Microsoft extending 360 warranty to three years

[UPDATE 2] An apologetic software giant to replace any console suffering "red ring of death" for free worldwide; extension applies to every console sold since launch; company will take $1.05 billion charge.


Today, Microsoft announced that it is once again revamping its warranty scheme for the Xbox 360. After mounting anecdotal evidence of the system's failure rate due to the dreaded "red ring of death" (three flashing red lights on the console's front panel), the publisher is changing its warranty to cover systems affected by the red ring for three years from the date of purchase. Any console that suffers the aforementioned failure in any territory the 360 is sold can be returned to Microsoft for repair for free, because the warranty also includes shipping charges.

"As a result of what Microsoft views as an unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles, the company conducted extensive investigations into potential sources of general hardware failures," the company said in a statement. The three-year extension is for all 360s, and will be retroactively applied to every console bought since the 360 launched. That means anyone who bought a console in November 2005 will be covered until November 2008.

[UPDATE] Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of the Entertainment and Devices Division of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business, said he is personally sorry about anyone who's suffered a 360 failure. "We haven't done right by our customers, and for that I apologize," he told GameSpot. "We listened, and we're going to make it right." In an in-depth interview with GameSpot, Moore outlined the new warranty, and emphasized it would be "global" in nature.

Moore also shot down point-blank unconfirmed reports that Forza Motorsport 2 was "bricking" consoles. "It's not a software issue, guys," he assured GameSpot. "It's a variety of hardware issues which we're taking steps to rectify." Though he declined to name any issue specifically, Moore said that Microsoft has improved the 360 hardware to help ensure that future batches of 360 hardware will not suffer similar issues.

Customers who have already paid for repairs that would be covered by the new policy will be reimbursed automatically, according to Microsoft. As a result of this new warranty extension, the publisher said it will report a $1.05 billion to $1.15 billion charge to its earnings for the quarter ended June 30, 2007.

From its November 2005 launch onward, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been plagued by reports of malfunctioning consoles. While the company downplayed reports of faulty hardware for the better part of a year after launch, last September it acknowledged that its original batch of systems was failing at an unusually high rate. Microsoft extended the standard 90-day warranty to a full year, and promised to reimburse all those customers who had already been made to pay for repairs.

In April, the company once again tweaked its warranty service, saying it would no longer charge shipping on repaired Xbox 360 consoles, and would extend the warranty on those repairs.

The new warranty extension arrives atop a growing tide of reports of 360 hardware problems, including a Monday report quoting retailers as saying up to 33 percent of launch units fail. To help clarify the question of 360 hardware reliability, GameSpot conducted a week-long informal poll of its users, asking simply, "Has your Xbox 360 failed?"

Of the 49,934 respondents who said they owned a 360, 27,579 (55.2 percent) claimed to have had no problems at all. However, a startling 22,355 respondents--44.7 percent--claimed to have had at least one 360 fail. Some 13,858 respondents (27.8 percent) said they had one console die: of those, 10,012 (20.0 percent) said their console was replaced for free and 3,846 (7.7 percent) attested they had to pay. Others were even less lucky, with 3,619 (7.2 percent) saying they had suffered two dead 360s, and 4,878 (9.7 percent) reporting over two instances of hardware failure. (The initial percentages were slightly inaccurate--GameSpot regrets the error.)

The poll results are not definitive, and given the open nature of the poll's voting, its results could be manipulated. However, there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence pointing to a high 360 failure rate. Inside the GameSpot offices, 23 editors own 26 360s bought between November 2005 and January 2007. Eight have had their consoles fail completely at least once; of those, two editors suffering complete 360 failures on two occasions. Two others are experiencing ongoing problems, including USB port failure and intermittent cases of the "red ring." The remaining editors have encountered no hardware defects.

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kool ima break my 360 so i can returns it for free!

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thats nice of them.

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Too Much Too Late

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My Xbox360 recently broke and it's on it's way back from the repair centre now. I've never been completely loyal to Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft, and I didn't own an original Xbox. I bought an Xbox360 because it was the cheaper option out of the PS3 and 360... serves me right for going for the cheaper of the two I guess. I'm currently not able to get a PS3 because I simply can't afford it (£425 here in the UK, compared to the £280 for a 360), I'd love to have one but the main barrier stopping me from investing in one is the money. Having said that, there's only so many "red lights of death" stories I can hear and only so many console malfunctions I can experience before I think "screw it, I'm gonna save up for a PS3". Bottom line - I'm in total agreement with those saying that the damn thing should be working just fine in the first place, instead of messing around with warrantys to accomodate the problems with their console. I've paid £280 for a console, I want something that works.

