would be covered by the new policy will be reimbursed automatically, according to Microsoft. As a result of this new warranty extension, the publisher said it will report a $1.05 billion to $1.15 billion charge to its earnings for the quarter ended June 30, 2007.

From its November 2005 launch onward, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been plagued by reports of malfunctioning consoles. While the company downplayed reports of faulty hardware for the better part of a year after launch, last September it acknowledged that its original batch of systems was failing at an unusually high rate. Microsoft extended the standard 90-day warranty to a full year, and promised to reimburse all those customers who had already been made to pay for repairs.

In April, the company once again tweaked its warranty service, saying it would no longer charge shipping on repaired Xbox 360 consoles, and would extend the warranty on those repairs.

The new warranty extension arrives atop a growing tide of reports of 360 hardware problems, including a Monday report quoting retailers as saying up to 33 percent of launch units fail. To help clarify the question of 360 hardware reliability, GameSpot conducted a week-long informal poll of its users, asking simply, "Has your Xbox 360 failed?"

Of the 49,934 respondents who said they owned a 360, 27,579 (55.2 percent) claimed to have had no problems at all. However, a startling 22,355 respondents--44.7 percent--claimed to have had at least one 360 fail. Some 13,858 respondents (27.8 percent) said they had one console die: of those, 10,012 (20.0 percent) said their console was replaced for free and 3,846 (7.7 percent) attested they had to pay. Others were even less lucky, with 3,619 (7.2 percent) saying they had suffered two dead 360s, and 4,878 (9.7 percent) reporting over two instances of hardware failure. (The initial percentages were slightly inaccurate--GameSpot regrets the error.)

The poll results are not definitive, and given the open nature of the poll's voting, its results could be manipulated. However, there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence pointing to a high 360 failure rate. Inside the GameSpot offices, 23 editors own 26 360s bought between November 2005 and January 2007. Eight have had their consoles fail completely at least once; of those, two editors suffering complete 360 failures on two occasions. Two others are experiencing ongoing problems, including USB port failure and intermittent cases of the "red ring." The remaining editors have encountered no hardware defects.

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That's nice because I was about to pay for a extra waranty. Thanks microsoft, your console rock !!! :)

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it's a little to late for me. i'll probably never buy one. even with a 3 year warranty i won't buy a product i can't trust to work. i'd rather have them fix the problem rather than patch it with a better warranty.

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Stuff breaks. At least Microsoft is making a serious effort to deal with it. And this isn't an attack against anyone, merely a statement of a point.

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still waiting for my 360 to come back from repairs lol....and forza was the last game i was playing on it =(

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kreestoph, They keep talking about the ROD, but he also uses the phrase "general hardware failure". I would call.

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This is some good news, nice to see MS offering a longer warranty.

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Serves Microsoft right for so quickly abandoning all of us orginal Xbox owners. The PS2 is still going strong because of the support from Sony but as soon as the threesh*tzkey came out they turned their backs on us. MS is getting some well deserved comeuppances as far as I'm concerned.

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is the ring of death a loophole? because myne is broken but it doesnt have a ring, it just wont read absolutely any disk, i took care of it just fine, and its just like any other hardware issue, but is it covered? ive sent the email to MS support, might end up having to phone, but whats the guess? who thinks they will cover it ?

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jro211: "Reminds me of the auto industry. You have American made cars with 10 year warranties. Doesn't matter because the cars are still POS. Then you have Honda or Toyota who have never had to have a warranty longer than 3 years because they are reliable. 360=Ford, PS3=Honda." jro211, My Ford will smoke your Honda. Also, it's the Asian cars that are doing the long warranty. Your analogy has failed. Granted it's the Korean and not the Japanese, but you still fail. jburna, Stop spamming.

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Wow. MS i applaud you! Well done! Now nobody has to worry about hardware failures as their systems will always get fixed. Just one more thing to make the 360 better than the PS3. Thankyou MS for taking care of your customers, unlike $ony.

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wow so since they extended the warranty to cover only the red rings of death what happens if something goes wrong with the 360 thats not related to the rings of death ??? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RUSH A SYSTEM its following suit of how crappy microsofts operating systems are for computers

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Reminds me of the auto industry. You have American made cars with 10 year warranties. Doesn't matter because the cars are still POS. Then you have Honda or Toyota who have never had to have a warranty longer than 3 years because they are reliable. 360=Ford, PS3=Honda.