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im glad they have extended it but still they shouldnt have brought out the xbox 360 with it going into the red ring of death microsoft should of sorted the problem out in the first place. playstation's are better cause at least they last longer. but i have to say i have had my xbox 360 since september its still working fine

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I've had a 360 since just after launch and it has only frozen a few times but it has never copletely failed on me. but it has space to ventillate and stuff so hopefully mine wont pack up, or it it does it will just before the 3 year warranty runs out. but iI also have a ps2 that has survived since launch and that is perfectly fine too.

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I bought my 360 at launch. I have had no problems despite running it everyday since. Someone once told me that putting consoles directly onto carpet caused problems with air circulation. Ever since then I have always raised all my consoles up at the corners being careful not to cover the vents and ensuring half an inch of space below the console. Don't know if this helps but 20 months on and all is well.

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templeb - Simple: Microsoft wanted to get the jump on Sony and Nintendo. Look what happened to Xbox. It was released a full year after the PS2, and never really was able to get anything resembling traction. Their thought process was that they needed to get the 360 out there before anyone else to keep the next Sony system from running roughshod over them again. Of course, it's now backfired in a way that can only be described as spectacular. aindovin - Shut up and go to System Wars, some of us want to have an intelligent discussion.

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i just don't understand why microsoft realesed the console even though it is plagued by problems. At least they have come to recognise the problems.

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So all those lemmings whining 'its only 5% of units defective! Its only 5%!!!' were just flat out in denial and WRONG!

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Its good thing Microsoft came around!

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I too have had two consoles suffer problems, however only the second console suffered the red ring of death. My new console arrives on monday and I hope this lasts longer that the first one (sep '06 - apr '07) and the second one (apr '07 - jun '07). Finally Microsoft seem to be doing the correct thing by their customers.

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I used 2 hav a ps2 and i had 2 get it repaired about 3 or 4 times dats why i got a 360 in next gen not ps3 but now it looks lyk xbox is da unreliable console (still no probs wit mine tho!!)=P

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I think the 360 was rushed because Microsoft wanted to get in the Next-gen race before nintendo and sony I always read about new games or consoles coming out and i remember as soon as the detail's a-rised about the 360 it was out like with the Wii we hear about the console then it takes months and months and months before we get our hands on it...

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I'd rather have a system built to last with a 3 month warranty than something built like garbage with a 10 year warranty. "Hey guys! I'll be joining in the Halo game in 3 minutes-damn! I mean 3 months! But its under warranty so its OK!"

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I love all the people on here who blatantly own a 360 and are acutally PRAISING Msoft for a 3 year warranty. You're in denial people! Anything that requires a three year warranty and has a 20%-30% failure rate isn't worth buying in the first place! Good though 360 is, this high a failure rate is unacceptable. How many Wii's or PS3's have been sent back for repairs? Very few by the lack of publicity on the subject...

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What are you smoking fionndruinne? Do you really want something that is prone to failing?

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Good stuff! This makes the 360 once again the best-priced option for next-gen gaming. I'll get mine soon.

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Christ I was about to shell out 85 quid to repair my 360 this came in the nick of time :)

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right now i dont accept any bad mouth about ps3 from x360 fans!! if u have something to say then i will say first fix ur console lol!!!!!! and i will argue with a company that made fixing for free for 3 years because it shouldnt break in the first place!!

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Easy solution, dump the 360 and get a ps3. It may only have a few games at the moment but it is worth it in the long run! Just imagine when GTA IV comes out and you get it on the 360 then it breaks down, you'll have to wait until it gets repaired.

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33%...Thats over 3 MILLION faulty consoles....WOW! It is great about the warranty but lets face it...If any other product had 33% failure rate then people would not buy it. Would you buy a car that had a 1 in 3 chance of leaving you stranded. I think if your system broke once...get it fixed...more then once and you got an official lemon. Time to move on!

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Its a good move by Microsoft- they realised that there is a problem with the design of the Xbox360 so they've come clean & done the right thing. Ive had my Xbox360 since February 2006 & its going strong still its good to know that if any problems to happen- i can get it fixed for free til Feb 2009.

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I think its because they were rushing to get ahed on the market to beat PS3 even though the plan worked and 360's are extremly popular thier consoles are stabbing them in the back. If they had spent more time on development than marketing it would be a much better console but not as popular.

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Who can argue with a company that offers to fix your console for up to 3 years? You gotta love these guys.

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@Agermemnon i had my ps2 from 2001 and it never broke down on me! i used to play around 50 hours a week the first 3 years but then i rarely play it because i dont have time and i have other things in my life to do also! but i still play from time to time and its still working as when i bought it!! i wonder if that can happen with x360?? i never said the games on x360 is garbage i only mentioned the garbage box!!! how can they make something like that?? really!!!! they new about it! am sure!! and there was no one on the market as the next gen so they didnt have to rush it!!! but they sacrificed everything in order to have more garbage boxs then the ps3 and wii!! and now wii is catching the garbage box!! the garbage box has i think 3 or 4 nice games out now thats all!! and they had almost 2 years to come up with these 3-4 games!!!

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I don't and won't own an xbox 360. Primarily because of funds and life with young kids. But, this is a very interesting and excellent benefit for 360 owners. There is no need to complain about the pain of repair anymore, the only pain is not having an xbox around for a bit, that's not a bad thing. It's not costing you anything to get it repaired, and those that have paid, even only shipping, can be reimbursed. That's a classy mea culpa from a corporation? wow.

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tasteycasey27, read my post, I owned a 360. Two 360's in fact. The first one was kaput right out of the box and the second one died eighteen months after. I phoned, emailed, complained and ranted at Microsoft and didn't get one single reply. Does anyone remember when Microsoft bought out the Xbox, then dropped the price shortly after release? They gave everybody, me included, two free games and a peripheral. THAT'S how Microsoft should have treated this problem. As soon as the complaints started mounting they should have offered free repairs. But they wouldn't listen to their customers. Had they done this sooner, I would still have a 360, and been quite happy, however they chose to ignore their customers to their cost. That's really my point. They're not the company they were when I bought my first Xbox.

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This is good and not for the reasons listed bellow writen by haters this is good for gamers in general as it shows at least they care a little aboute there failure rate .

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Looks to me like everyone who's calling someone else a fanboy is a fanboy of the opposing system themselves. Here's an idea, all three consoles suck! Microsoft with their inferior tech, Sony with overpriced tech with not enough software and Wii with its lame name and poor attempt to be an actual games console. Things have been going down since the PS1 with dev costs going up and EA releasing the same game every year with an updated roster... LAME!!!!!

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Wow, M$ finally semi-admitted about it`s failure rate. Though, I truly wonder if it admitted because they care about their customers, or because of the recent Daily Tech report. If it`s the later, I`m disappointed by M$, because they extended the warranty only because they feared the media and the public would find out the truth (their hidden "secret"). Also, I`d be really angry because M$ seems to consider it`s customers dumb, since almost everyone heard of the rings of death, the "disk read error", and whatnot issues, but M$ still considers everyone dumb and that they wouldn`t know about these issues except if M$ would admit it. In any case, I`m glad about the warranty extend, but what about the ones who are on their second, third, or Xth console right now? Would M$ pay for the extra console bought? It`s pretty clear that it won`t, as that would cause even greater damage in profits, not the least of which is because most people who own a 360 are not on their first. I just hope M$ would fix all the hardware issues (by being less of a cheapskate and building with half-@$$ed parts), and give up on it`s greediness.

Avatar image for kragore

wow M$'s plan of selling poorly made non next-gen consoles to the masses is backfiring.... i bet all u M$ fanboys are waiting for the day someone's ps3 breaks... well im sorry to dissapoint u, it aint gonna happen! not for another year or so at least. and anyway why didnt m$ adopt hd-dvd as their next gen thing rather than have it as some rip-off add-on, huh? dvd is dying, the least they could have done is used hd-dvd for the games... idiots...

Avatar image for jackfatal

and i cant believe that some people are so happy about repairing their console for free!! its should be broke in the first place!! the entire architecture if the system is wrong!! they will be repairing much much more than 33% by the time goes!! i mean those 66% of consoles that didnt broke yet most likely they will break soon or in the next months or years!! so i think 90% or more of the 10.000,000 consoles that was already in people homes will be breaking by 2009! and even worst scenarios can happen!!

Avatar image for Agermemnon

jakfatal lol so so sad a sony fanboy and proud , so let's not mention the faulty ps2 and psp rate cough cough cough , 360 garbage ???????????? lol so many great games dear chap to many infact to keep up with

Avatar image for jackfatal

ha ha ha!! now what will the M$ fan boys say that their beloved company admits their product is a garbage?? and just look how long it took them to confess the truth??? almost 2 years!!! how can they treat their customers like this?? i cant believe how bad they are!! y did they make a product that every 3rd console sold it will have the ring of death!! i think they knew it from the beginning that there is something wrong about their product but they didnt care in order to have a cheaper console and to have bigger install base that other competitors! and when they are in the good position they will admit their fault and just apologies to everyone and keep fixing that garbage box every time it breaks and it keep breaking very few months!! thats really disturbing that every while u have to go and fix it and it may take days or weeks or maybe even a month or 2!! u never know!!!! good luck M$ fan boys!! i wanna here ur excuse now!!! u buy a ps3 and it will last until a decade if not more, u know y? because it has the sony brand on it!!! thats y!!!!