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A5H19: "Posting out 3 year warantees is like putting a band-aid over a gunshot wound." Actually, it's more like putting a tourniquet on a mosquito bite. At great personal expense, they are making sure that everyone who has or will have a 360 will have an unprecedented manufacture's warantee, and they also said their goal is to produce more reliable 360's going forward. I swear that no one reads the article. I'm sure they know that they screwed up, or at least that their manufacturers or engineers screwed up, but until MS invents Time Machine XP, I don't think they can do anything more than what they are doing, making sure that your ring-of-death problems will be taken care of.

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What is this? Micro$oft not being cheap? Amazing, i hope this trend continues.

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it sad when a company has to extend warranties on faulty products I had no problems with my PS3 none no freeze ups no overheats PS3 was built smart (sony did they homework) << LINK REMOVED >>

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@Kfoos What does PS2 have to do with 360, two seperate generations. I like my oranges better than your apples, they rot alot slower...

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This is the problem of rushing the 360 console rushed now they have problems with there system. The ps3 so far is a still ship on rough water on the sea. fist this then the 120hdd, then now 1080p out put then 3 years warranty then blue ray drive then how knows next from MS

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yea overlord kicks assfjackel

Avatar image for Fjackel

Oh and i thing i hate about the playstation 3 you always need updates that take like 30 mins to finnaly finish and its so annoying because the updates for the 360 take like 5 seconds, and the ps3 marketplace is so horrible and more annoying then the xbox live market place, i hate the stupid mouse on the playstation marketplace and how it takes forever to download something, like it makes me wonder if HOME is actaully gonna be good because i can picture it taking forever to load and being all choppy

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You guys are arguing over something pretty stupid Ps3 Vs. 360.........Grow up. I'm pretty happy with Microsoft at this point. And I have had two 360's give me the "rings of death" . So I think my opinion might hold a little more wieght than alot of others. It takes alot of balls to own up to a mistake and make it right, this is a pretty surprising move by MS

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Darthfrag is so right, i own all three consoles like all of them but i def play my 360 alot more because it has a ton more games on it unlike my ps3. I like my ps3 i think its cool i never use it except for blu ray because there are no good games out on it so far, i beat resistance and now i never touch the thing but when MGS4, warhawk, killzone 2, and lair come out ill start playing it alot more but for now im stickin with my elite, trying to beat overlord. darthfrag This is a great move by M$... I had a launch console which red-ringed twice, but it recovered both times. The main reason it did was because I was an idiot and had it stored in one of those big-ass entertainment centers with no ventilation. I slapped an Intercooler on it and never had any more trouble with it. I gave that unit to my girlfriend and got and Elite unit and haven't had any trouble with it at all. The 360 is a great console and gets at least triple the play time of my PS3 and Wii combined. PS3 fanboys, maybe you don't have as many hardware failures because you only have two exclusive games worth playing, and consequently, less playtime...

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I went through PS2s like hot cakes, so Sony fans have nothing to be proud of.

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Why are there ps3 fangirls in here?Not like sony never had problems with there systems. ps2 had a class action suit against them.

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maby they should consult sony....cause i bought my ps2 at launch and its still kicking ass even out lived my original xbox...LOL..all i can say is wOW....maby its time for that new GPU and CPU like NOW! and throw in a cooling system and not just some crappy 80mm biscuit fan...

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well it sounds like with all the brakedowns this warranty is needed

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--JacobD1505 -- I got people working for me so I don't have too

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sony funboys crack me up 8D

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I just got mine back a couple of weeks ago. I guess that means I'm getting reinbursed. hurray!

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To Adyyyyyyyyyy Um... riiiight.

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man , did u see the news on ign that mgs 4 could come out for 360 ? man ... unreal ... so sony could be loosing it ... if that is true , along with dmc4 , maybe final fantasy will come 2 some time , and then u can really say ps3 is finished..

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You know what is the only problem when my Xbox 360 died I had to go back and play on my PS2. Eventually I ended up stopped playing games till my 360 came back. LOL I could care less if it brakes. To me this is life. Its a business as long as the great games keep coming out I could go thru couple more broken 360.