Avatar image for mark_c_128

well, i made the fatal call to MS they are sending labels and stuff out to me now. however they also said that they will test for 3 red lights - however in my experience with my 'box it does not constantly sffer from the red ligts of doom, it is an 'on - off' problem, so what would happen if they could not replicate the problem, when actually the problem does exist?

Avatar image for BarronOBeefdip

does this warranty still work if you've already had a 360 repaired?

Avatar image for tastycasey27

a silly fanboy remark, by deadcow1977, why cant people just like the console they choose to buy and stop bad mouthing about the competition, if u dont like it dont buy it, cos there a millions of people that will and enjoy playing them. nobody cares about your sony fetish. i own them all im happy with my ps3 but it needs more killer titles, and now i can get my broken 360 repaired for free so im more than happy. i just think is good of microsoft to do this even though it has taken them ages to do it.

Avatar image for deadcow1977

Microsoft suck. I already traded mine for a PS3 along with thousands of other unhappy customers who didn't want to fork out for costly repair bills that they though were unfair given the apparent longevity of their poorly built hardware, and NOW they say, 'Yeah, sorry, actually our machine does suck.' Have Microsoft finally decided to actually start listening to their customers now? Too little too late. Still, more than happy with PS3, much more solid piece of kit with a much higher spec. Sorry guys, and this is from an ex Microsoft fanboy, but the PS3 is the all singing, all dancing next-gen wonder machine we were promised by both Sony and Microsoft, whereas the 360 is just a PC in a box, and it's just beinning to look like an out of date PC at that.

Avatar image for bubnux

@ TTDog... Don't just read the last line of someone's post and get all worked up into a fanboy frenzy, I said that the GS poll could be manipulated in BOTH directions but it's nice for raving lunatics such as yourself to prove me right. I know, it must have been the 360 gamercard in my sig that fooled you. News flash -just because somebody makes a joke at M$'s expense doesn't make them a Wii or PS3 fanboy, it just means their eyes are open. I own all three current gen consoles, it just so happens that these days (aside from the HD DVD drive) I don't really boot up the 'ol brickbox360 as much anymore, I just got so sick of competitive gaming over XBL, when there's no dedicated servers it makes for a horrible online experience. As a matter of fact, when PSHome and Socom come out, not to mention SSBB I'll prob let my XBL subscription slip to silver... at least 'till Gears 2 comes out.

Avatar image for cbtabb

Its kinda like sayin "yea buy our system ,but we know its gonna F'up on ya in the long run" which sucks

Avatar image for andyrook

Romanticide That's what you get when you rush out hardware that's now outdated. Hmm me thinks you are perhaps a SONY fanboy perhaps lol!Anyways at least Msoft are doing something about the problem which is more than can be said for that OTHER company lmao

Avatar image for Romanticide

That's what you get when you rush out hardware that's now outdated.

Avatar image for especensor

An admirable move by Microsoft.

Avatar image for holhardy

Guess what not just 10 minutes ago 1:56am my 360 just died.

Avatar image for opecube

Well I am a proud PS3 owner is truly happy for the 360 people. It is about time that a company as large as MS took care of it's customers appropriately. 33% YIKES!!! but if it means more happy gamers and less money spent by the 360 fans then some day when Sony takes there heads out of there @55 and drops the price more gamers can come to the PS3 side at an AFFORDABLE price and enjoy the differences and benefits of true competition!

Avatar image for KingOfTheNubeis

How..Un-Sony of them :)

Avatar image for deactivated-5c5082a7cb0c7

thats good news!!

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Yeah, well I used to be a proud doter of an infallible Launch 360, but sadly mine has gone the way of the Red Lights. I bought the extended warranty so it didn't really matter to me either way, but Microsoft's extension is a responsible gesture that I can admire. ( I hope it means that my "Extended" warranty that I paid for is tacked on the back-end). Anyways, I just picked up a 360 Core from Bestbuy that I'll return in a few weeks while I wait for mine. (I'm on my third loner...)

Avatar image for xraystar

this great news -- especially now that my 2nd 360 is showing signs of faulty-ness!!! Thanks MS, though I don't enjoy my console freezing every now and again.