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Does *Yuck_Too* not have a life or something....or a JOB.....I've seen him post on here like 5 times for this one article. Good to see you stepping up to the plate microsoft. I don't know why its taking so long for some people to get their consoles back. I had mine repaired and back to me within 2 weeks....and its been working great ever since. Of course the only life it sees is with Guitar Hero 2.

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Glad to know I'm covered for the next three years. Still if you get the red ring you're going to be without a console while it gets fixed so its still as annoying as before.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I'm just glad this is finally a fact. Now, MS has actually admitted how faulty it is, 360 fanboys can NOT deny how faulty it is... and you can actually get your 360 fixed for the next 3 years free. I own a 360, and it's been faulty, and it really dissapointed me when it broke, and had to deal with the terrible customer service. I like what they are trying to do here, but I just dont think I'm still even going to fool with it.

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this i perfect! i just paid for mine to get repaired and now its like i'm gonna get it back right away. go M$! i dont care what the sony fanboys say about you, you make high quality stuff. btw i bought mine at launch and it was ruined by a power surge so it wasnt faulty...though the surge protector was

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This is a great move by M$... I had a launch console which red-ringed twice, but it recovered both times. The main reason it did was because I was an idiot and had it stored in one of those big-ass entertainment centers with no ventilation. I slapped an Intercooler on it and never had any more trouble with it. I gave that unit to my girlfriend and got and Elite unit and haven't had any trouble with it at all. The 360 is a great console and gets at least triple the play time of my PS3 and Wii combined. PS3 fanboys, maybe you don't have as many hardware failures because you only have two exclusive games worth playing, and consequently, less playtime...

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well done Microsoft :)

Avatar image for Puppa_Shogun

didn't sony from the get go offer a 2 year warranty, they did it because they knew the ps3 was fine, 90 day warranty could have been the result of them knowing they released a faulty product but had to get it out for the all important head start.

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@coollizy I HOPE you read the % failures of the X-Box360 - in another article, EB Games reports a 33% failure rate. Knowning this, there is no way I'd ever buy such a console! I have no idea what the failure rate for the Wii is, but I know for the PS3 is was 1.X% (can't remember the exact name). So yeah - don't read between the lines... but I guess this is good for the 360 owners, I'm gonna wait and see what happens By the way I should make one thing clear - I'm not a fan-gurl.. I own a Cube and a PS2 - my ps2 is a model 4 (very, very, very old!!!), I've done things to it that I shouldn't have... it's been kicked, shaken vigorously and through from over my head to the floor (by a certain someone at home that I hate) but it's still alive and kicking... in a way sometimes I think electronics are just testing out your luck

Avatar image for BoogieManZero

....might as well just make it a permenant warranty...

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Good news for a bad situation. M$ has lost face with many people over this issue and the fact that they denied it. So now admitting it is going to give the fanboys a lot of ammo. And Xbox 360 fans are surely relieved it will be fixed completely free but, still severely annoyed this wasn't addressed sooner.

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360 sucks, it really is a crappy console

Avatar image for coollizy

Woah--A three year warranty is a pretty good deal for a video game console. While it's hardly a major development, it does put the heat on Nintendo and Sony.

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I guess I'm just lucky but my two systems (one from launch day) are both fine and Forza didn't glitch at all on it. Maybe its because I have Intercoolers on both units...

Avatar image for Britishpixel

Mine started breaking as soon as I put in the new HP game. Sent it away two days ago.

Avatar image for Adyyyyyyyyyy

here we go again ... fanboys .. ahhh ... the ps fanboys always criticise how xbox fanboys posts on ps3 news , but the ps fanboys do the same ... man .. u are so foolish ... and by the way , ps3 won t have 10 years lifespan cuz in 2011 or 2012 the ps4 is coming out ... and then the ps3 will be forgotten for sure ...

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unfortunately this isn't a new thing, early playstations had a good few problems and playstation2 similarly, its becoming far less wise to purchase a console in the first year of release as each generation becomes a little bit more flawed, but later models of the same consoles tend to have the problems rectified, so best to wait a while not only for the best prices

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Great news, just fix the problem in the new ones and you csn move on from this issue